THEN SINGS MY SOUL Transfer 12 Week 3

Okay seriously, time is going WAYYYYY too fast here!!! It is already halfway through week 4 of the transfer.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Seriously, I am so blessed to be serving me Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ.  I am so blessed to be his disciple, to be his servant, and to love His children here in New Caledonia.  I cannot express how much I love this little island, and how much I love serving the Lord!!! I am so blessed!!
My soul is literally bursting with thankfulness to my Heavenly Father.  Tomorrow marks my 18 months on my mission.  I literally cannot thank Him enough for guiding my life, for helping me to make the decision to serve a mission, and all the experiences I have had in His service here on my tiny little island.  I CANNOT imagine my life without this experience.  Life is seriously beautiful!!!
Not too many different things to report on this week!! Just teaching lessons, waiting for the bus, etc etc… BUT this weekend we are looking forward to the baptism of SUZANNE!!! Who is literally our light in the darkness…We had her baptismal interview this past weekend, which obviously went well since she is getting baptized.  On Sunday, the ward was so welcoming and friendly with her which was awesome!! She is so excited for her baptism this weekend, and we are too.  I am still amazed by her faith, by her example, and by her desire to follow Christ.  She is only 19, but she is so ready to follow Christ because she knows, and I know hehehe, that her life will be blessed beyond compare.  This is the truth!! And when we finally find it through the quiet promptings of the spirit, our lives are changed forever 🙂
We had an awesome lesson with our ami Vanina this past week where we talked about the parable of the lost sheep.  We testified for her about how much Christ loves her, and that He will do everything to save even just her! The spirit was so strong in this lesson, and Vanina was sure to be feeling it because Sunday she FINALLY came to church after two months of skipping out on us!! We knew we shouldn’t give up on her!! We do love her so much, and I am so grateful for these little moments of progression that tell us that the Lord is ready to give up on her either.
Saturday, we had gone to the chapel for the baptismal interview of Suzanne, afterwards we were waiting for our ride back home since it was dark outside and we are not supposed to be walking in the streets…ANYWAYS, we were waiting and the members who were there decided to start a tahitian “brang” which is basically everyone playing guitar or ukulele and singing tahitian songs, and it was seriously so beautiful!! I love all the cultures here, and I do have to say my tahitian is getting better grace a Soeur Utia hehehehe 🙂 Just a little tender mercy 🙂
SUNDAY we had an awesome day at church, and then had an AMAZING easter concert put on by the stake!! We had 6 amis come, including our wonderful mami Michelle (the 81 year old), which was awesome because the spirit was so strong as we watched videos of Christ and listened to the choir beautifully sing songs of Christ.  The spirit confirmed to me once again that CHRIST LIVES!!! How grateful I am for this knowledge in my life!!! I can become who I want to be, I can become perfect in Christ.
Monday and Tuesday I had my last zone conference with President and his wife.  It was so beautiful.  They focused on Christ and how our missions are the best times to truly build our foundation on the Christ.  Our missions are the best time to become like Him, because we are literally doing His work 24/7.  Once again, the spirit was so strong throughout the whole conference.  And just the love between the missionaries was awesome. I love all of these missionaries so much.  How proud I am to serve along side them, and learn from them. I love my mission.
Anyways, sorry this email is so scattered, I have so many thoughts in my head for these final weeks that rest.  But honestly, I am just still so amazed at all the blessings I am receiving here at the end of my mission.  I know the Lord is aware of me and that He loves me.  I know that when we are obedient to His commandments, even when it is hard, even when we don’t understand why, He will bless us with more blessings than we ever thought we deserved!!! Then sings my soul, my Savoir God to thee, How Great thou art, How great thou art!!!!
Well my family and friends, hope this scattered email was uplifting for you!! Remember this week how much you are loved by a Father in Heaven who sent His son to die FOR YOU, and together they promise eternal life, peace, joy, hope, and love, for this life, and for the life time come.
I testify that this church is true. find out more NOW at   🙂
I LOVE YOU ALL and hope you had a great week!!! And thank you, for being who you are 🙂 You are all starssss!
Soeur Vogel 🙂
Chillen with the girlies at the chapel wooooo
Celebrating our favorite people’s birthday this past week!!!
ZONE CONFERENCE: the tahitians of the mission 😉
South Zone, and MTC group one last time before we really do get split up…my homies
And the last of the zone conference photos
One: my mission posterity
All the rest: my number one homies

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