FINDING OURSELVES Transfer 10 Week 2

Mission Week 66
Once again, pressed for time, so this email will be short and sweet!!! LOL I always say that and then it becomes super long hehehe!!! C’est pas grave…
ANYWAYS, another week, filled with crazy experiences serving the Lord!! Our days have been filled visiting people that have need of the Savior and are ready to accept Him in their lives!
Our ami, Vanina, is still progressing towards her baptism for the 25!!! She is so awesome, and started doing her family history this past week!!! She loves the gospel and is talking about it to all her friends!!! She is seriously so awesome, and we are blessed to be teaching her!! She is set for her baptism, she just doesn’t know if her husband will say she can get baptized or not!! Deja, he creates some problems for us!! But we are fasting and praying, and trusting that the Lord will give us a miracle!! We know how much the gospel will bless her life 🙂
We have started meeting with another old Mami named Michelle!!! She is so wonderful, and you wouldn’t think she was 81 years old!! This past week we went and visited her and she shared with us about her experiences with the Lord.  She had a question on the Plan of Salvation and so she prayed and opened her Book of Mormon…After reading, she found her answer!! How blessed we are to have the scriptures, mais plupart the Book of Mormon that answers our questions and comforts our souls 🙂 I know its true!!
We are continuing our soiree missionaire at the church every Friday night!! We teach english and play sports, and this past week we had a great turn out!! The church here is very weak, and so most of our efforts as missionaries is just trying to strengthen the members and unify the wards!! And through our activities we can slowly see that progressing 🙂  Also it is an awesome time to bond with members, and for members to invite their amis!! WOOT WOOT
On Saturday, we had the opportunity to go to Simon’s baptism!! Just une rapelle, Simon is the ami I taught in Paita that COMPLETELY changed (through the) grace and the power of God!! He was able to stop smoking, drinking, partying, everything to turn his life around and enter into the waters of baptism.  His faith is amazing, and it was such a blessing to assist at his baptism.. When we saw him, he was so different than the man we taught, he was glowing with the light of Christ, truly a changed person in the gospel.  It was such a testimony to me for the love that God has for each of His children.  He will do all He can so that each one of us can be happy and return to live with Him someday.  How grateful I am to be a witness of these miracles and of this love each and every day.  I cannot doubt that there is a Father in Heaven who loves us, who cares for us, who is rooting for us, and who is there to guide safely home. I testify that it is true!!!
Also Saturday we had an AWKWARD lesson with our ami who was a little tipsy!! Not sure how much she got out of the lesson!! But her friend was there too and she kept trying to share the gospel with him!! My favorite line was “We the mormons don’t smoke or drink!!” As she was clearly tipsy…hehehehe those are the moments we will never forget!!
On Monday we had another fun moment!! Our soiree with the members canceled last minute and so we were like, well what are we going to do now?!! Two seconds later, our dearest Mami Gaurin gave us a call and asked us to come by! We ended up having a Family Home Evening with her, and she bought us pizza!! But we ended up leaving at nine at night, and since she lives in a gated complex, we had to hop the fence….but it was big…seriously wish we took some pictures!! We are just hoping we won’t see our pictures at the Gendarme’s any time soon hehehe 🙂
Sinon, life is going good 🙂  Each and every day I  thank my Heavenly Father for the experiences He has given me on my mission, for the talents He has helped me develop, and for the blessings He has poured upon me each and every day. This past week, I hit my 15 months on my mission!! AHHHH the time is going by so fast!! But I have loved every single moment of these 15 months.  There have been hard times, there have been good times, but every single moment has been sacred to me.  Last night I was talking to a member and she asked me how I have changed during my mission!! I honestly couldn’t answer since the changes have been little by little everyday, but I can say that I feel like I have truly found myself.  I have discovered what my strengths and talents are and how I can use them to help those around me.  Heavenly Father has certainly helped me to develop these talents throughout my mission.  I also have discovered my weaknesses, but I have been able to humbly bring those to the Lord and watch them turn into strengths.  I feel like I understand more fully what my purpose in life is, I realize what is important and what is not…I just feel more like, me!  I think of the scripture in the bible “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” Matt 16:25
I truly feel as if I have found myself because I have lost myself in the work of the Lord.. A lot of the times we feel that if we follow Christ, we will have to leave the things of the world behind, and we won’t have a life!  And it is true, that we do leave the things of the world behind when we follow Christ, but instead of “losing our life,” we find it.  So many times in our lives we ask ourselves what direction our life should take..the answer is given by Christ himself. “Follow me, come unto me..” When we follow Christ, we find our lives.  We find our happiness, and we find peace!!  How grateful I am for this knowledge in my life, and for the opportunity I have to share it with those around me!! I testify that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true, the church of Christ on the earth today, and the pathway that will lead us to truly “find ourselves..”
I love you all my family and friends!!! I am wishing you and sending you all the sunshine and HUMIDITY, from this lovely island home that I have!!!
And once again, this “short” email has been long!!!
HEHEHE, love you all, have a great week and talk to you next week!!!
Soeur Vogel 🙂
Last Pday, chillen with the district at the Zoo!!
Friday night missionary soirees woot woot
And Simon’s baptism with the homies!!!

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