THE HAND OF THE LORD End of Transfer 10

Mission Week 69

Sorry for not emailing last week, computer places here are not the most reliable!! BUT all is well here in New Caledonia!!!!!
FIRST OFF, transfer news came and I am……..STAYING EXACTLY THE SAME!!! Exciting 😉  No but really, Sœur Utia and I are so happy to be staying together!! I love serving with her!! She is such a light and we have so much fun together!! She is my tahitian twin (So like imagine two bubbly crazy sister missionaries together…) Also we just like to play ehhehee, it is like being with my bros!! ANYWAYS, I love her and am glad to be staying with her!! And Motorpool is doing well!! We are seeing lots of progression with our investigators, and we are excited to continue to see their progression for another transfer!! WOOHOO!!
Bad news about transfers is that our mission president is starting to take missionaries out of New Cal and putting them in Vanuatu which is sad because we are all one big family and we love all our missionary brothers and sisters..and we never know who is the next to leave because they have to keep it a secret and then it’s like tranfers calls come and you are like hey where is my friend?!! Anyways…it is for the best 🙂  THE WORK CONTINUES!
SO these last fews weeks have been full of work and awesome expériences!! 🙂  We have been seeing a lot of progression with the Magenta ward.  Before I got transfered here, I heard nothing but horrible things about the ward..the members were unmotivated to help the missionaries..the people didn’t like each other…and of course, when I found out I would be serving here, I was not too pumped!! BUT we have seen so much progression and I think all this ward needed was a little love!! Last week, we had a missionary soiree with all the single woman in the ward..which is about half the ward!  There are so many who are divorced or who are widows and so we wanted to put a little something together for them!! We had active, inactive, and investigators there and it was so great!! We planned a “question and answer” type thing and all the members or ward helped each other out with their spiritual progression 🙂  And of course, we ate mad good food 🙂  ALSO it was held at the Relief Society President’s house, and it is a beautiful house overlooking the ocean at the top of the like is good 🙂
Also, we have seen a lot of progression with our ami Flore!! Last Saturday we spent the whole day cleaning her house because it probably hasn’t been done in a year!  But that really helped her confidence in us which is super important because she is someone who doesn’t trust people easily (she has had a lot of hurt in her life so yah)  But it was so great, and she really opened up to us about her life and her feelings about the Church!! She knows everything is true, she is just discouraged because she hasn’t been able to give up smoking..but she is progressing little by little!  She loves the Lord and sees the need of Him in her life.  We love her so much and are so blessed to be a part of her journey!! 🙂
We have had some miracle lessons with our ami Michelle as well!! She has straight up asked us what she has to do to be baptized!! Her desire to find her deceased husband and daughter is motivating her to make the necessary changes in her life to be baptized..the only problem is that she hasn’t made it to Church yet so that is our barrier with her!! But it will come, we love her!! 🙂
UNFORTUNATELY, we had to push our Vanina’s baptism!! It is still scheduled for the end of March, but she is getting seperated from her husband and so we have to wait for that…so we are hoping and praying that her search for an appartment will quickly come and be accepted so that she can “restart her life” as she says!! We are putting our trust in our Lord and know it will come!!
OTHER NEWS, we have recontacted another old ami named Lilliane who we had lost contact with and we have recommited her to baptism!! I think this time is the time 🙂  She told us yesterday she knows what she needs to do! And the coolest part, she said a prayer to Heavenly Father which Church she needed to join since there are MULTIPLE religions who come to her house..the moment she finished her prayer, we showed up…the Church is true!!!
We are also teaching a Young girl named Manuela..both her parents are members but she didn’t get baptized at the age of 8 because she didn’t feel ready..well now she is ten and she said she felt Heavenly Father tell her the importance of getting baptized!! We are teaching her and preparing her for her baptism which will probably be in the month of april!! As always, I am humbled by the faith and humility of children, and their close Relationship with their Father in Heaven 🙂
LAST THING, we had the opportunity to attend the baptism of someone Sœur Utia taught when she was in Dumbea Sur Mer!! This ami has been an ami for YEARS, and this past week she finally entered into the waters of baptism!! She shared with us her testimony..her son had gotten baptized about a year ago because as always..he was ready before she was!! Around Christmastime, her son asked her “Mom, if you don’t go with me to the celestial kingdom, who will I have to guide me there?”  This of course touched her heart SO SO MUCH!! Needless to say, she KNEW that she needed to stop waiting and to get herself into the waters of baptism!! But of course, it was such a testimony that the Church is true and that God lives and that missionary work is the work of God 🙂
I LOVE MY MISSION!! I am so grateful to be serving the Lord here in New Caledonia and I can truly see the hand of the Lord each and every day in the lives of those I teach, and in my life as well!! What a blessing it is to be here and to serve God 🙂
OKAY TIME IS UP, I love you all and wish you the best of weeks 🙂
Sœur Vogel 🙂
ps the Church is true
PICS: Zone Conference, and chillen with Louise, the son of Flore 🙂
Other random photos from the past few weeks 🙂  Loving life here in MOTORPOOL woohooo
okay love you all!! Have a great week 🙂
ONE: Soeur Snow and Gizelle (recent convert) at our soiree for the single woman woot woot!!
TWO: Our fav little friend, Wendy!!
THREE: Soeur Chard and I reunited with the dude who taught us the most important tahitian word “Marriage!!” Frere Haumonie 😉
FOUR: Family Photo at the baptism this past weekend before Elder Thomsen was shipped off to Vanuatu yayayyy!!
FIVE: getting chunky with our fav recent convert Christiana
SIX: Our favorite member, Soeur Chung 🙂

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