Mission Week 80
And seriously, just like THAT, I am writing my last email on my mission!! Where has the time gone?!! Does anyone else feel like it was just a blink of an eye?!!! What a wonderful, crazy, lifechanging 18 months it has been…THANK YOU, all of you, for the support over the last 18 months!! It means so much, and I am so grateful I got to share my mission with all of you!!!!
Okay, before the sappy stuff, this week has been wonderful!!! Every moment is wonderful when you are in the service of the Lord 🙂  We have been teaching lots of lessons, which is nice!!! The nice thing about going home or having a transfer is EVERYONE accepts you because they want to see you before you leave!! So we have been busy busy BUSY!!! I just love these people so much 🙂  I love their culture, I love their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, I love serving them!!! 🙂
This past Saturday we were able to witness the baptism of a little boy in our ward named Angelo!! It wasn’t a convert baptism because he is 8 years old, but it was still thanks to LOTS  of effort on our part…His parents are not super active in the church so we have been pushing and helping them plan his baptism before he turns 9 (at 9 he becomes a convert and has to take the missionary lessons before getting baptized)…It was so wonderful because Angelo has a super SUPER strong testimony of the gospel, and he is only 8 years old!!! He has been waiting for months to be baptized, and finally we were able to see it happen!! He bore his testimony in front of everyone after his baptism, and he shared with us how he prayed to know if the church was true and how he felt a warmth in his heart afterwards.  He said that was his answer, he knew it was the holy ghost!! That was all he needed!! And he is right!! The spirit speaks warmly and softly to our heart…but sometimes we as adults wait for this HUGE revelation and we miss out on the quiet promptings of the spirit telling us all along that it is true!!
Sunday we had our awesome ami Vanina and her daughter come to church!!! Which was great because as you know Vanina has been up and down in her spiritual progression!! But they came to church, they participated in the classes, and now lots of members are starting to talk to them, so they have friends at church!! Also Madeline, who is 18, told us she started saying her prayers every night!! It is a small progression, but so wonderful because we know it is the result of countless efforts on our part to help them progress!!! 🙂
After church on Sunday some of the members made traditional food for us from New Caledonia and we ate with them!! It was so good, but SAD because the members stood up and thanked me for my service here…I felt like I was at my funeral!!! But it was so great because Vanina and Madeline ate with us, and some recent converts, so it was a great way for them to meet knew people!!!
Other than that, it has just been goodbyes goodbyes goodbyes!! Our members and our amis have been spoiling us rotten and we are eating like crazy, so if I come home fifty pounds heavier, you will know why!!!
Voila tout le monde!!! There are so many things I want to say to express my feelings of these 18 months I have had on my mission.  They truly have been the most beautiful months of my life, and I am so so soooo GRATEFUL that I have had this opportunity in my life.  I know without a doubt that New Caledonia was where I was meant to serve.  I have seen miracles. I have seen the hand of the Lord working in my life and in the lives of others…but what I have seen the most is the LOVE that Heavenly Father has for His children, and the JOY that comes when we serve God.  These 18 months have not always been easy!! There have been times of pretty big trials and it has been hard!! BUT, during all these tough times, the Lord was right there next to me.  He was guiding me, He was comforting me.  I have felt the healing and enabling power of the atonement of Jesus Christ. I can speak french, only thanks to the divine aid of my Heavenly Father.  I have seen people that I have grown to LOVE, I mean truly truly LOVE, enter into the waters of baptism and start on the covenant pathway to eternal life.  I have seen people I LOVE return to church after years of inactivity.  I have seen the spirit of the Lord work through me as I testify of the things I know to be true.  I have seen the spirit touch the hearts of the people I teach. And I have felt joy, pure and wonderful JOY in serving my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I have felt the JOY that comes from having a testimony of this gospel.
My family and friends, I know I know that this church is true.  It is God’s church restored in these latter days.  It contains the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, all that we must do to be saved, with our families, and live forever one day in the presence of God in a state of never ending happiness.  I know that Chirst lives.  He is my Savior and my Redeemer.  He suffered for me, He lived and died of me, and He rose the third day for ME, so that I can obtain these blessings my Heavenly Father has in store for me.  I know the Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that through him, the church of Jesus Christ was restored to the earth. I know that The Book of Mormon is the word of God, that it was translated by Joseph Smith through and only through the power of God.  I know that a prophet, Thomas S Monson, leads and guides this church today through revelation of Jesus Christ.  I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that these things are true.  The spirit has testified it to my heart every day over these last 18 months. And this brings endless joy to my heart.
I rejoice in my Lord, and how great He is, for it is through HIM that I have received this testimony.  It is through Him that I have seen success in this work.  Without Him, I am nothing.  With Him, I can do all things!!
My family and friends, thank you, AGAIN for all that you have done for me!! I love you all so much, and I am looking forward to seeing you all so so soon!!
L’evangile est ma joie. Je sais que c’est vrai.
My wish for you, my friends, is to have all this happiness that I have found.  This gospel is for everyone. God loves you, and He is waiting to guide you home!!!
I love my Caledonie.  I cannot express my love enough for this country. My heart is here.  I love these people.  I love my mission.  It has changed my life for good.
I love you all my family and friends.
See you next week!!!!
Soeur Karlee Vogel 🙂
Angelo’s baptism
My comp et moi
Other fun goodbyes wooohooo
Last district photo
Christiana and her crazy kids
OKAY LOVE YOU ALL, next time you see this face, it will be in person!!!
Soeur Vogel 🙂

SUZANNE, MY GIFT Transfer 12 Week 4

So reporting from another Cyclone here in New Cal!! We were on lockdown AGAIN all Monday and Tuesday, and let me tell you, I am VERY happy to have left the house today!!!! Seeing beige walls for hours on end is not very exciting hahah!!! But don’t worry, it was just a false alarm, just the usual wind and rain…we didn’t even lose power!!! All is well here 🙂
This week, I received “my gift” from my Father in Heaven.  With two weeks left in the mission field, I witnessed the baptism of “my friend”… Suzanne 🙂   Last week we just met to prepare her baptism, and Saturday was the day!! But let me share with you her story…and I will tell you why she is my gift 🙂
Friday night, after our last lesson with Suzanne, we were helping her prepare for her testimony she would share after her baptism…and she shared with us her story..that she had NEVER told us, but how grateful I am that she did!!!
Her story starts in the month of January when one day she was riding the bus and the thought of baptism popped into her head…when she got home, she talked with her sisters about how she felt she needed to be baptized and they both said that the same thought came into their heads as well!!! Then her sister Gizelle found the missionaries on the bus etc etc and got baptized two weeks later!! When Suzanne assisted at her baptism, she knew as well that THAT was where she needed to be…but she didn’t know how to begin taking the lessons or anything and she was  SUPER intimidated by the elders, who would usually be teaching her the lessons since she lives in their sector.  So, she didn’t say anything about wanting to take the lessons for awhile…During this time one of her other friends introduced her to her church and Suzanne starting going on Sundays with her..She really like this church and even told her friend she wanted to be baptized…This was about the month of March… So Suzanne’s friend talked to the pastor about getting her baptized in this church! One day the pastor calls up Suzanne and asks her to get baptized that very next Sunday…and Suzanne said she needed to think about it..When Sunday came around..the pastor called her again and asked her to be baptized but she told him she physically couldn’t because she had a problem with her ear and she couldn’t go into water!! Well the pastor got kind of mad and hung up the phone and Suzanne felt AWFUL because she was trying to do the right thing by getting baptized…
MEANWHILE, flash over to Soeur Utia and I in Motorpool, the month of March was SUPER hard for us…our amis stopped progressing, we weren’t having success…lots of trials!! During this time, I don’t know how many time I prayed to my Heavenly Father asking Him to lead me to “my friend” someone He had prepared for ME to teach and baptized before I leave New Caledonia… So many times I felt like I wasn’t getting the answer, but really Heavenly Father was just telling me to be patient…
One Friday the elders tell us the Gizelle’s sister wants to take the lessons with us…I thought okay great!! That next Sunday, I went up to Gizelle and asked for her sisters information..That night we called her and set up the first appointment for the next day and the rest is history!!
WHAT WE DIDN’T KNOW was that the Sunday we called her was the VERY DAY that the pastor of the other church was asking her to be baptized..after the pastor had hung up the phone Suzanne starting crying and pleading to Heavenly Father to know what she should do, the path she needed to take…when she looked at her phone she had a missed call, from who?!! US!!!!!
When Suzanne shared this with us Friday night and then again on Saturday at her baptism, I couldn’t believe it!! So many time I think I am not working by the spirit, when really, I am!! The LORD IS GUIDING ME, and HE DOES ANSWER OUR PRAYERS!!!
Suzanne then told me Friday night that before she started taking the lessons with us she had had a thought come into her mind.. she saw herself getting taught by two sister missionaries, and one of them was me…
I NEVER CRY, but when Suzanne told me this, I couldn’t hold back the tears! THE LORD HAS ANSWERED MY PRAYER!!!!!! He led me to my friend, to my Suzanne, who I love DEARLY!! I am so grateful to have witnessed this miracle.. I know without a doubt that the Lord guides this work!! He is preparing His children, and He prepares His missionaries as well to receive these marvelous blessings!! I am so grateful to have received such a gift before going home…
My family and friends, miracles do exist.  God lives and Christ lives!!! I love this work and I am so so sooooooo blessed to be apart of it. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for this gospel in my life.  It is my joy, my song, and my salvation!!!!
Have a great week my family and friends!! Next week marks the last week of emails, and I just want to thank you all for supporting me always!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Until next week!
Soeur Vogel 🙂
PICS: Soeur Utia made me a crown for my 18 months on my mission!! WOOHOO
Friday night sports night woohoo!! Half of these people are amis!
Suzanne’s baptism…I love her

THEN SINGS MY SOUL Transfer 12 Week 3

Okay seriously, time is going WAYYYYY too fast here!!! It is already halfway through week 4 of the transfer.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Seriously, I am so blessed to be serving me Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ.  I am so blessed to be his disciple, to be his servant, and to love His children here in New Caledonia.  I cannot express how much I love this little island, and how much I love serving the Lord!!! I am so blessed!!
My soul is literally bursting with thankfulness to my Heavenly Father.  Tomorrow marks my 18 months on my mission.  I literally cannot thank Him enough for guiding my life, for helping me to make the decision to serve a mission, and all the experiences I have had in His service here on my tiny little island.  I CANNOT imagine my life without this experience.  Life is seriously beautiful!!!
Not too many different things to report on this week!! Just teaching lessons, waiting for the bus, etc etc… BUT this weekend we are looking forward to the baptism of SUZANNE!!! Who is literally our light in the darkness…We had her baptismal interview this past weekend, which obviously went well since she is getting baptized.  On Sunday, the ward was so welcoming and friendly with her which was awesome!! She is so excited for her baptism this weekend, and we are too.  I am still amazed by her faith, by her example, and by her desire to follow Christ.  She is only 19, but she is so ready to follow Christ because she knows, and I know hehehe, that her life will be blessed beyond compare.  This is the truth!! And when we finally find it through the quiet promptings of the spirit, our lives are changed forever 🙂
We had an awesome lesson with our ami Vanina this past week where we talked about the parable of the lost sheep.  We testified for her about how much Christ loves her, and that He will do everything to save even just her! The spirit was so strong in this lesson, and Vanina was sure to be feeling it because Sunday she FINALLY came to church after two months of skipping out on us!! We knew we shouldn’t give up on her!! We do love her so much, and I am so grateful for these little moments of progression that tell us that the Lord is ready to give up on her either.
Saturday, we had gone to the chapel for the baptismal interview of Suzanne, afterwards we were waiting for our ride back home since it was dark outside and we are not supposed to be walking in the streets…ANYWAYS, we were waiting and the members who were there decided to start a tahitian “brang” which is basically everyone playing guitar or ukulele and singing tahitian songs, and it was seriously so beautiful!! I love all the cultures here, and I do have to say my tahitian is getting better grace a Soeur Utia hehehehe 🙂 Just a little tender mercy 🙂
SUNDAY we had an awesome day at church, and then had an AMAZING easter concert put on by the stake!! We had 6 amis come, including our wonderful mami Michelle (the 81 year old), which was awesome because the spirit was so strong as we watched videos of Christ and listened to the choir beautifully sing songs of Christ.  The spirit confirmed to me once again that CHRIST LIVES!!! How grateful I am for this knowledge in my life!!! I can become who I want to be, I can become perfect in Christ.
Monday and Tuesday I had my last zone conference with President and his wife.  It was so beautiful.  They focused on Christ and how our missions are the best times to truly build our foundation on the Christ.  Our missions are the best time to become like Him, because we are literally doing His work 24/7.  Once again, the spirit was so strong throughout the whole conference.  And just the love between the missionaries was awesome. I love all of these missionaries so much.  How proud I am to serve along side them, and learn from them. I love my mission.
Anyways, sorry this email is so scattered, I have so many thoughts in my head for these final weeks that rest.  But honestly, I am just still so amazed at all the blessings I am receiving here at the end of my mission.  I know the Lord is aware of me and that He loves me.  I know that when we are obedient to His commandments, even when it is hard, even when we don’t understand why, He will bless us with more blessings than we ever thought we deserved!!! Then sings my soul, my Savoir God to thee, How Great thou art, How great thou art!!!!
Well my family and friends, hope this scattered email was uplifting for you!! Remember this week how much you are loved by a Father in Heaven who sent His son to die FOR YOU, and together they promise eternal life, peace, joy, hope, and love, for this life, and for the life time come.
I testify that this church is true. find out more NOW at   🙂
I LOVE YOU ALL and hope you had a great week!!! And thank you, for being who you are 🙂 You are all starssss!
Soeur Vogel 🙂
Chillen with the girlies at the chapel wooooo
Celebrating our favorite people’s birthday this past week!!!
ZONE CONFERENCE: the tahitians of the mission 😉
South Zone, and MTC group one last time before we really do get split up…my homies
And the last of the zone conference photos
One: my mission posterity
All the rest: my number one homies

I REJOICE IN THE LORD Transfer 12 Week 2

Alma chapter 26 verse 35 (Book of Mormon)
“Now have we not reason to rejoice? Yea, say unto you, there never were men that had so great reason to rejoice as we, since the world began; yea, and my joy is carried away, even unto boasting in my God; for he has all powerall wisdom, and all understanding; he comprehendeth all things, and he is merciful Being, even unto salvation, to those who will repent and believe on his name.”
This week, I rejoice in the Lord. Never in my life have I felt more blessed!! Our sector is exploding with people who are prepared to learn the gospel, and it is all thanks to my Heavenly Father.  Who I know can do all things.
Next Saturday, we have our baptism for our wonderful ami Suzanne, who is progressingly wonderfully and is so excited to be baptized.  The best parts are the little messages she sends throughout the week that say things like “May God bless you sisters…” She is seriously a light in our life, and I am so so so GRATEFUL for the opportunity the Lord has given me to teach her, to love her, to learn from her, and to just be an instrument in His hands, to bring His children unto salvation.  How blessed I am to have this call!!
These past few weeks I have been studying and meditating what it means to truly put my trust in the Lord. Ecspecially in this work.  What I have found is that I need to stop whining.  In my prayers, I give my desires to the Lord.  He knows what they are, and He promises us that if our desires our righteous, He will grant them unto us.  Well of course, gearing up for my last transfer on my mission, I have been praying to find someone who is already prepared and is ready to enter into the waters of baptism here in Motorpool.  But I decided to accept the Lord’s will. Which means I will praise Him if He gave me the opportunity to have this blessing, AND I would praise Him if the blessing never came.  Since I had this change in attitude, miracles have exploded, and I don’t even know why I ever doubted. The Lord is blessing me so much with blessings!!!! Let me explain…
I was sastisfied, even overjoyed with the baptism of Suzanne.  But the Lord has blessed us with ANOTHER super prepared ami!!! This past week we started teaching Walteck, the nephew of our Bishop.  He essentially grew up in the church with inactive parents who never let him get baptized.  But now he stays with Bishop and his family and comes to church every Sunday and is basically already a member…Soeur Utia and I have been questioning since we got here HOW we could start teaching him and preparing him for baptism.  But he is 16 so he was a little hesitant.  Well, this past week, the Lord did His part, as He always does.  Walteck was touched by the testimonies of the return missionaries in our ward at our return missionary soiree last week.  From this soiree, he received the desire to go on a mission one day too.  He has started reading the Book of Mormon and says his prayers every day.  And he is 16!!! He told Bishop and His wife that he is ready to be baptized.  We taught him twice, on Saturday and Sunday and set his baptismal date for May 20, the last Saturday I am here!!!!! He is so awesome and I just still cannot believe that the Lord has blessed us with not only one but TWO super prepared amis for us to teach and baptize before I head home. I am without words. This really is the Lord’s work. And He is hastening it.  I am just an instrument in His hands.  I am blessed beyond compare!!!
As for our other work, still the same hahaha!! But we love teaching our investigators, we love talking to people on the street, and we love being missionaries for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! I say we, because I am so used to talking in twos lol!! But yes we, Soeur Utia and I!!!!
I don’t really know how to express the joy that comes from missionary work.  Even with it’s trials and struggles, the Lord is always with us.  I know that to be true.  I love my mission.  Everyday I see the hand of the Lord.  I see Him directing His work, and I praise His name forever!! He really can do all things!!!
There are so many other tender mercies that the Lord has given me for my last few weeks here in Caledonie.  Stake Conferences and other activites that will help me see all those people that I love from around the island before I head home.  I am just seriously so grateful for my Heavenly Father.  I know He is mindful of me, and that He loves me, and that He loves each and every one of us.
VOILA, the good news my family and friends!! I hope this email finds you all just as well!! Know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ LIVE, and that they love us.  And when we TRULY put our trust in them, only blessings can come!!
Soeur Vogel 🙂
PICS: not too many pics this week, too busy rejoicing in the Lord!!! But here is a couple squad pics to  make your day xxoooo

LA VIE MISSIONAIRE Transfer 12 Week 1

Wow this weeks are flying by too fast!!
As always, I hope this email finds you well!! It is currently cold and raining here in New Cal, but sometimes it is nice to have days like this 🙂  And by cold I mean like 70 degrees, but you know me, I am freezing…don’t know what I will do when I see snow again!!!
ANYWAYS, this week has been great 🙂  I seriously love my mission and am appreciating every moment of it!! Not too many new things to report, but we had an awesome week of serving the Lord.  I am so blessed 🙂
Last Thursday we had another wonderful day of lessons with Vanina, who love so much.  She told us again that she knows the church is true. BUT SHE DIDN’T COME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY!!! We ask her why she doesn’t come and she just gives us weird excuses and says she will come for sure the following week….we are putting our trust in her word!! We cannot force her, and we don’t want to force her! But we know the blessings that will come when she EXERCISES her faith in Christ, and comes to church!! 🙂  oh lalalaaaa
We also got to see our wonderful ami, Michelle (the old mami).  We talked about where we came from before this life, how we lived with our Heavenly Father who created a wonderful plan for us to come down to earth and be tested, and that one day we can live with our families again forever in PARADISE!! She loved it, it was the first time she had heard of life in the pre-existance, but she told us “it sounded familiar.”  We told her that was the spirit talking to her heart 🙂
Friday Soeur Utia and I had our DMP meeting canceled last minute so we quickly thought of some ideas.  We ended up going around the neighborhoods and used chalk to write “PrinceofPeace.”  We had lots of people come up and see what we were doing, and some asked questions!! We directed them to the church website and told them to watch the video…no takers on the good word, but as always, planting seeds. 😉
We also had an amazing lesson with SUZANNE on Friday and then again on Saturday, and then again on Monday!! She is seriously our ball of sunshine!! We love her so much!! She didn’t come to church on Sunday, but that is okay, she promised us the next week she will come!! On Monday she told us how she gained her testimony that the Book of Mormon was true.  She told us she was just reading it one day, and she just felt in her heart that it was true.  She felt warm, and she said “Ok, well then I guess it is true!”  It was a confirmation to me again that the spirit works in a small, still voice.  She didn’t have a big vision or a light that came down to tell her it is true.  But Suzanne is someone who is humble and is searching for the truth.  And she sincerely wanted to know if it was true, meaning she is ready to act on the answer God would give her.  And as always, God answered her, through her heart, to tell her yes, the Book of Mormon is true! Seriously she is so wonderful!! We have her date of baptism fixed for May 6!!! I am so grateful for her 🙂
Friday night we had a soiree for our recently returned missionary in the Magenta ward!! It was so awesome!! He served in Washington DC so of course, he loves speaking english, and he speaks well!! The soiree was wonderful, and we had lots of amis there because the ward danced dances from all the different cultures in Caledonie!! Seriously, so fun 🙂
Saturday we had another ward activity for easter, just a picnic at the park, with the ocean right across the street.  Suzanne came, which was awesome, because know she has some friends in the ward!! Later that day, we went into the city to sing songs of Christ and give out the “Prince of Peace” pass along cards.  It was wonderful and we were filled with the spirit singing songs of our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ.
Sunday was of course, Easter!!! Now we have church in the afternoon since our chapel has damage from the storm.  With travel, since the chapel we attend now is farther away, the whole day on Sunday is just dedicated to going to church!! But we still had a nice Easter dinner with a family in the ward!! She made lamb, it was soooooo good!!! Church was wonderful, and we had our returned missionary talk which of course made me teary, but seriously love our ward!! And I love being a missionary!! 🙂
Monday we taught Vanina and Suzanne, like I said and then had a ward activity AGAIN for Easter, since here they don’t have Good Friday, but Easter Monday!! But it was fun, and since Caledonie is so small, there were members from all over the island that came 🙂  So it was nice to see everyone and celebrate Easter together!! And Suzanne was there, so that made it even better 🙂
Yesterday we had my last zone meeting, which means I had to give my “finaly testimony.” NOT FUN, but I did it!! But it was nice because we got to go to another chapel since ours has damage!! But this chapel is beautiful, it is just at the foot of the mountains with the ocean on the other side!! And it was the first time I left the city in five months, so that did me some good!!
In the afternoon, Soeur Utia and I decided to walk the beach in our sector and talk to everyone we could along the way.  Problem with working in the city is that no one lives in our sector, everyone on the streets is just there visiting.  But we were able to talk to lots of people and even found another inactive who invited us over to eat haha!!  But still, even if we don’t find forty new people who want to learn about the gospel, I love just being able to talk to others about Christ, and share my testimony with them.  I know now more than ever that Chirst lives.  He is my Savior and Redeemer, He suffered for me so that I can have someone to lift me up during my trials.  He conquered death, so that I can too one day conquer death, and live eternally with my family in His presence.  I love this gospel. I know that it is true.  I love the Book of Mormon.  I know that it is true.  I am currently reading the Book of Mormon, but only underlining the parts that talk about Christ and His atonement.  It has given me such a deeper understanding of the love God and Christ have for each one of us.  It has given me a greater knowledge of the price that has been paid, for me, and for all of us, so that we can be happy, and live with peace.
How grateful I am to have this time to share this message with others.  I know it is true.
I love you all my family and friends, thank you for always being there!! 🙂  I wish you all the best of weeks!!
Soeur Vogel 🙂
ps the church is true
PICS: ONE: Introducing…Motorpool
TWO THREE: Our Soiree Friday night!!
THREE FOUR: Zone Meeting yesterday, find your kid 😉

CYCLONE Transfer 11 Week 6

And just like that…my last transfer of my mission has begun….
WELL to start off, Soeur Utia and  I are breaking records and staying for a fourth transfer together in Motorpool!!! WOOOO!!! We are literally the companions who have stayed together the longest in the mission… GOOD THING WE LOVE EACH OTHER!!!  🙂
So yes, I will be “dying” in the mission field here in Motorpool, and Soeur Utia will be killing me off, which she is happy about 😉  All I can say, is that I am ready to sprint to the finish! I know the Lord has LOTS in store for this sector, and I am excited to see the miracles that will happen!!!
SAD NEWS, is that after nine months of being together, Soeur Chard got transferred up back North, so I am now the only American sister in the ward!! WOOT WOOT, wow english will be hard when I get home!! But sad that I won’t be seeing much of Soeur Chard, she has become a wonderful friend and is always a wonderful example to me!! I love her, and know she will do great things in her new sector!!
ANYWAYS, for the week!! Last Thursday we had a super rainy day, so that was fun!! It was actually kind of nice because it had been soooooo hot, and finally with the rain it cooled down!! We still had lots of success even with the rain.  We were able to see Vanina, and she opened up a lot about her problems in her family, and now we understand better why she cannot get baptized right now.  But things are in the process of changing, and so we are hoping within a few months time, her situation will finally be regulated, and she will be able to get baptized!! 🙂  Her daughter, Madeline also sat in on our lesson, so that was awesome!! She loves coming to church, but she is SUPER shy, so she only wants to sit in on her mom’s lessons, not have them for herself.  But we are working on her…;)  She will come around!! 🙂
We also finally had another lesson with our shining light, MICHELLE!! She is the old mami, who literally asks us what she has to do to be baptized and tells us she wants to go to the temple to seal her family one day…well we were finally able to see her again because she has been on vacation for the past month, and she was just as happy to see us!! Her desire to learn about the gospel is just as strong.  This past lesson we talked about Jesus Christ, what He did for us, His sacrifice, and the meaning of Easter.  As we testified to her that she could live with her family FOREVER thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the spirit testified so strongly to all of us that it was true. I love teaching her and seeing her progress!! Life is good 🙂
FRIDAY we had another great lesson with Suzanne, the sister of the miracle Gizelle!! She is our baptism fixed for the end of the month, and seriously we just LOVE HER!! She is golden, and she said she already knew the gospel and the church was true before she started meeting with us, and she has such big desire to be a part of the church!! We are continuing to prayer for her ear (she just got ear surgery and cannot enter into water) that it may be healed by the end of the month in time for her baptism!!! SHE IS AMAZING!!
Also Friday night we had a wonderful english class and sports night again, filled with amis and they all stayed to watch some mormon messages afterwards!! We are starting to have lots of success, I am excited to see where it goes!! But I am now the only sister who speaks english…so I’ll be taking this on by myself this next transfer!! But that is okay, the Lord will provide!!
THIS PAST WEEKEND we had GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! So we were all at the stake center the entire weekend listening to our prophet and apostles and other leaders of the church!! I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE and literally felt as always that the Lord was talking directly to me through the talks that were given.  One theme that I picked up on is that the we can be transformed through the atonement of Jesus Christ.  Our life, who we are, doesn’t have to stay the same.  We can improve, we can change, our lives can become better, and WILL become better, when we follow Jesus Christ and apply His atonement in our lives.  I know that to be true.  When I think about the person I want to become, it is someone like Christ.  And I know that through His atonement, and through the plan of Salvation, I can live confidently that as I follow His commandments, I will one day become perfect in Him.  *Moroni 10:32
MONDAY AND TUESDAY we had our CYCLONE..seriously everything is fine..just lots of rain and wind…but we were on lockdown all day Monday… meaning we couldn’t leave the house!! I read a lot of scriptures..we ate a lot of food…and Soeur Utia taught me some tahitian dances so we made it through a LONNNGGG day in the house!! We were suppossed to be on lockdown Tuesday as well, but the storm passed so we were able to leave!! We wanted to go out and help with any damage from the storm, but we live in the city and everyone was fine! But Our chapel got some damage..some of the roof blew away…but no one told us, so we weren’t able to help with the clean up!! But that means we will have to be going to church in a different chapel..which poses a problem for those of us without cars..BUT that is okay!!! 🙂  We are grateful the storm wasn’t too bad and that everyone is safe!! 🙂 But a cool experience comme meme 🙂
ANYWAYS my family and friends I hope you all had a wonderful week!!! Our week was certainly eventful as you can see!! I love my mission so much, and I am so blessed to be serving the Lord here in New Caledonia.  My heart is here, I love these people so much, and I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for my last transfer.  I love my Savior Jesus Christ, I know that He lived and He died and He rose again the third day for me, so that I too can overcome death, so that I can live with my family forever, and so that I can be happy in THIS LIFE and in the life to come.
IF you haven’t watched the easter video yet go do it!! #PRINCEdelePAIX #PrinceofPeace at
I LOVE YOU ALL AND HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK!!! Don’t forget, the church is true!!! 🙂
Soeur Vogel 🙂
ps I have lots of pictures to send!
Chillen with Vanina and Madeline
Our rainy Thursday
English Class!!
MY family, the Likhaus, I love them
General Conference sites
Sunset on the way home
District rolling up in the mission van
Our chapel after the cyclone 😦 rip

LE PRINCE DE LA PAIX Transfer 11 Week 5

I hope this email finds you well 🙂  The sun is shining here today, and this sister missionary is shining as well!!! Heavenly Father is so good, I love being a missionary!! 🙂
This past week has been full of wonderful things, and I am once again reminded what it means to endure.  I am grateful for the trials the Lord has given me so that I can more fully recognize the blessings in my life.  The Lord has blessed me far more than I deserve!!! How grateful I am to be serving Him!!
Last Thursday we had a sincerely heartfelt lesson with one of our amis.  She is so ready to be baptized, but she is scared of what her family will say.  But, with the counsel from our mission president, we were bold with her and we shared with her all the many blessings she can find in her life when she makes a covenant with God at baptism.  She still didn’t accept to be baptized, but the spirit confirmed to me that we had done all that we could to help her see the blessings that will come in her life.  She is so wonderful, and we love her so much, but we cannot force anyone to accept the blessings God has in store for them.  But we can testify, and invite, and promise that their lives will be blessed. And then, we leave it in the hands of the Lord!
Thursday night we had a wonderful lesson with another one of our amis!! We had been frustrated because she stopped progressing and actually started degressing during our time with her.  She started drinking again, and stopped coming to church.  But we decided not to give up on her!! We had given her a USB with some MORMON MESSAGES on it so that she could watch them in her spare time.  Well she did!! She sent us a text Saturday asking us to come by.  She was in tears, truly touched by the messages and testimonies she had heard in the films.  She told us she knew the church was true, that the Book of Mormon was true, and that she is ready to change.  She said she doesn’t know how long it will take, and that it will be a slow process.  But she is ready.  We are so grateful!! We love her so much.  Maybe I will not still be here to see her finally enter into the waters of baptism, but I am so grateful to have been a part of her journey.  She is a wonderful woman, and I love seeing her through the eyes of Christ!! 🙂
At our Friday Night Sports Night and English Class, we had a wonderful success!! We had about 7 amis in our english class (That is a huge success here!!) After the class, the kids asked Soeur Chard and I (I teach english with Soeur Chard since my comp doesn’t speak english) to sing a song.  So we pulled out our ukuleles and sang “I am a Child of God.”  We then decided to put on some mormon messages and invited the amis the stay and watch if they would like.  All 7 of them stayed.  Yesterday, the elders of Ducos told us that their POTENTIAL amis who attend english class told them that they had been touched by the song we had sung and by the videos we had shown.  And they wanted to know more!! MIRACLES 🙂  We are starting to have a lot of success at our “Friday Nights at the Chapel!!”  Just goes to show how important it is the try new things and stick with it!! 🙂
Saturday was a day of service as always, and Sunday was a wonderful sabbath day at church!  We get to watch General Conference THIS WEEKEND!  We are so excited to hear what the prophet and apostles have for us!  If you missed conference, go watch it now!
MONDAY was an awesome day!! We started teaching our new ami Suzanne.  She is the sister of Gizelle, the MIRACLE baptism of the elders of Vallee de Colon (the one who saw the elders on the bus and asked them to be baptized on the spot).  Well, turns out the whole family of Gizelle wants to be baptized!  So we started teaching Suzanne, who is 19, and she is like our best friend.  We had our first lesson with her on Monday and we shared with her the message of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She said she already believes that it is all true, and that she wants to be baptized.  So if all goes well, she is getting baptized April 29!! 🙂  So it is literally the coolest ever!!! 🙂  BLESSINGS
Yesterday, Tuesday, we were finally able to see another old ami that we have had some contact with since coming to Motorpool.  We finally were able to see her and we RETAUGHT her about the Restoration of the Gospel.  And oh la la  I just LOVE sharing the message of Joseph Smith!! Every time I recite the first vision, the spirit confirms to me that it is true!  I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and that he restored the Church of Jesus Christ on the earth today!  How blessed I am to be a part of it!! 🙂
So yes, this week has been great!  We still have our disappointments and serving here in Motorpool is certainly teaching me patience.  But I am grateful.  I want to be able to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord, and I know that it will take some rough spots to be able to do so.  But there is no greater joy than serving the Lord.  I love my mission!!
Anyways, like I said I am certainly looking forward to General Conference this weekend!! 🙂  AND Easter the following weekend!  GO WATCH THE EASTER VIDEO NOW!  It gives me chills everytime!!
#PrincedelaPaix #PrinceofPeace !! That is the message of Easter this year.  There is only one route we can take if we want to find TRUE peace in our life.  And that is the route of our Savior Jesus Christ.  HE TAUGHT US when He voluntarily came down to earth what each of us needs to do to have peace in our lives.  HE SHOWED US how to live, what manner of men we ought to be.  HE SUFFERED OUR PAINS so that we can have someone to succor and comfort us in our times of need.  And HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD with the promise that each and every one of us can also conquer life’s greatest fear: death.  Christ LIVES!! I know that with all of my heart.
MY family and friends my wish for you this Easter season is that you too can discover this peace.  Find Him.  It all starts at 😉
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Thank you for being wonderful examples and supports for me!! 🙂
The church is true!!!
Have a wonderful week my family and friends 🙂  And I will talk to you next week, with the news of where I will be serving for my last transfer here in New Caledonia…got to make it count!! 🙂
Sending you all lots of sunshine (seriously it is soooooooooo hot),
Soeur Vogel 🙂
ps hit my 17 months on the mission…wow IM OLDDDD
Chillen at the dentist for Soeur Utia #comps we love each other yay
Don’t let children take your camera…

LA PAIX Transfer 11 Week 4

Mission Week 72


Hope this email finds you well and that you are loving life 🙂

This week has been another week of trusting in the Lord!!! We have had some cool experiences that have kept us going!! I am grateful to be serving with Soeur Utia!! Three transfers together have really made us close!! We laugh all the time, even when these are going rough!! She is my tahitian twin, I LOVE HER!!!!!!

The work is going here in Motorpool!! Last Thursday we had another awesome lesson with our ami Vanina, she has such a strong testimony of the gospel…But she is just waiting until everything is perfect in her life to be baptized because she doesn’t want to fall..BUT we know that she is ready, that she could get baptized tomorrow if she wanted too!!  We then had another awesome lesson with our ami Makete that we have been teaching for a few weeks now!! She told us that she recognizes us as representatives of Jesus Christ and she feels the power when we come and teach her!! BUT she doesn’t feel the need to be baptized! That is okay, we will help her understand!! 🙂

We didn’t end up seeing the lady we met in the park, she gave us a false number so that kind of stinks, but that is okay!! We were able to talk to some other great people in the park instead!! I love talking to new people about the gospel, even if they are not intersted in it for themselves! I love sharing my testimony of Jesus Christ with them.  I feel the spirit every time I do, and I know the Lord is with me!! The church is true!!! 🙂

FRIDAY we had an awesome thing happen!! Friday night we had our usual english class and sports night at the chapel, but this past Fridaynight we also had a movie night!! Soeur Utia and I were on the bus headed to the chapel to help set up when I felt like we should send out some texts to our members and amis to remind them of the event.  I was going through our contacts when I felt like I needed to send the reminder to a woman named Josie, who I have never met, but Soeur Utia had told me about her.  Apparently, Josie had gotten baptized in June and has never come back to church since.  She doesn’t accept the missionaries to come to her house because they are the elders and she is a single woman..but for some reason, I just felt inpsired to do it.  So I sent a single text and completely forgot about it.  At the soiree I saw a woman there that I didn’t know.  I went up and talked with her like a usually do hehehe, and she introduced herself as Josie!! My jaw dropped!!!! IT WAS THE FIRST TIME SHE HAD COME TO CHURCH SINCE HER BAPTISM!!! She said she had received a message that there was a movie night and she decided to come…with her nonmember neighbor!! IT WAS AWESOME!! Her nonmember neighbor was TOUCHED BY THE SPIRIT and is now the new ami of the elders!! He came to church on Sunday and is already progressing!! It is a small miracle, but it was seriously awesome!! It was a testimony to me that truly by small and simple things are GREAT THINGS brought to pass.  And also to ALWAYS listen to the spirit, no matter how simple the direction might be.

Saturday was our service day like usual at our favorite mami’s house!! Sunday was church and then more service, so that was an awesome Sunday!!

Monday was a day full of lessons which was awesome! We taught our recent converts, our amis, our inactives.  It was wonderful to have a day full of teaching!!

Tuesday we had our short zone conference with our mission President!! I translated again, so that was pretty cool #frenchy…Our mission President talked about doing all that we can to baptize during the month of april!! He talked about not being afraid to invite those that we teach to be baptized, and that if we are doing all that we can, the Lord will bless with success!! Well, we are trusting in that counsel because we could use some miracles here in Motorpool!!! We also got a sneak peak at the Easter Video the church has produced for Easter this year.  All I can say is wow…I love my Savior.  The atonement of Jesus Christ has carried me throughout my life, even when I didn’t know it.  It is because of the sacrifice that my Savior made for ME, that I am here on my mission.  I have experienced the peace that comes from the divine forgiveness of sins, I have experienced the joy that comes from overcoming my weaknesses, and I have and still am experiencing the change of heart that comes when we give our lives to the Lord. I love my Savior.  He was perfect, He did no wrong, but He was punished, He suffered, because I am not perfect.  I do wrong.  But through Him, I did not have to suffer.  He already paid the price for me.

This Easter season, find your peace.  Turn to the Savior.  I testify, and I promise that your life will be blessed, your families will be blessed.  And your heart will be filled with divine peace and joy.

My family and friends, I love my mission.  My time is quickly coming to an end (one transfer left), and to be honest, I am not looking forward to going home.  But until that time comes, I want to work and serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with all my heart might mind and strength.  That is the least of what I can do for HIM, HIM who has done so much more for me.

Thank you so much for all of YOU who support me 🙂  I wish you the best this week!!! AND THIS WEEKEND is General Conference in America!! It is an opportunity to listen to a prophet of God!!! Go to Saturday and Sunday to watch for yourselves!! We will be watching the following weekend #islandprobs!!

OKAY MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS!! I love you all so so much!!!

Soeur Vogel 🙂

ps the church is true

ONE: mission life is hard here in New Cal #pday
TWO: my comp is a hairdresser
THREE: Zone Conference pics from the translation table
FOUR: LAST TIME MTC DISTRICT PIC before Soeur Casuga heads home…it has been an awesome 17 months with these homies. I love them.
FIVE: For Soeur Mat’s mom.  I love your daughter.
IMG_1673 (1)

STRENGTH Transfer 11 Week 3

Mission Week 72
I hope this email finds you well, and that this week has been great for you!!!!
The weather is BEAUTIFUL here is New Caledonia!! The sun shining everyday, the birds chirping, and the air is getting cooler!!! It is perfect, and I am so blessed to be serving here in this beautiful country!!!!
I am happy to report that this past week has been much better!! It is truly amazing how much the Lord is with us!! I have learned through out MULPTIPLE experiences in my life, that the Lord cannot always or will not always change the situations that we are in.  Even if we are experiencing trials or feel we have heavy burdens placed upon our shoulders, He will not take them away, but will make us STRONGER so that we can handle them with ease!!  That is what the Lord has done with me this past week.  He cannot change the choices His children will make here in New Caledonia.  He leaves them to choose whether they will listen to us or not, but He has strengthened me and given me the light that comes from truly being a disciple of Christ!  He has given me the force to keep going even when everything seems to be going wrong, and He has given me the JOY that comes from serving Him, even when things are tough!!
SO THIS WEEK!!  Last Thursday we had an awesome lesson with Vanina, who still has the desire to be baptized…we are just being patient until everything in her life falls into place so that we can fix a date with her!! But her faith and her joy in the gospel is wonderful!! She bore testimony to us that this church is true!! She sees the difference in her life when she comes to church, when she says her prayers, and when she does not…she is truly beautiful and wonderful and we are blessed to be teaching her!!
Every Friday night we have sports night at the chapel and we have an English class as well!! This past Friday night was super successful!! We had more investigators there than members, so that was awesome!! And they all loved it and said they were going to come back the next week!! It was great, and we are having people from all over the island coming to our class!! It is a truly a great opportunity for people to come and see the church, to socialize with the members, and to eventually come and learn for themselves!! We are happy about that!! 🙂
Saturday was a day of service for Soeur Utia and I!! We helped one of our favorite Mamis all day and then headed over to the church for a Relief Society activity since it was the birthday of the Relief Society (women’s organization in the church it is awesome) this past weekend!! We had some amis that came, so that was great!! And of course, it is always fun spending time with our awesome ward ladies 🙂
Sunday we sang in church for the Relief Society Birthday!! We sang a beautiful arrangement of “I Stand All Amazed” And seriously, the spirit was wonderful while we were singing.  The spirit testified to me once again that I truly do have a Savior in Heaven who loves me, who cares for me, and who died FOR ME!!! I love Him so much, and I am so gratefeul that I have this time to serve HIm by serving His children 🙂
Sunday night there was a soiree at the chapel with the stake talking about womanhood and all those good things!! The Stake President, President Guidi (my bff) told all the sister missionaries “Thank you for honoring your mothers by coming and serving the Lord..”  SHOUT OUT to all my mom for always being the best!!! 🙂  But it was a great night, and three recently returned sister missionaries spoke and bore their testimonies on their missions, and of course, that truly touched my heart 🙂
Monday I once again felt the love for one of our recent converts who is really struggling right now with health problems and such. But we were able to spend some time with her, and all three of us testified of the love that God has for His children.  It was wonderful to see her testimony even in the midst of her trials!
YESTERDAY we finally had some success!! We spent the day searching for inactives, waiting on the bus and such with no luck…But at the end of the day we were walking home and decided to talk with just one more person we saw in the park!! Her name is Louise and she was so friendly and kind and had lots of questions!! We bore testimony to her and she said she would be interesting in learning more!! So we have another appointment with her tomorrow!! We are crossing our fingers!! 🙂
But just another testimony to me that when we go the extra mile, the Lord will bless us. Overall, this week has continued to be a learning experience for me!! The successes are small, but we know the Lord is with us!! I am so grateful to be serving Him, and to being doing His work. I know that He loves His children here in New Caledonia, and that He wants them to have the joy and happiness that comes from following the gospel of Jesus Christ!!!
I testify that this gospel truly does give us the joy to live!!! Everyday my soul is filled with light and hope and love for the life I have been giving and for those around me.  I love this gospel, and I love sharing it with those around me!! Remember that WHATEVER YOU NEED in your life can be answered, can be found, through the gospel of Jesus Christ!!
God lives, and He loves us.
Have a wonderful week my family and friends!!!
Talk to you next week!
Soeur Vogel 🙂
Our beautiful city #motorpool
Tati Jean, the Magenta sistas
Zone meeting #southzone
Our sector (life is hard here)
Partying with the Futnans last night!! We love this family 🙂

FINDING THE LIGHT Transfer 11 Weeks 1 and 2

Mission week 71
Emails might be a little lame from now on, with the start of school, our email places our now filled with children and we can no longer use them!!! So we just do whatever we can to be able to send a quick email home and see what the news sorry, but VOILA!!!
ANYWAYS, how are you all doing?!!! I am sending you LOTS of sunshine and warm weather because seriously, it is like walking through a wet oven here in New Cal!!! IT IS HOT!!! But we are doing our best to not let us distract from our missionary work 🙂  We know we will be blessed because of our labors!!
Well, to be honest, these past few weeks have been hard!! Start of transfer 11 is not going to great, but that is okay!!! I am Learning so much about adversity and about endurance!! And as always, we know that great blessings come after terrible storms!!!
BASICALLY, our amis are no longer progressing, our wonderufl ami Vanina who still wants to be baptized told us that we need to push her date because she isn’t ready yet due to family complicatoins that we can really do nothing about..but that is okay!! It is just a practice of my favorite virtue…patience!! 😉
Our other amis still love to see us, but are dealing with huge roadbloacks in their lives as well, and so their progression is SLOW and they are having doubts!! We are doing our best to help them, but WOW is it tricky sometimes!!! Our recent converts have also had HUGE problems in their lives.  We have been praying and fasting more than ever!!! But we can see the Lord slowly open the way!!
Other than that, Sœur Utia and I have found lots of time to go out and contact and try to find our inactives which hasn’t been done for ages here in Motorpool, but everything we try hasn’t been too succesful!! BUT that is okay 🙂 We are Learning, and that is all that matters!!!
LIKE I HAVE SAID, I am finding blessings even amongst the trials.  My prayers have become more sincere, and I feel like I understand better my Relationship with my Heavenly Father.  I have fasted more than I have ever done in my life, which is awesome because fasting is always one of my weaknesses!! I have come to understand what it feels like to have heavy burdens on my shoulders, which I am grateful for because sometimes I cannot understand when our amis or inactives are going through hard things.  Now I can!  I can understand how to better help them, because I too am going through the same!  AND, best of all, I can better understand what the Savior went through for me, and for each of every one of us.  Elder Holland often says that in order to truly understand the atonement, in order to truly understand what it feels like the be a disciple LIKE Christ, we too need to feel the disapointment, the discouragement that comes from bringing others unto salvation.  The work is HARD, but it is possible!! That I know.  Christ overcame ALL THE NEGATIVE SITUATIONS in the world, so that we too can overcome them.  I know, without a shadow of a doubt in my mind, that Christ lives today.  That He is always there to lift me back up, to carry me when I am down, and to help me become the person I am meant to become.  He understands me perfectly, because He is the only one who experienced exactly what I am now experiencing.  He can succor me and comfort me, because He has been there.  And He is still there.  For each and every one of us, when we call His name, when we come unto Him.
Christ has said again and again, that He is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD.  I testify that that is true.  Each one of us expériences darkness in our lives.  But the light is just there.  Maybe the darkness won’t go away, but the Christ will bring the light into our darkness, and guide us safely home. ( I know cheezy but still true…) 😉
I am CONFIDENT that the Lord will continue to carry Sœur Utia and I and will bless this sector has He already has.  I am so grateful to be here, to be His servant, to be an instrument in His hands, to experience trials, so that I too can help those that I serve and love climb the mountains that are placed in their lives!!!
If any of you are experiencing trials of any kind, Watch this video.  He who is talking is an apostle of God, and His words are true.
Sorry for the negative news, but know that I am still just happy as ever!!! 🙂  The gospel brings me joy, and I know that it is true!! 🙂
Thank you so much for always supporting me and encouraging me!! I am grateful to have such wonderful family and friends at home that are always there to lift me up when I need it!!! 🙂
Hopefully next week will bring some more exciting news!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL, and wish you the best of weeks!!
Sœur Vogel 🙂
ps the Church is true, visit to find out more
Pic one: When your fam from Paita comes to visit you with their recently returned missionary!!! It was so wonderful 🙂
Pic two:  When the STLs stop by with some yummy fruit 🙂  All is well :