Mission Week 59
Okay for all you that know me, I love Christmas time!!!! So sad it is almost over already!! It flew by so so fast with transfers and a new area and craziness!!! But oh how grateful it I am for the season, and for the beautiful country I have to spend it in!!!
So it is currently boiling hot outside and I am SWEATING but that is okay, it is still snowy and cold in my heart!! Okay, that doesn’t mean I have a cold heart…just that it is the Christmas season…you get what I mean!!
ANYWAYS!!! Once again, so sorry for the lame email this week!! Will try and write a little bit more this week, but since we have only an hour, it is a little crazy!!
BUT anyways…anything I forgot to mention last week?!! OH YAH!  I translated for zone conference!! Which was super fun!! I loved doing it!! It was the first time I have translated from english into french (usually it is french into english)  BUT LIKE SERIOUSLY gift of tongues…#real.  So grateful to my Heavenly Father for granting me this gift!! Never in my life did I think I could speak another language!!! Like seriously…blessed!! ALSO, tender experience!! Our senior missionary couple came and talked to me after zone conference…we are now attending church with them in the ward of Magenta!! They came and said that I transformed their sacrament meeting Sunday with my singing voice!! LOL!!! They told me I have a gift and that when I sing I bring the spirit so strongly!!! I was shocked!! Like seriously…tender mercy from the Lord and again…just grateful for gifts!! #blessedblessedblessed
ANYWAYS…getting on to this week!! Our week has been filled even though we haven’t been able to accomplish too too much!! We have been meeting with all the people that the sisters before us taught but since we are figuring out where they live and such it takes some time!! They are all so so awesome!! Unfortunately, we have like 0 investigators…all the people that were progressing got baptized!! Which is awesome..but now we are in desperate need of new people to teach! PROBLEM is that we are in the richest area of New Cal…so people aren’t too humble and aren’t really searching for something more if you get what I mean…but we are confident that the Lord is preparing and has prepared people for us to teach!! We just need to work our butts off to find them 🙂  ANYWAYS, we have been working with our recent converts who are awesome!! There is a cute family…Aurelie and her daughter Samirah, who got baptized about two months ago!  The father is not a member and all the other kids are too young to get baptized..but we visited them last week for the first time and it went super well 🙂  AND, we sang for them..the dad was outside doing yard work but he stopped when he heard us sing!  He told his wife later that we sing like angels, and he wants us to come back and sing for them again!! 🙂  LITTLE BY LITTLE, softening his heart to teach the restored gospel 🙂
ALSO, there is an awesome recent convert…Christiana!  SHE IS AMAZING!!! She got baptized about a month ago, and her testimony is ROCK SOLID!! She has a lot of trials in her life.  She is a single mother to two young children who are CRAZY!  But she still makes the long journey to come to church every week and does what she can to read her scriptures and say family prayers.  Her testimony touches her heart, and I am so grateful fo the opportunity to know her and learn from her strength and happiness!  She shared with us an experience she had where he son was sick one day and so she had to call her boss and tell him that she wouldn’t be able to work.  She was super nervous because she know that being fired was a possibility.  But she said a prayer and called her boss.  Her boss ended up being COMPLETELY understanding, and said it wasn’t a problem and that she wouldn’t lose her job.  When Christiana shared this experience she started crying and shared how she knew that God was always there for her and that He was blessing her for entering into the waters of baptism.  The spirit was so strong…and OH I am so grateful for moments like these!! Even though I wasn’t the one that taught her and prepared her for baptism..I can see how much the gospel has blessed and changed her life.  It is moments like these that make it all worth it!! Walking around all day in the hot sun, getting rejected is NOTHING when we someone we love gains a testimony of the truth 🙂  How grateful I am to be a servant of my Heavenly Father and to be doing His work!!!! I know it is true!!
Other than that..we had our ward Christmas party this weekend, so we were at the chapel all day on Saturday to help with set up and such!! It was super fun!!! It was a super awesome day because we were really able to strengthen our relationship with the members!! Many missionaries have told me that this ward is hard!! The people aren’t very friendly and that everyone is very segregated!! So spending time with the members was AWESOME and I can’t even see what they were talking about!! I love this ward!! And I am grateful to be serving with them!!
Other than that, nothing too too exciting!! We still need to do lots and lots of finding to fill up our investigator pool, but with Christmas soon approaching, everyone is busy!! But I know the Lord will guide us!!  Yesterday we went and tried to find some old investigators in the area book!  We were able to locate one house!! The Investigator wasn’t there but her daughter was!! She accepted us in!! She actually is a member of the church but hasn’t been able to come in a while!! We invited her this Sunday since it is Christmas and she said she would love to come!! So we shall see!! Cool how Heavenly Father directs our paths!! Again…just grateful 🙂
SO YAH!!! Of course I need to share my Christmas message with you all!! As we know..this year’s theme was #Eclairezlemonde or LIGHTTHEWORLD!! But I have been thinking a lot about the phrase that Christ uses over and over again…Je suis la lumiere du monde…or
I am the light of the world”
Christ is the light of the world.  He was born humbly, and from the very beginning He followed the will of His father.  His only purpose in coming to earth was to teach His gospel, and to accomplish His atonement.  His teachings teach us to love and give to others, and when we do so, we have happines and LIGHT in our lives.  His sacrifice for us, when he suffered for our sins and sadnesses and trials, brings LIGHT into our lives because HE UNDERSTANDS US PERFECTLY!  With all the sadness or trials I have had in my life, I turn to Him, and He carries me.  He is the only one that understands what it feels like to suffer and feel how I feel.  And because of that, He carries me through my sorrows.  When I come to Him, He erases my darkness and replaces it with light.
No wonder the shepherds rejoiced when they saw the baby.  No wonder the wise men traveled days to find this humble babe in a manger.  They wanted to see this light that had come into the world.  Like the shepherds who were changed by the sight of Christ, we too are changed when we accept Him into our hearts.  When we follow Him, we can never be the same.  Our lives are FILLED with light and joy and happiness and peace.  All we could ever want is answered when we follow Christ.
HALLELUJAH is right!  How grateful I am for my Savior, and for this time of year to sing and rejoice in Him.
Christ lives.  He loves us.
My Christmas wish for all of you my beautiful family and friends is that this Christmas you can feel of the Christ’s love, when spending time with your families and friends, remember Him, and rejoice.
He is the light of the world.
I love you all!!! Have a wonderful Merry Christmas!!
Soeur Vogel 🙂
Our Christmas tree and our district activity today at the cultural center woot woot

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