LA VIE MISSIONAIRE Transfer 12 Week 1

Wow this weeks are flying by too fast!!
As always, I hope this email finds you well!! It is currently cold and raining here in New Cal, but sometimes it is nice to have days like this 🙂  And by cold I mean like 70 degrees, but you know me, I am freezing…don’t know what I will do when I see snow again!!!
ANYWAYS, this week has been great 🙂  I seriously love my mission and am appreciating every moment of it!! Not too many new things to report, but we had an awesome week of serving the Lord.  I am so blessed 🙂
Last Thursday we had another wonderful day of lessons with Vanina, who love so much.  She told us again that she knows the church is true. BUT SHE DIDN’T COME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY!!! We ask her why she doesn’t come and she just gives us weird excuses and says she will come for sure the following week….we are putting our trust in her word!! We cannot force her, and we don’t want to force her! But we know the blessings that will come when she EXERCISES her faith in Christ, and comes to church!! 🙂  oh lalalaaaa
We also got to see our wonderful ami, Michelle (the old mami).  We talked about where we came from before this life, how we lived with our Heavenly Father who created a wonderful plan for us to come down to earth and be tested, and that one day we can live with our families again forever in PARADISE!! She loved it, it was the first time she had heard of life in the pre-existance, but she told us “it sounded familiar.”  We told her that was the spirit talking to her heart 🙂
Friday Soeur Utia and I had our DMP meeting canceled last minute so we quickly thought of some ideas.  We ended up going around the neighborhoods and used chalk to write “PrinceofPeace.”  We had lots of people come up and see what we were doing, and some asked questions!! We directed them to the church website and told them to watch the video…no takers on the good word, but as always, planting seeds. 😉
We also had an amazing lesson with SUZANNE on Friday and then again on Saturday, and then again on Monday!! She is seriously our ball of sunshine!! We love her so much!! She didn’t come to church on Sunday, but that is okay, she promised us the next week she will come!! On Monday she told us how she gained her testimony that the Book of Mormon was true.  She told us she was just reading it one day, and she just felt in her heart that it was true.  She felt warm, and she said “Ok, well then I guess it is true!”  It was a confirmation to me again that the spirit works in a small, still voice.  She didn’t have a big vision or a light that came down to tell her it is true.  But Suzanne is someone who is humble and is searching for the truth.  And she sincerely wanted to know if it was true, meaning she is ready to act on the answer God would give her.  And as always, God answered her, through her heart, to tell her yes, the Book of Mormon is true! Seriously she is so wonderful!! We have her date of baptism fixed for May 6!!! I am so grateful for her 🙂
Friday night we had a soiree for our recently returned missionary in the Magenta ward!! It was so awesome!! He served in Washington DC so of course, he loves speaking english, and he speaks well!! The soiree was wonderful, and we had lots of amis there because the ward danced dances from all the different cultures in Caledonie!! Seriously, so fun 🙂
Saturday we had another ward activity for easter, just a picnic at the park, with the ocean right across the street.  Suzanne came, which was awesome, because know she has some friends in the ward!! Later that day, we went into the city to sing songs of Christ and give out the “Prince of Peace” pass along cards.  It was wonderful and we were filled with the spirit singing songs of our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ.
Sunday was of course, Easter!!! Now we have church in the afternoon since our chapel has damage from the storm.  With travel, since the chapel we attend now is farther away, the whole day on Sunday is just dedicated to going to church!! But we still had a nice Easter dinner with a family in the ward!! She made lamb, it was soooooo good!!! Church was wonderful, and we had our returned missionary talk which of course made me teary, but seriously love our ward!! And I love being a missionary!! 🙂
Monday we taught Vanina and Suzanne, like I said and then had a ward activity AGAIN for Easter, since here they don’t have Good Friday, but Easter Monday!! But it was fun, and since Caledonie is so small, there were members from all over the island that came 🙂  So it was nice to see everyone and celebrate Easter together!! And Suzanne was there, so that made it even better 🙂
Yesterday we had my last zone meeting, which means I had to give my “finaly testimony.” NOT FUN, but I did it!! But it was nice because we got to go to another chapel since ours has damage!! But this chapel is beautiful, it is just at the foot of the mountains with the ocean on the other side!! And it was the first time I left the city in five months, so that did me some good!!
In the afternoon, Soeur Utia and I decided to walk the beach in our sector and talk to everyone we could along the way.  Problem with working in the city is that no one lives in our sector, everyone on the streets is just there visiting.  But we were able to talk to lots of people and even found another inactive who invited us over to eat haha!!  But still, even if we don’t find forty new people who want to learn about the gospel, I love just being able to talk to others about Christ, and share my testimony with them.  I know now more than ever that Chirst lives.  He is my Savior and Redeemer, He suffered for me so that I can have someone to lift me up during my trials.  He conquered death, so that I can too one day conquer death, and live eternally with my family in His presence.  I love this gospel. I know that it is true.  I love the Book of Mormon.  I know that it is true.  I am currently reading the Book of Mormon, but only underlining the parts that talk about Christ and His atonement.  It has given me such a deeper understanding of the love God and Christ have for each one of us.  It has given me a greater knowledge of the price that has been paid, for me, and for all of us, so that we can be happy, and live with peace.
How grateful I am to have this time to share this message with others.  I know it is true.
I love you all my family and friends, thank you for always being there!! 🙂  I wish you all the best of weeks!!
Soeur Vogel 🙂
ps the church is true
PICS: ONE: Introducing…Motorpool
TWO THREE: Our Soiree Friday night!!
THREE FOUR: Zone Meeting yesterday, find your kid 😉

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