I REJOICE IN THE LORD Transfer 12 Week 2

Alma chapter 26 verse 35 (Book of Mormon)
“Now have we not reason to rejoice? Yea, say unto you, there never were men that had so great reason to rejoice as we, since the world began; yea, and my joy is carried away, even unto boasting in my God; for he has all powerall wisdom, and all understanding; he comprehendeth all things, and he is merciful Being, even unto salvation, to those who will repent and believe on his name.”
This week, I rejoice in the Lord. Never in my life have I felt more blessed!! Our sector is exploding with people who are prepared to learn the gospel, and it is all thanks to my Heavenly Father.  Who I know can do all things.
Next Saturday, we have our baptism for our wonderful ami Suzanne, who is progressingly wonderfully and is so excited to be baptized.  The best parts are the little messages she sends throughout the week that say things like “May God bless you sisters…” She is seriously a light in our life, and I am so so so GRATEFUL for the opportunity the Lord has given me to teach her, to love her, to learn from her, and to just be an instrument in His hands, to bring His children unto salvation.  How blessed I am to have this call!!
These past few weeks I have been studying and meditating what it means to truly put my trust in the Lord. Ecspecially in this work.  What I have found is that I need to stop whining.  In my prayers, I give my desires to the Lord.  He knows what they are, and He promises us that if our desires our righteous, He will grant them unto us.  Well of course, gearing up for my last transfer on my mission, I have been praying to find someone who is already prepared and is ready to enter into the waters of baptism here in Motorpool.  But I decided to accept the Lord’s will. Which means I will praise Him if He gave me the opportunity to have this blessing, AND I would praise Him if the blessing never came.  Since I had this change in attitude, miracles have exploded, and I don’t even know why I ever doubted. The Lord is blessing me so much with blessings!!!! Let me explain…
I was sastisfied, even overjoyed with the baptism of Suzanne.  But the Lord has blessed us with ANOTHER super prepared ami!!! This past week we started teaching Walteck, the nephew of our Bishop.  He essentially grew up in the church with inactive parents who never let him get baptized.  But now he stays with Bishop and his family and comes to church every Sunday and is basically already a member…Soeur Utia and I have been questioning since we got here HOW we could start teaching him and preparing him for baptism.  But he is 16 so he was a little hesitant.  Well, this past week, the Lord did His part, as He always does.  Walteck was touched by the testimonies of the return missionaries in our ward at our return missionary soiree last week.  From this soiree, he received the desire to go on a mission one day too.  He has started reading the Book of Mormon and says his prayers every day.  And he is 16!!! He told Bishop and His wife that he is ready to be baptized.  We taught him twice, on Saturday and Sunday and set his baptismal date for May 20, the last Saturday I am here!!!!! He is so awesome and I just still cannot believe that the Lord has blessed us with not only one but TWO super prepared amis for us to teach and baptize before I head home. I am without words. This really is the Lord’s work. And He is hastening it.  I am just an instrument in His hands.  I am blessed beyond compare!!!
As for our other work, still the same hahaha!! But we love teaching our investigators, we love talking to people on the street, and we love being missionaries for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! I say we, because I am so used to talking in twos lol!! But yes we, Soeur Utia and I!!!!
I don’t really know how to express the joy that comes from missionary work.  Even with it’s trials and struggles, the Lord is always with us.  I know that to be true.  I love my mission.  Everyday I see the hand of the Lord.  I see Him directing His work, and I praise His name forever!! He really can do all things!!!
There are so many other tender mercies that the Lord has given me for my last few weeks here in Caledonie.  Stake Conferences and other activites that will help me see all those people that I love from around the island before I head home.  I am just seriously so grateful for my Heavenly Father.  I know He is mindful of me, and that He loves me, and that He loves each and every one of us.
VOILA, the good news my family and friends!! I hope this email finds you all just as well!! Know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ LIVE, and that they love us.  And when we TRULY put our trust in them, only blessings can come!!
Soeur Vogel 🙂
PICS: not too many pics this week, too busy rejoicing in the Lord!!! But here is a couple squad pics to  make your day xxoooo

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