SERVE Transfer 8 Week 6

Mission Week 56

This week was great and filled with lots of fun things!!

Starting with our wonderful investigator Morinda!!! She is so awesome!! We have been teaching her everyday and invited her to be baptized!! SHE SAID YES!!! But she needs to talk to her parents before we set a date, which is totally understandable!! But she is so great 🙂  She reads the Book of Mormon everyday, and loves it! Her faith is so great and we are so grateful to have met her 🙂  BLESSINGS!!!

Saturday we woke up at three in the morning #dead..  we went to go help a sister in our ward cook for the church activity!! It was so fun, but man were we tired by the end of the day!!! But grateful for a wonderful ward, the activity was SUPER fun!! And I just love the Tontouta ward so so sos sos much!!  It has been 8 months that I have been there, and I have grown to love the people here so so much, I am not looking forward to the transfer coming up next week!  PRAY THAT I STAY HERE!!! 🙂

Sunday, the sisters and I made a huge Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate our the wonderful blessings that have been given to us!! I am so grateful for all the blessings in my life, for my mission, for my companion (shout out to the Chard family), for my sector and for my investigators!! I have been blessed beyond compare this past year!!! I love my life!! HEHEH!!

Honestly, nothing too too exciting has been happening!! Our investigator Simon is continuing to progress!! He is reading the Book of Mormon, and he is going to start quitting smoking!! So yay for him!! Also, we are still meeting with our recent convert Nelly, and oh my, I am so grateful!! She told us yesterday how grateful she was for meeting us, how we have brought so much light and joy into her life, and even though she doesn’t understand everything about the gospel, her faith is so strong!! She loves Christ, and she knows He lives! How grateful I am to have met her, to love her, and to be her friend.  She has blessed my life more than she knows 🙂

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!  I love being a servant of the Lord.  Sorry this email isn’t too informative, not much has happened, just wonderful feelings, and good vibes 🙂

BUT, I want to share the new Christmas video from the church!!! Go watch it here:

It is all about following Christ’s example, and serving those around us!! Thursday, December 1 is the worldwide day of service!! So I invite all of you to go out and serve!! But truly, I can testify of the joy that comes from serving the Lord.  The joy that comes from brigthtening another’s day, by serving EVERYONE around us is INCROYABLE!! I love serving those around me, and I love being in the service of my Heavenly Father.  My life has been blessed beyond compare!

Family and friends, I know that this church is true!!! I know it because the spirit whsipers it to me each and every time I share my testimony, each time I serve someone in need.  I know that God lives, and that Christ lives, and that they love us!!! They are waiting to pour blessings upon us, when we serve them, when we follow their commandments, we are blessed!!

This Christmas season is the time to put Christ first.  I know I KNOW that our lives our blessed beyond compare, when we find Him through scripture study and prayer, we feel of his mercy, and serve Him with all of our heart!!!

The church is true my family and friends!!! Find out for yourself Moroni 10:4-5 🙂

THANK YOU MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS for supporting me and loving me 🙂  I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH!!!

Have a great week, don’t forget to serve 🙂

Soeur Vogel 🙂

ps smile 🙂

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