ONE YEAR ON THE MISSION Transfer 8 Weeks 3&4

Mission Weeks 53 & 54

Hope this email finds you well!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 And HAPPY!!!!!
Sorry for not emailing last week, our email place was closed!!! But here we are today with LOTS of things to report!!! Sorry if this email is scattered!!! 🙂
So past few weeks have been FILLED with lots of fun experiences, and so yah!!!
FIRST OFF, November 4 I hit my ONE YEAR on the mission!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! It feels so so so so weird!!!!!!!! Where has the time gone?!!! Pretty soon I will be getting my flight plans to head HOME! But don’t you worry, I am not trunkie yet 😉  But the day was awesome thanks to my amazing companion Soeur Chard and roommate Soeur Teupoorautoa!!! In the morning they decorated the house and made me and Soeur Flake breakfast!! We had an awesome day of work, and then at night we shared our favorite mission memories!!! It was so so so awesome, and I was just FILLED with gratitude for my mission, for the experiences I have had thus far and for the people I have taught and grown to love, and for the miracles that the Lord has worked in my life and in the lives of those around me!! Thank you to all of you who have supported me and written me and given me a SMILE up to this point!  YOU ARE THE BESTEST!!! And I am so grateful for YOU!
Okay enough with the cheeziness 😉
NEXT DAY, Saturday November 5 we had an AWESOME present for the one year on mission, the baptism of MAREVA TOI!!!! So the family Toi is seriously, my family! My family that I have found and loved so much during my mission!!! It all started with Alice, the mom, who was inactive when I first came here to Paita!! Then her two young boys got baptized, and about six months later, her daughter MAREVA who I love SO MUCH!!!! Now all that is left is the papa!!!!! But it will come!!! But it was such a wonderful baptism, and the spirit was so strong and Mareva shared a testimony, and in it she said that she saw angels when she came out of the water! NO JOKE!!!!!!!! It was so so so so so sooooooooo amazing!!! I am just so grateful to be a part of this family’s journey, their experiences, and I love love love them so much!!!! 🙂
Other than that, we have just had some other crazy experiences!! We have been trying to find find FIND like crazy, going door to door about everyday trying to find the people God has prepared!! It is a little tricky because our area is rich and not too many people are interested in the gospel, but we are doing what we can!!! 🙂  We did have one success story!! We were invited in to share a message by a FRENCH GUY!!! He didn’t want to learn more, but come meme, WE WERE ACCEPTED IN  BY A FRENCH MAN!!! AND EUROPEAN!!! We thought it was a big success 🙂
BUT, we have had some cool experiences!! We are still meeting with our investigator Simon, who is progressing VERY WELL!!! He is 32 years old and is VERY TIRED of his life of partying and REALLY wants to change!! He wants to have a family and be a good person, and so that is why he started meeting with us!!! Well, after countless lessons where we explained to him HOW we can help him reach his goals, and how the Book of Mormon will help him in his life, he has finally started reading it, and he says he KNOWS it is true!!!! He came to church a few weeks ago and LOVED IT!!! He prays every night to find the truth!!! He is SO AWESOME!!!!  So, this past week we challenged him to be baptized…he said he needs to think about it and he has a lot of changing to do, for one he has a weed farm in his backyard, but I know that if ANYONE truly desires to change, and prayers with a sincere heart asking to know if the Book of Mormon and the gospel is true, they will receive their answer!!! So we are putting our trust in Heavenly Father, and waiting to see the miracles that will come!
ALSO, had a funny experience!! Saturday, we went out door to door and tried a new neighborhood! Unfortunately, it was rich and no one accepted us, and everyone thought we were the JWs (Jehovah’s Witnesses) so YAY!! So Soeur Chard and I were like, okay let us try ONE LAST HOUSE and then we will head back!! Well this last house invited us right in and told us to come and eat with them!!! IT was awesome!!! Until we saw who was there….we go into the backyard and we see about THIRTY DRUNK MEN all eating a pig’s head!! Of course, they were happy to see us, but we were sure to get right out of there!!! Just sad that the only people who accepted us were a bunch of drunk men….that is okay!!!! The Lord consecrates our efforts because….
SUNDAY, we met the new nanny to Maleko’s son (our recent convert)!! She is from Vanuatu and she is staying the summer to take care of Maleko’s son, and she is AWESOME!! We have met with her everyday since and she has such a big faith!!! She is only 18 years old, so it is like having a bff here!! Also, she speaks english, so we teach her in english, but honestly, it is so hard…..don’t know what I will do when I get back to America!!! Anyways, we are super excited for her, and she is seriously such a light!!!! We love her so much already and we know that she is an answer to our prayers to find prepared people, even though she wasn’t a direct result to our efforts!!!! SERIOUSLY THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER!!!!!
The Lord will hasten His work!! And what is His work, missionary WORK!!! His work and bringing His children back to Him, through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!!! I know that the Lord prepares people for us each and everyday and that He will guide us to these people as we make consistent efforts to find them and to share the gospel with them!! But this principal is not just for missionaries, but for EVERYONE!! Let us open our mouths and share the gospel with all those around us, and help bring souls unto Christ!!! Why be scared?! This gospel is the light and joy and salvation!!! This gospel unites families together for ETERNITY! This gospel brings peace and understanding to the wounded soul!!! There is no reason to be scared, open your mouth and it will be filled!!
I know that the church is true with all my heart! The spirit confirms that truth to me every time I open my mouth and share my testimony!! The spirit will confirm it to those we share out testimonies with as well, most of the time, we just have to help them recognize it!!
MY family and friends, this church is true!!! Find out more at 🙂
I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I LOVE MY MISSION!!! It is the work of salvation, it is the work of God, and how blessed I AM to be an instrument in His hands 🙂
I LOVE YOU ALL, never forget your worth, you are a child of God, He loves you, and He is waiting for you to come home!
Have a wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL week, and next week I will be talking to you again hehe!!!
ALSO I CAN SEND PICS THIS WEEK, so sorry for the excessive amount of emails to follow
Soeur Vogel 🙂
ps smile 🙂
general conference and district activities from last transfer with district fam 🙂
Nelly’s Baptism!
beautiful new cal sky
Halloween party at our favorite members house!
New District for this transfer!!!!  Elder Kessler, Elder Tao, moi et Chardy, Seoru Flake and Soeur Teupoorautoa!
One Year on the mission!
artsy beach pics #missionstruggles
Mareva’s baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great week!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

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