Mission Week 64
I hope this email finds you well!!! 🙂
MY HEART IS BURSTING WITH JOY!!! This week so many wonderful things are BURSTING throughout the mission, and I am just so grateful to be a part of it!  the church is true!!
Okay I will talk more about these miracles later, since they are not directly related to me…let me talk about my week first 🙂
So this past week, was awesome, like normal!! Lots of wonderful work and miracles serving the Lord!  I am just so grateful for the talents and gifts my Heavenly Father has given me to do His work!! Last Thursday night, we had a soiree with a wonderful member family here in Motorpool, and they told us that they could see and feel that we truly were representatives of Jesus Christ, and that we bring joy wherever we go!  They said they don’t usually invite the missionaries over, but they just want to be around us, so they invite us!  Seriously, we are blessed… 🙂
Last Saturday we had an awesome lesson with our ami VANINA who is set for baptism at the end of February! We have been worried because every week she says she will come to church and then doesn’t come!! So last Saturday we decided to have a lesson that would really get her to commit to coming to church!  We prayed before the lesson, like always, asking to let the spirit guide us!  During the song to start off the lesson, I randomly thought of sharing two scriptures that talked about “Coming unto Christ..” and then asking Vanina what the similarities between the two scriptures!  So I trusted that thought and did it, and as soon as we read the scriptures she said, “Coming to Christ, that means I need to come unto Christ by coming to church..”  We didn’t even have to say it!  It came from her, which was AWESOME!  And it was just so cool, because we were not planning on taking the lesson that way at all, but as we know, this is the Lord’s work, and His spirit will guide us so that we can help His children progress into the waters of baptism! So grateful for the gift of the spirit, that guides us as missionaries, because seriously, we cannot do this work without it! So cool 🙂
On Sunday we had THREE amis at church, which is a lot for New Caledonia! Vanina came of course, our wonderful ami Flore who continues to progress, and the mother in law of one of our members, Dorianne!  It was so great!  We had a wonderful Sunday School lessons taught by our missionary couple on prophets and everyone loved it!  And in Relief Society we had a lesson on following Christ, and the teacher gave us a shout out!  She said to truly following Christ means spreading joy all around, and said “Like our sister missionaries!”  Love our members here 🙂  They are so great! 🙂
Monday it was RAINING, but we went out anyways trying to find some old investigators..found their houses, but didn’t find them!! We will go back another time!  But we were still able to talk to lots of wonderful people along the way!  We will see if it will go anywhere!
Yesterday, we were FINALLY able to see an old ami who was taught by the elders long before us!  But she was SO happy to see us, and she has such a strong testimony of the gospel!  She is literally awesome!  We asked her if she felt the church was true, if she felt like she got her answer.  She told us she has looked other places, but everytime she closes her eyes and asks her Heavenly Father where is the truth, she always sees two young men in white shirts. She knows it is true!  We invited her to be baptized, and she is on date for the end of February!  Her name is Lilliane, and she is seriously AWESOME!  Grateful that we were finally able to see her!
So yah, we have two baptisms coming up in a month, and are hoping to find more!  Heavenly Father is seriously blessing us so so much, I cannot believe it!  I l love being a missionary!
OKAY SO FINALLY, the miracles of the mission!
This past week, I have heard two AMAZING miracles here in our mission!! It is seriously just a testimony to me that this church is TRUE, and that God is hastening His work here in New Caledonia!  Yesterday the elders of Vallee de Colon (another area in our ward) told us of their miracle!  Monday they were waiting for the bus, and a woman came up to them and asked them if she could talk to them about the church!  They said..um YES!  Turns out she had had a dream Sunday about Christ that really shook her, so she prayed to be guided the next day to someone that would help her come to Christ.  The next day, she ran into the two elders.  They met with her at the chapel the next day and set a baptismal date in two weeks!  SERIOUSLY A MIRACLE!! We met her yesterday, and she is AWESOME! 🙂
Once upon a time when I was serving in Paita, we started teaching that wonderful young man named Simon!  Simon loved loved loved to party:smoke, drink, the whole nine yards..but he was tired of this life and wanted to change but just couldn’t do it on his own!  Well we started teaching him, trying to help him see that through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, who could do it!  When Soeur Chard and I left Paita, he was slowly progressing, and we thought that in a few years, he would probably get baptized!  WELL WE WERE MISTAKEN!  This past Sunday we get a call from the sisters of Paita!  They tell us that a few weeks ago, they had a lesson on prayer with Simon and invited Simon to pray the “mormon way..” so he did!  At the end of his prayer, he heard a voice tell him that he had found the true church.  This past Sunday, he told the sisters and said, “I know this church is true.  I want to be baptized..”  WHAT THE HECK!  BUT EVEN BETTER!  He went to smoke a cigarette and he said it tasted HORRIBLE, and that he doesn’t even want to smoke anymore!  He has a baptismal date set for the beginning of February.  That is a miracle!  When we started teaching him, he was seriously lost in the world.  But God LOVES His children.  He wants ALL of us to come home to Him, and so if we have the faith and the desire to change, He will help us do so!
How grateful I am to be here in New Caledonia, serving my Father in Heaven!! I know that I am on His errand!  How grateful I am to be a witness to these miracles, and to see the literal hastening of the work here in New Caledonia!  I know that by doing the best that I can, by putting in all my effort each day, I will continue to see these miracles come to pass!
I LOVE MY MISSION!  I love this gospel!  I testify that it is TRUE! 🙂
I love you all my family and friends, and hope that you all can find the small and big miracles in your life each and every day 🙂 Our loving Heavenly Father is always pouring them out around us, we just have to open our eyes and SEE them 🙂
I love you all my family and friends and wish you all the happiness over this next week!
Soeur Vogel 🙂
find out more  about how to have miracles at mormon.org  😉 no but seriously..
Last Pday, we went to the beach and watched the Sunset 🙂
Christiana, our wonderful recent convert!!
Sundays after church-what happens when only one companionship in the ward has a car..
Renewing my “carte de sejour” at the government building so that I can stay until MAY woot woot

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