Mission Week 63


I hope this email finds you happy and healthy and loving life! It is beautiful here in Nouvelle Caledonie, the sun is shinging, the birds are singing, and the wind is blowing!  How grateful I am to be here in this beautiful country!  And I am sending sunshine your way!! 🙂
I don’t have tons of time this week, like always, so forgive me if this email is short and sweet!
This week was great as always 🙂  Last Thursday my companion and I were SUPER motivated and did some crazy door to door 🙂  Most of the people weren’t home (or didn’t answer lol) but we did manage to talk to a few people!  We found one family who came from Vanuatu and are SUPER awesome!  Their family members are already members in Vanuatu so they know the church..we only really got to talk to the teenage daughters, but they said to come by again and talk with the whole family!  So we are super excited to go back, they are awesome!  BUT the coolest thing about this experience is that Heavenly Father literally carried us through it!  We probably knocked on fifty doors, and at each one, we had no fear as to what was on the other side!  Soeur Utia and I were so motivated because we KNEW and still KNOW that what we had to offer would CHANGE THEIR LIVES and fill their hearts with joy!  How grateful I am to have this truth and this opportunity to share it with all those around me!! 🙂
Last Friday night, we had a soiree on the beach with our recent convert Aurelie and her family!!! It was so awesome, the kids were swimming, we were playing on the beach…it was like the scene in “The Other Side of Heaven..” Again, how grateful I am to be here in this beautiful country!! 🙂
Last Saturday we spent the day doing our best to contact some old investigators, but Saturdays here are super tricky because everything is closed and no one is home! You would think it would be the opposite, but the only people who are home are old Mamis!! But we tried anyways, it is the effort that counts!! We did have an awesome visit with our investigator Flore!  She is the one who was suppossed to get baptized about a year ago, couldn’t stop smoking, and so just gave up!  But we have been visiting her, and she is coming back to church, and she is working on quitting smoking again!  SHE IS SO AWESOME!  She has had a super hard life, tons of hurt in her heart!  So she really appreciates the joy we bring her!  She showed me the pictures of when she went to AMERICA when she was young, and all of her pictures of New York (everyone thinks I live in New York here)..but still cool to see a tourist’s perspective of where I live lol!! At the end of our visit, we shared a message with her about coming to Christ, and sang with her the song “Come Unto Jesus..” and at the end she was crying..#spiritbomb  literally love these moments on my mission!!
Sunday, normal day at church!  Flore wasn’t able to make it, but Soeur Utia got a two minute warning that she had to give a talk!  #lifeofthemissionaries!
Monday we did some visits with our Relief Society!! It was great, we were able to visit some of our recent converts who have been needing some love from the ward, so grateful for that!  We had our usual Monday night Soiree with the Chung family!  They are a young family, with three kids, the third child was just born two weeks ago!! They are so awesome!  Soeur Chung is a convert to the church of five years, and Frere Chung grew up in the church!! He served his mission in Haiti, and showed us all his pictures Monday night!  Soeur Chung also shared with us her conversion story!  She grew up in Futuna, where everyone is Catholic..and throughout her life she always prayed to God asking Him to guide on the right path!  But throughout her life, she only had trials..until she came to Nouvelle Caledonia to go to school.  She stayed with her family who where mormon and she starting learning more about the church, and the spirit confirmed to her that HERE was the path that she was searching for!  🙂
YESTERDAY (Tuesday)  We had an awesome Zone Meeting where we talked about FLOODING THE MISSION with le Livre de Mormon 🙂  So we are going to try and do our best to give out as many Book of Mormons as possible!  AFTERWARDS, we finally had a lesson with an old ami here in Motorpool!  Her name is Michelle, and she is an old Mami, but she is AWESOME!  She LOVES the church and was talked for about two hours about finding our testimonies!  She has already learned about everything, but just wants to find for herself, so we helped her recognize how she can feel the spirit and know if it is true!! It was so great, and next week, we are inviting her to be baptized 🙂  WOOHOO!!
Anyways, basic rundown, and seriously running out of time!  But I am happy here in Motorpool!1 I love my companion, she is so wonderful and has a wonderful testimony of the gospel 🙂  I love our investigators and am grateful that I have the opportunity to be apart of their lives, even if it is just for a small moment!  I love being a missionary, more than words can say, and as the time of going home approaches, the more I want to work work work to bring souls unto Christ!  I testify of what it says in Doctrine et Covenants section 18, that the worth of souls is GREAT in the sight of God.  GOD LOVES US, unconditionally.  He loves us when we sin, He loves us when we follow Him.  We are his children, and He wants all of us back home with Him…SO if we labor NOW, those of us who have the path that will return us to live with our Father in Heaven, our greatest work is the help bring all of God’s children back into His presence.  D&C section 18 goes onto to say that if we labor ALL OUR DAYS in crying repentence unto this people, and bring save it be ONE soul unto God, HOW GREAT SHALL BE OUR JOY, and we shall rest with them in the Kingdom of our Father… I testify to you that there is no greater joy than bringing souls unto Christ..I love my mission, I KNOW that it is the work of God, it is the greatest work on this earth!  It is hard, there are MANY obstacles, but it is the work of salvation..
I love my Heavenly Father and thank Him everyday for this opportunity I have to labor in love for His children!
I love you all, and hope you have an amazing week!
Soeur Vogel 🙂
Our district after our water balloon fight last week!  It was amazing 🙂
My comp and I 🙂
Our soiree on the beach with Aurelie and her children 🙂
and more Soeur Utia and Soeur Vogel selfies

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