Mission Week 65

Hoping this email finds you well!!!
This week was awesome as always 🙂  Soeur Utia and I are doing the best we can to HASTEN THE WORK here in Motorpool!! Things are going good 🙂  We are so blessed!!!
Last Thursday we had exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders!  I stayed in Motorpool again (Literally have never left my sector on an exchange and they happen once a transfer hehe) with Soeur Matheson…my number one homie!! We had an awesome day filled with lessons!  We met with our ami, Michelle! I don’t think I have talked about her yet, but seriously she is AWESOME!! She is 81 years old but is in AWESOME health!! She was an old ami from about 5 years ago!  She met the elders one night while walking through the street, and after joking with them a bit, she invited them over to her house the next day to learn more!  She loved learning with them, but a few months later, her daughter died from cancer, and so she decided to stop the lessons…well about five years later, she stops by the Family History Center at church, and our senior missionary couple talk to her and send her back over to us!  Last Thursday was the second time we have met with her, and already she is AWESOME! Thursday we brought a member with us that had also lost a daughter, and we talked about the Plan of Salvation.. Michelle told us that a week after her daughter passed away, the JWs stopped by and told her her daughter was lost now..Michelle didn’t agree with that..When we talked to her about life after death, about how our loved ones are there waiting for us and about how we can have our families sealed together forever, she started crying and said “Yes, that’s it..” The spirit was so strong!!! We can’t wait to see her again tomorrow!!!
Last Friday we had our first “Soiree missionarie” at the church! We had volleyball and sports going on, and Soeur Chard and I taught english class together!  We only had about four people come, but it was inactives and amis from the street, so it was AWESOME!  We had a great class!  Everyone loved it and afterwards stayed to play sports!  It was seriously so great!!! We will be having this soiree every Friday night!! Everyone who was there last week said they were going to bring friends for the next time!  So we are excited to see where it will go!!
Last Saturday we spent most of the day cleaning the church..Saturdays here are the opposite in America.  NO ONE is home, and if they are home, they are sleeping the ENTIRE day!  So if you don’t have anything fixed, it can be a little frustrating!  But we spent the day doing service and cleaned out the church kitchen…let me tell you..I don’t think it had been cleaned in five years!  We found MANY gross things in there, and even some mice (that was NOT fun)!! But it felt so wonderful serving our church members, even if they didn’t know we did it!!! Serving is great!  YAY! 🙂
Sunday was a great day, spent at church!! We only had one ami with us, Vanina! But it was still great because she came all by herself (usually we meet her and go with her) and she is becoming friends more and more with the ward! She is still on date for baptism for the 25th of February!!
Monday we had a day of contacting..woot woot!! Not too sucessful, but we still went out all day and did our best!! We have a few potentials that we will contact next week!  We will see!!! 🙂 But Monday night we had an awesome soiree with a member family, and they invted Vanina which was awesome!! Just a tip to all you members our there…when we have the missionaries over for dinner, ask if they have any amis they want to invite…!! It helps so much, and then you can teach the amis with them!! 🙂
Voila!! Tuesday was nothing too special, just some lessons in the morning with our ami Lilliane who is on date for baptism as well for the 25 of February!! We had our district meeting, and an awesome soiree at the chapel with all the missionaries 🙂  We are so blessed!
Si non, the little miracles continue to happen each and every day!  Right now, I am just super looking forward to Simon’s baptism (our ami from Paita who had a MIRACULOUS change of heart) this Saturday!! He called Soeur Chard and I and asked us to give talks! Still cannot believe the change that has happened in him!  I am so blessed to be a witness at the hand of God in the lives of those I love!!
Well that is really all I got for this week!  Just a normal week in the lives of missionaries, doing the best we can to hasten the work of God!  There really is no greater work on earth.  I cannot imagine being anywhere else at this time in my life.  I am sharing the work of salvation on the most beautiful island, to a people I have grown to love so very much!
If any of you are searching for something in your life, visit mormon.org .. EVERYONE searches for peace and happiness in their lives.. the secret is there.  God lives, and He loves each and everyone one of us.  No matter where we are in our lives, He is there for us.  He lives and loves us.  He is waiting for us to come unto Him, and be transformed.  He is waiting for us to come unto Him and find peace.  He is waiting for us to come unto Him and have everlasting joy!  I can testify that this is true.  Whenever I have had moments of sadness or when I have felt lost, when I have asked myself “Why am I here, or what is my purpose, or what should I do with my life?” I have found my answer with the help of my Heavenly Father. “Come unto me…”  My life is blessed beyond compare.  I have purpose, I have hope, I have faith, I have love.  I know who I am and why I am here, and because of that, I can live with confidence and joy.  When we follow Christ, we find ourselves. Visit mormon.org for youself, for your family, for a friend, for me hehehe 🙂  It doesn’t hurt to try 🙂
My family and friends, I love you all!! My prayers and thoughts are always with you!! How I love sharing my experiences with every one of you, and thank you all again for the support and the loves that you have given me over these past 15 months!! I love my mission!!! I am so blessed!!
I wish you all a wonderful week, filled with sunshine and warmth (we have a little too much of that here right now #dying)!!! And don’t forget to smile 🙂
Soeur Vogel 🙂
1-2. welcome to my crib
3. Mami Gauarin!
4-5. Soiree with our members and missionaires last night #goodvibes

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