SUZANNE, MY GIFT Transfer 12 Week 4

So reporting from another Cyclone here in New Cal!! We were on lockdown AGAIN all Monday and Tuesday, and let me tell you, I am VERY happy to have left the house today!!!! Seeing beige walls for hours on end is not very exciting hahah!!! But don’t worry, it was just a false alarm, just the usual wind and rain…we didn’t even lose power!!! All is well here 🙂
This week, I received “my gift” from my Father in Heaven.  With two weeks left in the mission field, I witnessed the baptism of “my friend”… Suzanne 🙂   Last week we just met to prepare her baptism, and Saturday was the day!! But let me share with you her story…and I will tell you why she is my gift 🙂
Friday night, after our last lesson with Suzanne, we were helping her prepare for her testimony she would share after her baptism…and she shared with us her story..that she had NEVER told us, but how grateful I am that she did!!!
Her story starts in the month of January when one day she was riding the bus and the thought of baptism popped into her head…when she got home, she talked with her sisters about how she felt she needed to be baptized and they both said that the same thought came into their heads as well!!! Then her sister Gizelle found the missionaries on the bus etc etc and got baptized two weeks later!! When Suzanne assisted at her baptism, she knew as well that THAT was where she needed to be…but she didn’t know how to begin taking the lessons or anything and she was  SUPER intimidated by the elders, who would usually be teaching her the lessons since she lives in their sector.  So, she didn’t say anything about wanting to take the lessons for awhile…During this time one of her other friends introduced her to her church and Suzanne starting going on Sundays with her..She really like this church and even told her friend she wanted to be baptized…This was about the month of March… So Suzanne’s friend talked to the pastor about getting her baptized in this church! One day the pastor calls up Suzanne and asks her to get baptized that very next Sunday…and Suzanne said she needed to think about it..When Sunday came around..the pastor called her again and asked her to be baptized but she told him she physically couldn’t because she had a problem with her ear and she couldn’t go into water!! Well the pastor got kind of mad and hung up the phone and Suzanne felt AWFUL because she was trying to do the right thing by getting baptized…
MEANWHILE, flash over to Soeur Utia and I in Motorpool, the month of March was SUPER hard for us…our amis stopped progressing, we weren’t having success…lots of trials!! During this time, I don’t know how many time I prayed to my Heavenly Father asking Him to lead me to “my friend” someone He had prepared for ME to teach and baptized before I leave New Caledonia… So many times I felt like I wasn’t getting the answer, but really Heavenly Father was just telling me to be patient…
One Friday the elders tell us the Gizelle’s sister wants to take the lessons with us…I thought okay great!! That next Sunday, I went up to Gizelle and asked for her sisters information..That night we called her and set up the first appointment for the next day and the rest is history!!
WHAT WE DIDN’T KNOW was that the Sunday we called her was the VERY DAY that the pastor of the other church was asking her to be baptized..after the pastor had hung up the phone Suzanne starting crying and pleading to Heavenly Father to know what she should do, the path she needed to take…when she looked at her phone she had a missed call, from who?!! US!!!!!
When Suzanne shared this with us Friday night and then again on Saturday at her baptism, I couldn’t believe it!! So many time I think I am not working by the spirit, when really, I am!! The LORD IS GUIDING ME, and HE DOES ANSWER OUR PRAYERS!!!
Suzanne then told me Friday night that before she started taking the lessons with us she had had a thought come into her mind.. she saw herself getting taught by two sister missionaries, and one of them was me…
I NEVER CRY, but when Suzanne told me this, I couldn’t hold back the tears! THE LORD HAS ANSWERED MY PRAYER!!!!!! He led me to my friend, to my Suzanne, who I love DEARLY!! I am so grateful to have witnessed this miracle.. I know without a doubt that the Lord guides this work!! He is preparing His children, and He prepares His missionaries as well to receive these marvelous blessings!! I am so grateful to have received such a gift before going home…
My family and friends, miracles do exist.  God lives and Christ lives!!! I love this work and I am so so sooooooo blessed to be apart of it. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for this gospel in my life.  It is my joy, my song, and my salvation!!!!
Have a great week my family and friends!! Next week marks the last week of emails, and I just want to thank you all for supporting me always!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Until next week!
Soeur Vogel 🙂
PICS: Soeur Utia made me a crown for my 18 months on my mission!! WOOHOO
Friday night sports night woohoo!! Half of these people are amis!
Suzanne’s baptism…I love her

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