Transfer 9 Week 3 (Mission Week 60)


LOVE from Soeur Utia and Pere Noel 😉

I hope this email finds you well and that you all had a wonderful MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Now it is time to wish you a wonderful HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 🙂
This past week was quite la fete!! With Christmas we were BUSY BUSY BUSY but it was WONDERFUL!! So grateful for all the wonderful opportunities to share the gospel given to us missionaries at Christmastime!!!
THURSDAY NIGHT all the sisters of the Magenta ward headed to l’Anse Vata (the big touristy beach here) at a small little house COVERED in Christmas lights to sing some spiritual Christmas songs WOOT WOOT!  It was awesome 🙂  No one who came up to us and begging to be baptized, but it is so wonderful to see how the Christmas spirit can effect the hearts of those around us!! Everyone was bustling around, kids crying, etc etc but as soon as we started singing of our Savior Jesus Christ, a crowd gathered, and they silently and happily listened to our voices singing glories to our Savior. Such a wonderful experience!! And it didn’t end there!!!
FRIDAY NIGHT we were en ville!! Which means DOWNTOWN lol!! The city puts on a huge light show every night before Christmas!! Breathtaking lights and TONS AND TONS of people!!! So a small group of sisters headed down Friday night TO SING CHRISTMAS SONGS!! And it was a sucess!! AGAIN, no one coming up to us and begging to be baptized, but we talked to so so many people about who we are and the church and handed out about 500 pass-along cards with our information on it!! BUT SERIOUSLY, we had crowds gathered around us, people filming and singing along to O Holy Night and Angels We Have Heard on High!!  It was so wonderful!! Such a great experience 🙂
SATURDAY AND SUNDAY..Christmas and Christmas Eve!!! All the missionaries gathered at the chapel!! It was so fun to spend time together since we are spread out throughout the island 🙂  Saturday we just played cames, sung songs, and ate a wonderful meal “Hawaiin Haystacks”…it’s a Utah thing…
Sunday morning we woke up, opened presents (THANK YOU) and headed to church!! Then all the missionaries came back to the chapel and we had a spiritual talent show where everyone preformed a favorite Christmas song 🙂  Soeur Chard and I sang O Holy Night 🙂  It was awesome!  Then at night we had a picnic outside, right across from the beach and just ate sandwiches and had ice cream!! It was totally chill, but so much fun to just relax and feel of the Christmas spirit!!! Sad it was the last Christmas on my mission, but grateful I was blessed with TWO Christmases on my mission! Most sisters only get one!!!
ANYWAYS, Monday and Tuesday were back to work!!! Soeur Utia and I are trying our best to build up our teaching pool since we had about three people that we see every week!  And slowly but surely we are doing so!  We met one nice lady on the street who invited us in!  We shared with her a Book of Mormon and told her we would come back after the holidays and share a little bit more about what we believe, so we shall see!! We are also contacting a lot of the old investigators in our area book, and we were able to make contact with one..FLORE!! She is so great!! She already knows everything is true…she is just struggling to give up smoking…she is just a little discouraged because it has taken so long, but we are there to remotivate her!! She was super happy to see the sisters again 🙂
BUT literally while we were walking to email, we got a call from another old investigator who we have been trying to see!! Her name is Vanina, and we have tried passing by a few times to meet her but she is never there or never answers haha!  But anyways WHILE we were walking to email we get a call from her asking us to come to her house tomorrow!  SO WE ARE PUMPED ABOUT THAT!!! We shall see!!! 🙂
BUT trusting in God that miracles will come!! This is His work afterall, and He is hastening it!  He loves His children, and He wants them to be happy!  And so He sends us missionaries to give them the secret to happiness: the gospel of Jesus Christ!  🙂
WOILA my family and friends, my update on life from this past week!!! As the new year approaches, I am in reflection mode!! 2016 was a WHOLE YEAR serving the Lord, in a new country with a new language, new experiences.  But how blessed I have been.  The Lord has given me miracles and experiences that I will never be able to forget.  He has given me a love for the people I have met here that is anchored in my heart.  He has given me lifelong friends that have changed me for the better.  He has given me a deep testimony of His gospel, of His church.  I know it is true.
For this New Year I encourage ALL of you as I do with everyone I meet on the street to COME UNTO CHRIST!  Whether you know Him already, or you don’t even believe, my invitation is to try.  Kneel down TONIGHT and ask in prayer if God is there and if He loves you!  Request a Book of Mormon TODAY at mormon.org!  It is free, and it is the word of God!!! 🙂  I can promise each and everyone one of you that happiness awaits, peace awaits, a better life awaits…what more could we ask for in the New Year?!
I know this church is true.  I testify that God lives and Christ lives.  I testify that their love for us passes all understanding.  I testify that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  When we read it, when we pray to know if it is true, our life changes. And we are happy.  Truly HAPPY!!!!
I wish this happiness for all you at the start of this New Year!! I LOVE YOU ALL DEARLY and thank my Heavenly Father always for the people He has placed in my life for me to love 🙂
Have a wonderful HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! May 2017 bring you all the happiness in the world!!!!
Talk to you next week!!!!!
Soeur Vogel 🙂
ps Skyped with the fam yesterday, they are awesome LOVE THEM!!! 🙂
ppps pics as always 🙂
Singing Thursday at “La Maison de Pere Noel”
Our group Friday  night singing EN VILLE!!! So much fun!! 🙂
The Christmas celebrations on Saturday!
img_6120Our food for Christmas Eve!
img_6162Merry Christmas from Soeurs Chogel (Chard et Vogel) 😉
img_6192Christmas Morning with my compy!
The Christmas celebrations on Sunday including our nice meal 😉
Talk to you next week 🙂

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