HASTENING THE WORK Transfer 9 Week 5

Mission Week 62
Well comme d’hab I have NO TIME this week, so SORRY if this email is a little rushed!!!
This week was great like awesome!!! Last week we were able to accomplish our goals and had 17 lessons (the goal is 20 for each week)!! But it was AWESOME because this area had about 6 lessons every week before we came in #miracles….I love my Heavenly Father 🙂 #hasteningthework
I just love when you visit someone, and they see you as a representative of Jesus Christ!! We stopped by an inactives house last Thursday and she said she was planning on leaving the house but SOMETHING told her to stay home, and then we passed by!! She then preceded to tell us that she feels the presence of the Lord when we are there, and that we keep her on the right direction, that it is like having Christ in her home!!! #bestcomplimentever  literally, love being a missionary!
ALSO, have I talked about Flore yet?!! She is an awesome ami that we recontacted!  She has been an ami for about two years now!  She knows everything is true, she just can’t give up smoking!  But she has the desire to be baptized, and used to come to church every week, but abandoned it when the missionaries stopped coming to see her!  BUT this past week we visited her again, and she said “I think I will come to church this week!”  WE DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TO ASK HER!!  And Sunday came, and there she was!  She said she is REALLY working on getting herself ready for baptism!  But she told us that we are really helping her, just by coming and seeing her and giving her joy…literally she is wonderful!! Also she has a cute little son, Louis, and he is the best!  LOVE THEM!
FRIDAY NIGHT I had seriously a cool experience…. we had planned for Saturday to stay in the neighborhood near our house and work there for the day, but in the middle of the night I woke up and couldn’t stop thinking of our ami, Vanina, who lives in another neighborhood in the city…I seriously couldn’t fall back to sleep because I kept thinking of her, and how we needed to go and see her and fix a baptismal date with her!  Well, finally I was able to get back to sleep, and they next day, we went to her house.  She was there, and she welcomed us with open arms.  We talked with her for awhile and by the end of the lesson, we set a baptismal date with her for the end of February!!!! 🙂  WOOT WOOT!  But seriously, SO COOL!  It was a miracle… 🙂
Other than that, it has been rainy and HUMID here, and so working has not been too enjoyable…BUT all the Tahitians say that if you work in the rain, Heavenly Father will bless you with a handsome husband.. so we keep working…lol 🙂
BUT one last experience, yesterday we had another experience where the Lord just guided us.  We had about an hour until our dinner appointment, and so we decided to go try and contact some old amis in this one building.  BUT while we were walking there, we ran into our recent convert, Aurelie, who said that she had been looking for us and praying to run into us!  We talked for a while and she told us about some problems that had been going on in her family, and then she asked us to pray, because she knows our prayers are powerful (I am like, are you sure lol) but anyways, we did, and the spirit was SO strong as we did!! It was like the Lord was in our presence!  Literally LOVE being a missionary!!
So yah, that is our life day to day, working and trying to find the people that the Lord has prepared.  BUT I am so grateful for this time that I have to serve Him.  I know that this work is the work of the Lord.  It is the work of salvation!  And the Lord directs it.  The scriptures say that He will hasten His work in His time!  NOW is His time!  The Lord is hastening His work, and I am an instrument in His hands! God leads us.  He guides us through His spirit, and He directs us for good.  No matter who we are, or where we are in our lives, we can have the direction we need in our lives when we come to our Heavenly Father in prayer.  Whether it is literal “Heavenly Father, where do I need to go to find your children you have prepared for the gospel?” or spiritual or emotional direction like “Heavenly Father, where do I need to go to find peace in my life?” He will guide you.  He loves you…and He will always direct us home to Him 🙂
Sorry for the quick email, but I love you all and testify that this church is true!! Find out more mormon.org
Have a wonderful week, and I will talk to you next week!!!
LOVE YOU ALL!!! And don’t forget to SMILE!!! 🙂
Soeur Vogel 🙂
pday with the homies
Eating with our wonderful members, and FLORE and LOUIS
I WAS THE REIN!! There is a french tradition where everyone eats a galette de Roi on Jan 6!  It is the day when the 3 kings came and saw Jesus!  Well you eat this cake, and there is a little toy inside and if you are the one with the little toy, you are the king or the queen!  AND IT WAS ME !!! Yayyyyy
also district meeting candids, yay missionary life

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