2017 Transfer 9 Week 4

(Mission Week 61)


WOOHOOO It is 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you all had a wonderful New Year and that it was full of wonderful memories and moments and wonderul wonderful things!!!!! 🙂
THIS WEEK, was great as always!!! Soeur Utia and I were finally able to explore a bit more in our sector and had some beautiful sight-seeing, but not a lot of people to teach lol!!! Stinks because Motorpool is BEAUTIFUL, but HARD for missionary work!!! Everyone here is SUPER rich since it is right on the water, and it is the touristy area.  Literally, all the people we talk to are tourists!!! But it is fun anyways 🙂  Friday we went to a new part of our sector, the HUGE touristy beach called l’Anse Vata, but literally only talked to tourists, and they always talk to me becaues majority of them come from Australia and can only speak english…. anyways that is our life!!!
We were able to finally make some more contact with other old investigators in our sector!! Seriously every single one of them still has the desire to learn but have just been lost with all the changes of missionaries that this sector has had!! We were able to have a lesson with one of them, her name is Vanina, and she has been studying with the missionaries since July, and has the desire to be baptized but is scared to ask her husband…so we are praying for her husband’s heart to soften!! BUT she told us that when we come into her house it is like Christ himself is coming to talk to her…AHH! Such a cool experience 🙂  LOVE THESE PEEPS
Saturday, New Year’s Eve, was not too much of a success..we had to be in by dark because everyone here likes to party!! Problem is everyone starts partying in the morning..EVERYTHING was closed, so we didn’t have a very successful day!  We did get to talk to one LOVELY woman in the park, Therese, about the Book of Mormon, and she said we could come back and teach her more!!! So we are excited about that because she has young children, so it is a little family!! 🙂  But she is also studying with the Jehovah’s witnesses so we will see where that goes!!
ANYWAYS, Saturday night was a party!! Soeur Utia and I made ourselves a wonderful meal of pasta lol and sat outside on our balcony and talked about our favorite memories during the year of 2016!! And then went to sleep at like 9:00..seriously best gift ever for the missionaries!! BUT we were awakened at midnight to everyone screaming “BON ANNEE” and the fireworks and music bumping in the distance…anyways, good night good vibes 🙂
SUNDAY we went to church and spent most of the day with our recent convert, Aurelie, and her family!  We went with them to the beach at night and saw the fireworks 🙂  So wonderful, and an amazing way to start 2017!!!
MONDAY AND TUESDAY, back to work 🙂  Work for us means walking in the sun, and let me tell you it is starting to get HOT!!! But we love it anyways 🙂  Like I said we have been just trying to contact the old investigators and inactives in our sector, and we try to find new people along the way 🙂  No crazy miracles or success yet, but we have been able to share our message with many different faces along the way!  I know that as we keep working, the Lord will give us success!!!!
So WOILA!!! A basic sum of our week 🙂  Family and friends, I hope this new year brings you the greatest joy and happiness in the world!!! I am so grateful for opportunities like the New Year to start fresh and new, to restart if we want!  2016 was an amazing year for me, it was spent entirely serving the Lord!  It was a year of growth, and a year of challenges, but it was a year never to be forgotten!
I know the church is true!! I testify that God lives and that HE LOVES US!  I testify that He has a plan for each and every one of us in our lives.  If we feel lost or alone or burdened, we can turn to Him and know what it is that HE wants for US in our lives.  I know that TRUE HAPPINESS comes from aligning our will with His by living the gospel of Jesus Christ!  It is the source of my joy, my strength, and my song!!! 🙂
I wish you all this peace and joy!! I wish you all the hope that comes from new beginnings!!
Thank you my family and friends for ALL that you do for ME!!! Thank you for your examples and light, they touch my heart even if I am on the other side of the world!!
Soeur Vogel 🙂
NEW YEAR flower crowns…the tradition of Tahiti!!! Mine was made for me by my wonderful companion!!! 🙂 second pic ft our DMP
NEW YEAR happenings..the cutest children of Aurelie, our recent convert, standing with Aurelie at the beach for the FIREWORKS, HAPPY NEW YEAR…am I in the most beautiful country or what?! 🙂
Soirees with our awesome members
Mami Gaurin..the mami of the missionaries!!! She loves us all!!!


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