Mission Week 67

I hope this email finds you well, and helps you SMILE 🙂 ALSO HAPPY VALENTINES DAY hope this email brings you some loooveeeeee

Another wonderful week has passed here in New Caledonia!  We had some storms come by, lots of rain and wind, but no natural disasters don’t worry!  But of course, now we are dealing with the aftermath…always a light rain falling and the humidity feeling like I just got out of a hot, steamy shower….not in the nice way!!! But we are keeping the sun in our hearts and a smile on our face because LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, and we are missionaries for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!! 🙂

So what happened this week?! Honestly, nothing too out of the ordinary!! We taught some lessons to our awesome investigators who are really starting to feel the spirit!! Our investigator Michelle asked us the question all missionaries want to hear, “So what do I need to do to be baptized?!”  LIKE SHE JUST ASKED US OUT OF NO WHERE!! She really wants to see her daughter who passed away again…we testified that she will, if she follows Christ’s example!! And it is true!! Families CAN BE together FOREVER, through Heavenly Father’s plan!! Learn more at mormon.org 🙂 hehehee!!

This past Saturday, the elders of Vallee de Colon had a baptism!! Since they are in our ward, we also went.  It was the baptism of Giselle, I talked about her a few weeks ago in my email!  She just came up to the elders and said Baptize me pretty much!!! She is so awesome!! She is 27 and has the faith of Nephi!!! She told us her story during the baptismal service on Saturday, and I just have to share is with you all!!! She said that ever since she was a little girl she has had faith in the Lord.  A few years ago, she left for a voluntary service mission in Vanuatu, and while there she had a lot of trials.  She frequently fell sick and wasn’t able to do her work.  Each time she prayed for help during these trials, she saw two elders in white shirts in ties pass by with their plaque “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.”  But of course, then she didn’t really understand why she kept seeing them, but she did!  She saw how the Lord helped her when she was sick, and therefore kept praying and wondering what she needed to do in her life to be a better disciple for him.  She was raised protestant, but didn’t feel like that really gave her the instruction she needed..One day she was reading in the bible and read a verse on baptism, which really touched her.  She thought it was strange because she had already been baptized when she was a baby…but she couldn’t forget the verse.  When she came back home, a lot of her LDS family and friends kept talking to her about baptism, even though they had no idea that she had read a verse about baptism!  She thought that was weird too.  One day, she was on the bus and she said a prayer in her heart asking again what the Lord wanted her to do.  The minute she finished her prayer, she passed in front of the LDS church and she saw the huge sign that says “L’Eglise de Jesus-Christ des Saints des Derniers Jours..”  And She tought, “A church about Christ, and the only church I have ever seen talking about the last days (dernier jour means the latter days hehehee)”  Anyways, she was once again touched by that.  One Sunday night, she prayed fervantly to God again to ask Him to give her direction she needed to send her the church in which she needed to be baptized.  The VERY NEXT DAY, she saw two elders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at the bus stop!  She was SHOCKED because she had already seen elders before multiple times whenever she needed help!  She wanted to talk to them but didn’t know how, and then the bus came!  There were two buses that came so she quickly said a prayer to her Heavenly Father asking that if it was really them she needed to talk to and if it was really His church, to make is happen that the elders would get on the same bus as her.  When she got on the bus, she turned around and saw the two elders behind her!! Needless to say, that was enough answers to her prayers!  She found the courage to go and talk to the elders, met with them the next day, found that they were indeed the true church, and was baptized three weeks later. SHE IS LITERALLY AMAZING!!!!

Anyways, I wanted to share that story with you all as a reminder to those that know already that the church is TRUE!  That GOD LIVES and that WE ARE HIS CHILDREN!  And that He truly does answer our prayers when we pray with a sincere heart and with real intent, meaning that we will ACT on the answer that He will give us!  For Giselle, that was her intent.  She wanted to truly act on the answer God would giver her, and so He sent her His two representatives, His missionaries, to teach her, and to guide her to the right path!! 🙂  SO COOL!

Sunday we had a return missionary come home who served in the Phillipines!  Sunday she talked and shared her testimony in tagalog, and seriously, the MOMENT she started speaking in her mission language, my eyes were FILLED with tears, and I NEVER CRY!! I think my heart is getting more sensitive the close going home is getting!  But seriously, her testimony was beautiful, and I was once again reminded of what a wonderful opportunity I have to serve the Lord as a full time missionary!!! I love being His servant, His mouthpiece, and an instrument in His hands!!

Monday and Tuesday we had conference with our mission president where we finally watched the worldwide mission meeting that happened a few weeks ago!! But we had some awesome inspiration and training from that so that was super awesome!! And of course, conference is always fun because we get to see all of our homies!!! 🙂

Donc, voila!! My family and friends, know that I love you all so much, and am so grateful for each and every one of your supporting emails and love and everything that you do!! But mostly I am grateful for your examples of love and kindness and just being awesome 🙂  Keep doing what you are doing!! 🙂

Know that I KNOW that God lives.  HE answers our prayers, He comforts our hearts, through the atonement of His son Jesus Christ, we can all be healed and comforted in times of distress and need.  Know that familes are forever, that life continues after death, and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is the church of God on the earth today!!!

find out more  mormon.org

hehe 🙂 what can I say, I am a missionary!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE you all and send  you LOTS of sunshine and warmth and hope you have a great week 🙂

Soeur Vogel 🙂

PS funny story: Soeur Utia and I were at our investigator’s house and Soeur Utia saw a book that she thought was about colors.  She asked the investigator if she could read it and the investigator said “Oh no, that book is not for you sisters…”  The book was “Fifty Shades of Gray..”  Needless to say, I like to tell everyone that my comp asked to read it hehehehehee 🙂

PICS (don’t have my zone conference pics with me, that will have to be next week, but still got some pics coming your way don’t you worry!!)

Baptism pics!  Giselle is in the first pic, girl in the middle, isn’t she cute?!
Also some of our favorite members after our soiree familale…yay!!! 🙂

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