STRENGTH Transfer 11 Week 3

Mission Week 72
I hope this email finds you well, and that this week has been great for you!!!!
The weather is BEAUTIFUL here is New Caledonia!! The sun shining everyday, the birds chirping, and the air is getting cooler!!! It is perfect, and I am so blessed to be serving here in this beautiful country!!!!
I am happy to report that this past week has been much better!! It is truly amazing how much the Lord is with us!! I have learned through out MULPTIPLE experiences in my life, that the Lord cannot always or will not always change the situations that we are in.  Even if we are experiencing trials or feel we have heavy burdens placed upon our shoulders, He will not take them away, but will make us STRONGER so that we can handle them with ease!!  That is what the Lord has done with me this past week.  He cannot change the choices His children will make here in New Caledonia.  He leaves them to choose whether they will listen to us or not, but He has strengthened me and given me the light that comes from truly being a disciple of Christ!  He has given me the force to keep going even when everything seems to be going wrong, and He has given me the JOY that comes from serving Him, even when things are tough!!
SO THIS WEEK!!  Last Thursday we had an awesome lesson with Vanina, who still has the desire to be baptized…we are just being patient until everything in her life falls into place so that we can fix a date with her!! But her faith and her joy in the gospel is wonderful!! She bore testimony to us that this church is true!! She sees the difference in her life when she comes to church, when she says her prayers, and when she does not…she is truly beautiful and wonderful and we are blessed to be teaching her!!
Every Friday night we have sports night at the chapel and we have an English class as well!! This past Friday night was super successful!! We had more investigators there than members, so that was awesome!! And they all loved it and said they were going to come back the next week!! It was great, and we are having people from all over the island coming to our class!! It is a truly a great opportunity for people to come and see the church, to socialize with the members, and to eventually come and learn for themselves!! We are happy about that!! 🙂
Saturday was a day of service for Soeur Utia and I!! We helped one of our favorite Mamis all day and then headed over to the church for a Relief Society activity since it was the birthday of the Relief Society (women’s organization in the church it is awesome) this past weekend!! We had some amis that came, so that was great!! And of course, it is always fun spending time with our awesome ward ladies 🙂
Sunday we sang in church for the Relief Society Birthday!! We sang a beautiful arrangement of “I Stand All Amazed” And seriously, the spirit was wonderful while we were singing.  The spirit testified to me once again that I truly do have a Savior in Heaven who loves me, who cares for me, and who died FOR ME!!! I love Him so much, and I am so gratefeul that I have this time to serve HIm by serving His children 🙂
Sunday night there was a soiree at the chapel with the stake talking about womanhood and all those good things!! The Stake President, President Guidi (my bff) told all the sister missionaries “Thank you for honoring your mothers by coming and serving the Lord..”  SHOUT OUT to all my mom for always being the best!!! 🙂  But it was a great night, and three recently returned sister missionaries spoke and bore their testimonies on their missions, and of course, that truly touched my heart 🙂
Monday I once again felt the love for one of our recent converts who is really struggling right now with health problems and such. But we were able to spend some time with her, and all three of us testified of the love that God has for His children.  It was wonderful to see her testimony even in the midst of her trials!
YESTERDAY we finally had some success!! We spent the day searching for inactives, waiting on the bus and such with no luck…But at the end of the day we were walking home and decided to talk with just one more person we saw in the park!! Her name is Louise and she was so friendly and kind and had lots of questions!! We bore testimony to her and she said she would be interesting in learning more!! So we have another appointment with her tomorrow!! We are crossing our fingers!! 🙂
But just another testimony to me that when we go the extra mile, the Lord will bless us. Overall, this week has continued to be a learning experience for me!! The successes are small, but we know the Lord is with us!! I am so grateful to be serving Him, and to being doing His work. I know that He loves His children here in New Caledonia, and that He wants them to have the joy and happiness that comes from following the gospel of Jesus Christ!!!
I testify that this gospel truly does give us the joy to live!!! Everyday my soul is filled with light and hope and love for the life I have been giving and for those around me.  I love this gospel, and I love sharing it with those around me!! Remember that WHATEVER YOU NEED in your life can be answered, can be found, through the gospel of Jesus Christ!!
God lives, and He loves us.
Have a wonderful week my family and friends!!!
Talk to you next week!
Soeur Vogel 🙂
Our beautiful city #motorpool
Tati Jean, the Magenta sistas
Zone meeting #southzone
Our sector (life is hard here)
Partying with the Futnans last night!! We love this family 🙂

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