LE PRINCE DE LA PAIX Transfer 11 Week 5

I hope this email finds you well 🙂  The sun is shining here today, and this sister missionary is shining as well!!! Heavenly Father is so good, I love being a missionary!! 🙂
This past week has been full of wonderful things, and I am once again reminded what it means to endure.  I am grateful for the trials the Lord has given me so that I can more fully recognize the blessings in my life.  The Lord has blessed me far more than I deserve!!! How grateful I am to be serving Him!!
Last Thursday we had a sincerely heartfelt lesson with one of our amis.  She is so ready to be baptized, but she is scared of what her family will say.  But, with the counsel from our mission president, we were bold with her and we shared with her all the many blessings she can find in her life when she makes a covenant with God at baptism.  She still didn’t accept to be baptized, but the spirit confirmed to me that we had done all that we could to help her see the blessings that will come in her life.  She is so wonderful, and we love her so much, but we cannot force anyone to accept the blessings God has in store for them.  But we can testify, and invite, and promise that their lives will be blessed. And then, we leave it in the hands of the Lord!
Thursday night we had a wonderful lesson with another one of our amis!! We had been frustrated because she stopped progressing and actually started degressing during our time with her.  She started drinking again, and stopped coming to church.  But we decided not to give up on her!! We had given her a USB with some MORMON MESSAGES on it so that she could watch them in her spare time.  Well she did!! She sent us a text Saturday asking us to come by.  She was in tears, truly touched by the messages and testimonies she had heard in the films.  She told us she knew the church was true, that the Book of Mormon was true, and that she is ready to change.  She said she doesn’t know how long it will take, and that it will be a slow process.  But she is ready.  We are so grateful!! We love her so much.  Maybe I will not still be here to see her finally enter into the waters of baptism, but I am so grateful to have been a part of her journey.  She is a wonderful woman, and I love seeing her through the eyes of Christ!! 🙂
At our Friday Night Sports Night and English Class, we had a wonderful success!! We had about 7 amis in our english class (That is a huge success here!!) After the class, the kids asked Soeur Chard and I (I teach english with Soeur Chard since my comp doesn’t speak english) to sing a song.  So we pulled out our ukuleles and sang “I am a Child of God.”  We then decided to put on some mormon messages and invited the amis the stay and watch if they would like.  All 7 of them stayed.  Yesterday, the elders of Ducos told us that their POTENTIAL amis who attend english class told them that they had been touched by the song we had sung and by the videos we had shown.  And they wanted to know more!! MIRACLES 🙂  We are starting to have a lot of success at our “Friday Nights at the Chapel!!”  Just goes to show how important it is the try new things and stick with it!! 🙂
Saturday was a day of service as always, and Sunday was a wonderful sabbath day at church!  We get to watch General Conference THIS WEEKEND!  We are so excited to hear what the prophet and apostles have for us!  If you missed conference, go watch it now! lds.org
MONDAY was an awesome day!! We started teaching our new ami Suzanne.  She is the sister of Gizelle, the MIRACLE baptism of the elders of Vallee de Colon (the one who saw the elders on the bus and asked them to be baptized on the spot).  Well, turns out the whole family of Gizelle wants to be baptized!  So we started teaching Suzanne, who is 19, and she is like our best friend.  We had our first lesson with her on Monday and we shared with her the message of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She said she already believes that it is all true, and that she wants to be baptized.  So if all goes well, she is getting baptized April 29!! 🙂  So it is literally the coolest ever!!! 🙂  BLESSINGS
Yesterday, Tuesday, we were finally able to see another old ami that we have had some contact with since coming to Motorpool.  We finally were able to see her and we RETAUGHT her about the Restoration of the Gospel.  And oh la la  I just LOVE sharing the message of Joseph Smith!! Every time I recite the first vision, the spirit confirms to me that it is true!  I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and that he restored the Church of Jesus Christ on the earth today!  How blessed I am to be a part of it!! 🙂
So yes, this week has been great!  We still have our disappointments and serving here in Motorpool is certainly teaching me patience.  But I am grateful.  I want to be able to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord, and I know that it will take some rough spots to be able to do so.  But there is no greater joy than serving the Lord.  I love my mission!!
Anyways, like I said I am certainly looking forward to General Conference this weekend!! 🙂  AND Easter the following weekend!  GO WATCH THE EASTER VIDEO NOW!  It gives me chills everytime!! mormon.org
#PrincedelaPaix #PrinceofPeace !! That is the message of Easter this year.  There is only one route we can take if we want to find TRUE peace in our life.  And that is the route of our Savior Jesus Christ.  HE TAUGHT US when He voluntarily came down to earth what each of us needs to do to have peace in our lives.  HE SHOWED US how to live, what manner of men we ought to be.  HE SUFFERED OUR PAINS so that we can have someone to succor and comfort us in our times of need.  And HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD with the promise that each and every one of us can also conquer life’s greatest fear: death.  Christ LIVES!! I know that with all of my heart.
MY family and friends my wish for you this Easter season is that you too can discover this peace.  Find Him.  It all starts at mormon.org 😉
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Thank you for being wonderful examples and supports for me!! 🙂
The church is true!!!
Have a wonderful week my family and friends 🙂  And I will talk to you next week, with the news of where I will be serving for my last transfer here in New Caledonia…got to make it count!! 🙂
Sending you all lots of sunshine (seriously it is soooooooooo hot),
Soeur Vogel 🙂
ps hit my 17 months on the mission…wow IM OLDDDD
Chillen at the dentist for Soeur Utia #comps we love each other yay
Don’t let children take your camera…

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