FINDING THE LIGHT Transfer 11 Weeks 1 and 2

Mission week 71
Emails might be a little lame from now on, with the start of school, our email places our now filled with children and we can no longer use them!!! So we just do whatever we can to be able to send a quick email home and see what the news sorry, but VOILA!!!
ANYWAYS, how are you all doing?!!! I am sending you LOTS of sunshine and warm weather because seriously, it is like walking through a wet oven here in New Cal!!! IT IS HOT!!! But we are doing our best to not let us distract from our missionary work 🙂  We know we will be blessed because of our labors!!
Well, to be honest, these past few weeks have been hard!! Start of transfer 11 is not going to great, but that is okay!!! I am Learning so much about adversity and about endurance!! And as always, we know that great blessings come after terrible storms!!!
BASICALLY, our amis are no longer progressing, our wonderufl ami Vanina who still wants to be baptized told us that we need to push her date because she isn’t ready yet due to family complicatoins that we can really do nothing about..but that is okay!! It is just a practice of my favorite virtue…patience!! 😉
Our other amis still love to see us, but are dealing with huge roadbloacks in their lives as well, and so their progression is SLOW and they are having doubts!! We are doing our best to help them, but WOW is it tricky sometimes!!! Our recent converts have also had HUGE problems in their lives.  We have been praying and fasting more than ever!!! But we can see the Lord slowly open the way!!
Other than that, Sœur Utia and I have found lots of time to go out and contact and try to find our inactives which hasn’t been done for ages here in Motorpool, but everything we try hasn’t been too succesful!! BUT that is okay 🙂 We are Learning, and that is all that matters!!!
LIKE I HAVE SAID, I am finding blessings even amongst the trials.  My prayers have become more sincere, and I feel like I understand better my Relationship with my Heavenly Father.  I have fasted more than I have ever done in my life, which is awesome because fasting is always one of my weaknesses!! I have come to understand what it feels like to have heavy burdens on my shoulders, which I am grateful for because sometimes I cannot understand when our amis or inactives are going through hard things.  Now I can!  I can understand how to better help them, because I too am going through the same!  AND, best of all, I can better understand what the Savior went through for me, and for each of every one of us.  Elder Holland often says that in order to truly understand the atonement, in order to truly understand what it feels like the be a disciple LIKE Christ, we too need to feel the disapointment, the discouragement that comes from bringing others unto salvation.  The work is HARD, but it is possible!! That I know.  Christ overcame ALL THE NEGATIVE SITUATIONS in the world, so that we too can overcome them.  I know, without a shadow of a doubt in my mind, that Christ lives today.  That He is always there to lift me back up, to carry me when I am down, and to help me become the person I am meant to become.  He understands me perfectly, because He is the only one who experienced exactly what I am now experiencing.  He can succor me and comfort me, because He has been there.  And He is still there.  For each and every one of us, when we call His name, when we come unto Him.
Christ has said again and again, that He is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD.  I testify that that is true.  Each one of us expériences darkness in our lives.  But the light is just there.  Maybe the darkness won’t go away, but the Christ will bring the light into our darkness, and guide us safely home. ( I know cheezy but still true…) 😉
I am CONFIDENT that the Lord will continue to carry Sœur Utia and I and will bless this sector has He already has.  I am so grateful to be here, to be His servant, to be an instrument in His hands, to experience trials, so that I too can help those that I serve and love climb the mountains that are placed in their lives!!!
If any of you are experiencing trials of any kind, Watch this video.  He who is talking is an apostle of God, and His words are true.
Sorry for the negative news, but know that I am still just happy as ever!!! 🙂  The gospel brings me joy, and I know that it is true!! 🙂
Thank you so much for always supporting me and encouraging me!! I am grateful to have such wonderful family and friends at home that are always there to lift me up when I need it!!! 🙂
Hopefully next week will bring some more exciting news!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL, and wish you the best of weeks!!
Sœur Vogel 🙂
ps the Church is true, visit to find out more
Pic one: When your fam from Paita comes to visit you with their recently returned missionary!!! It was so wonderful 🙂
Pic two:  When the STLs stop by with some yummy fruit 🙂  All is well :

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