LA PAIX Transfer 11 Week 4

Mission Week 72


Hope this email finds you well and that you are loving life 🙂

This week has been another week of trusting in the Lord!!! We have had some cool experiences that have kept us going!! I am grateful to be serving with Soeur Utia!! Three transfers together have really made us close!! We laugh all the time, even when these are going rough!! She is my tahitian twin, I LOVE HER!!!!!!

The work is going here in Motorpool!! Last Thursday we had another awesome lesson with our ami Vanina, she has such a strong testimony of the gospel…But she is just waiting until everything is perfect in her life to be baptized because she doesn’t want to fall..BUT we know that she is ready, that she could get baptized tomorrow if she wanted too!!  We then had another awesome lesson with our ami Makete that we have been teaching for a few weeks now!! She told us that she recognizes us as representatives of Jesus Christ and she feels the power when we come and teach her!! BUT she doesn’t feel the need to be baptized! That is okay, we will help her understand!! 🙂

We didn’t end up seeing the lady we met in the park, she gave us a false number so that kind of stinks, but that is okay!! We were able to talk to some other great people in the park instead!! I love talking to new people about the gospel, even if they are not intersted in it for themselves! I love sharing my testimony of Jesus Christ with them.  I feel the spirit every time I do, and I know the Lord is with me!! The church is true!!! 🙂

FRIDAY we had an awesome thing happen!! Friday night we had our usual english class and sports night at the chapel, but this past Fridaynight we also had a movie night!! Soeur Utia and I were on the bus headed to the chapel to help set up when I felt like we should send out some texts to our members and amis to remind them of the event.  I was going through our contacts when I felt like I needed to send the reminder to a woman named Josie, who I have never met, but Soeur Utia had told me about her.  Apparently, Josie had gotten baptized in June and has never come back to church since.  She doesn’t accept the missionaries to come to her house because they are the elders and she is a single woman..but for some reason, I just felt inpsired to do it.  So I sent a single text and completely forgot about it.  At the soiree I saw a woman there that I didn’t know.  I went up and talked with her like a usually do hehehe, and she introduced herself as Josie!! My jaw dropped!!!! IT WAS THE FIRST TIME SHE HAD COME TO CHURCH SINCE HER BAPTISM!!! She said she had received a message that there was a movie night and she decided to come…with her nonmember neighbor!! IT WAS AWESOME!! Her nonmember neighbor was TOUCHED BY THE SPIRIT and is now the new ami of the elders!! He came to church on Sunday and is already progressing!! It is a small miracle, but it was seriously awesome!! It was a testimony to me that truly by small and simple things are GREAT THINGS brought to pass.  And also to ALWAYS listen to the spirit, no matter how simple the direction might be.

Saturday was our service day like usual at our favorite mami’s house!! Sunday was church and then more service, so that was an awesome Sunday!!

Monday was a day full of lessons which was awesome! We taught our recent converts, our amis, our inactives.  It was wonderful to have a day full of teaching!!

Tuesday we had our short zone conference with our mission President!! I translated again, so that was pretty cool #frenchy…Our mission President talked about doing all that we can to baptize during the month of april!! He talked about not being afraid to invite those that we teach to be baptized, and that if we are doing all that we can, the Lord will bless with success!! Well, we are trusting in that counsel because we could use some miracles here in Motorpool!!! We also got a sneak peak at the Easter Video the church has produced for Easter this year.  All I can say is wow…I love my Savior.  The atonement of Jesus Christ has carried me throughout my life, even when I didn’t know it.  It is because of the sacrifice that my Savior made for ME, that I am here on my mission.  I have experienced the peace that comes from the divine forgiveness of sins, I have experienced the joy that comes from overcoming my weaknesses, and I have and still am experiencing the change of heart that comes when we give our lives to the Lord. I love my Savior.  He was perfect, He did no wrong, but He was punished, He suffered, because I am not perfect.  I do wrong.  But through Him, I did not have to suffer.  He already paid the price for me.

This Easter season, find your peace.  Turn to the Savior.  I testify, and I promise that your life will be blessed, your families will be blessed.  And your heart will be filled with divine peace and joy.

My family and friends, I love my mission.  My time is quickly coming to an end (one transfer left), and to be honest, I am not looking forward to going home.  But until that time comes, I want to work and serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with all my heart might mind and strength.  That is the least of what I can do for HIM, HIM who has done so much more for me.

Thank you so much for all of YOU who support me 🙂  I wish you the best this week!!! AND THIS WEEKEND is General Conference in America!! It is an opportunity to listen to a prophet of God!!! Go to Saturday and Sunday to watch for yourselves!! We will be watching the following weekend #islandprobs!!

OKAY MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS!! I love you all so so much!!!

Soeur Vogel 🙂

ps the church is true

ONE: mission life is hard here in New Cal #pday
TWO: my comp is a hairdresser
THREE: Zone Conference pics from the translation table
FOUR: LAST TIME MTC DISTRICT PIC before Soeur Casuga heads home…it has been an awesome 17 months with these homies. I love them.
FIVE: For Soeur Mat’s mom.  I love your daughter.
IMG_1673 (1)

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