CYCLONE Transfer 11 Week 6

And just like that…my last transfer of my mission has begun….
WELL to start off, Soeur Utia and  I are breaking records and staying for a fourth transfer together in Motorpool!!! WOOOO!!! We are literally the companions who have stayed together the longest in the mission… GOOD THING WE LOVE EACH OTHER!!!  🙂
So yes, I will be “dying” in the mission field here in Motorpool, and Soeur Utia will be killing me off, which she is happy about 😉  All I can say, is that I am ready to sprint to the finish! I know the Lord has LOTS in store for this sector, and I am excited to see the miracles that will happen!!!
SAD NEWS, is that after nine months of being together, Soeur Chard got transferred up back North, so I am now the only American sister in the ward!! WOOT WOOT, wow english will be hard when I get home!! But sad that I won’t be seeing much of Soeur Chard, she has become a wonderful friend and is always a wonderful example to me!! I love her, and know she will do great things in her new sector!!
ANYWAYS, for the week!! Last Thursday we had a super rainy day, so that was fun!! It was actually kind of nice because it had been soooooo hot, and finally with the rain it cooled down!! We still had lots of success even with the rain.  We were able to see Vanina, and she opened up a lot about her problems in her family, and now we understand better why she cannot get baptized right now.  But things are in the process of changing, and so we are hoping within a few months time, her situation will finally be regulated, and she will be able to get baptized!! 🙂  Her daughter, Madeline also sat in on our lesson, so that was awesome!! She loves coming to church, but she is SUPER shy, so she only wants to sit in on her mom’s lessons, not have them for herself.  But we are working on her…;)  She will come around!! 🙂
We also finally had another lesson with our shining light, MICHELLE!! She is the old mami, who literally asks us what she has to do to be baptized and tells us she wants to go to the temple to seal her family one day…well we were finally able to see her again because she has been on vacation for the past month, and she was just as happy to see us!! Her desire to learn about the gospel is just as strong.  This past lesson we talked about Jesus Christ, what He did for us, His sacrifice, and the meaning of Easter.  As we testified to her that she could live with her family FOREVER thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the spirit testified so strongly to all of us that it was true. I love teaching her and seeing her progress!! Life is good 🙂
FRIDAY we had another great lesson with Suzanne, the sister of the miracle Gizelle!! She is our baptism fixed for the end of the month, and seriously we just LOVE HER!! She is golden, and she said she already knew the gospel and the church was true before she started meeting with us, and she has such big desire to be a part of the church!! We are continuing to prayer for her ear (she just got ear surgery and cannot enter into water) that it may be healed by the end of the month in time for her baptism!!! SHE IS AMAZING!!
Also Friday night we had a wonderful english class and sports night again, filled with amis and they all stayed to watch some mormon messages afterwards!! We are starting to have lots of success, I am excited to see where it goes!! But I am now the only sister who speaks english…so I’ll be taking this on by myself this next transfer!! But that is okay, the Lord will provide!!
THIS PAST WEEKEND we had GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! So we were all at the stake center the entire weekend listening to our prophet and apostles and other leaders of the church!! I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE and literally felt as always that the Lord was talking directly to me through the talks that were given.  One theme that I picked up on is that the we can be transformed through the atonement of Jesus Christ.  Our life, who we are, doesn’t have to stay the same.  We can improve, we can change, our lives can become better, and WILL become better, when we follow Jesus Christ and apply His atonement in our lives.  I know that to be true.  When I think about the person I want to become, it is someone like Christ.  And I know that through His atonement, and through the plan of Salvation, I can live confidently that as I follow His commandments, I will one day become perfect in Him.  *Moroni 10:32
MONDAY AND TUESDAY we had our CYCLONE..seriously everything is fine..just lots of rain and wind…but we were on lockdown all day Monday… meaning we couldn’t leave the house!! I read a lot of scriptures..we ate a lot of food…and Soeur Utia taught me some tahitian dances so we made it through a LONNNGGG day in the house!! We were suppossed to be on lockdown Tuesday as well, but the storm passed so we were able to leave!! We wanted to go out and help with any damage from the storm, but we live in the city and everyone was fine! But Our chapel got some damage..some of the roof blew away…but no one told us, so we weren’t able to help with the clean up!! But that means we will have to be going to church in a different chapel..which poses a problem for those of us without cars..BUT that is okay!!! 🙂  We are grateful the storm wasn’t too bad and that everyone is safe!! 🙂 But a cool experience comme meme 🙂
ANYWAYS my family and friends I hope you all had a wonderful week!!! Our week was certainly eventful as you can see!! I love my mission so much, and I am so blessed to be serving the Lord here in New Caledonia.  My heart is here, I love these people so much, and I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for my last transfer.  I love my Savior Jesus Christ, I know that He lived and He died and He rose again the third day for me, so that I too can overcome death, so that I can live with my family forever, and so that I can be happy in THIS LIFE and in the life to come.
IF you haven’t watched the easter video yet go do it!! #PRINCEdelePAIX #PrinceofPeace at
I LOVE YOU ALL AND HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK!!! Don’t forget, the church is true!!! 🙂
Soeur Vogel 🙂
ps I have lots of pictures to send!
Chillen with Vanina and Madeline
Our rainy Thursday
English Class!!
MY family, the Likhaus, I love them
General Conference sites
Sunset on the way home
District rolling up in the mission van
Our chapel after the cyclone 😦 rip

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