Mission Week 52


(Mission Day One – One year ago!)


Happy Belated Halloween, and now we are in the Thanksgiving season!!! My comp and I are determined to have a nice Thanksgiving meal at the end of the month…we will probably be eating chicken and rice like usual!!! LOL!!! But life is good here in New Cal!!!

The weather is getting hot hot HOT, but I am loving it!! My farmer’s tan is getting pretty awesome, and also my shoe tan!! WOOHOO!! Lol, it is the little things 🙂

So this week was pretty great!! Nothing too huge that happened!! Soeur Chard and I are continuing to try and FIND LIKE CRAZY!!! So Thursday we went out and FOUND LIKE CRAZY!! It was pretty awesome 🙂  Still no HUGE wonderful prepared people, but we were still able to talk to everyone about the church and share a message with them!! Everyone here is “all set” but we will find those prepared people!! We did find a super cute park though that we never before discovered, so we will be playing our ukuleles and singing to find people again this week there!! We are excited for new places, and parks means moms with kids which means FAMILIES!!! Woohoo!!!! We already sang there once this past week, and all the kids gathered around, which was super cute!!! We gave them some stickers, but their parents were sure to stay far away lol!! That is okay, it will come 🙂

Friday night we had an awesome soiree at the chapelle, so that was super fun!! It was movie night, and we were celebrating our newly returned missionary back into the ward (weird feelings seeing a missionary coming home!!)!! He is now our new DMP, so that will be fun!! We are excited to see his ideas, because Tahiti is a HUGELY baptizing mission, woohoo!!!

Other than that, we just had some cute Halloween soirees with our members!! Sunday night we were at la famille Haumonie’s house and made pumpkin muffins!! I felt like I was in America… 🙂

Monday night we had another Halloween soiree!!! A barbeque!! Halloween here though…everyone has it off from work and school!! Like what?!! Kids still dress up and everything, but they don’t really go trick or treating, the town throws a little party where they can get candy and yah, so we didn’t have any trick or treaters! But we still saw some little witches and goblins running around 🙂

Anyways, back to missionary work!! Monday we did have A COOL EXPERIENCE!!!  When there is a holiday here in New Cal, EVERYTHING shuts down #islandprobs…so we were searching for some things to do and decided to walk to one of our inactive’s house and give them some cookies for Halloween! So we were walking walking walking, hoping and praying to find some prepared people! As we were walking, we ran into a young mother in the street!  She was with her older niece and we said Bonjour!!! And after she said, “Oh, les Soeurs!”  And we were like, “What?!! How do you know us?!”  Well we continued to talk and turns out her sister-in-law is a member of the church and her husband is as well, but ce fait longtemps that he hasn’t come back to church! But this wonderful woman, her name is Mart, is in the process of reading the Book of Mormon, and the Liahona, and the Gospel Principles book, and she LOVES IT!!! She was telling us about what she read, and all!  So we shared a short message with her, Moroni 10:3-5, and invited her to pray to know!  She said she knows she has to do it but I think she already knows her answer!  ALSO we asked her husband to share why he decided to get baptized since he is a convert, and he shared how he prayed to know and that he got his answer that it was true!  Since then, the road hasn’t been easy and that it is why he hasn’t returned to church, but the spirit was SO STRONG!  And they invited us back!  We didn’t even get to see our inactive, but WOW!!!! the Lord really does lead us!  We didn’t even know this family existed, and here they were, placed right in front of us!  🙂  We will see!  We hope they stick!!!

So yah, just everything is good in the life of missionary work 🙂  MY companion is AWESOME!!! Shout out to the Chard family, I love her!!  I love my area!!! I love being a missionary!!!

Also, I love love LOVE the Tontouta ward!! ALSO WE HAVE BAPTISM THIS SATURDAY!!! Mareva Toi, the sister of the two young boys that were baptized back in April and May!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! I love this family!!! And what a wonderful present for my one year on mission!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Anyways my family and friends, in case you were wondering the church is true!! It binds our families together forever!  It gives us a peace and comfort and happiness that passes all understanding!! It is the church of CHRIST restored in the latter days 🙂  How blessed I am so be a part of it, and to know that it is true!!! And because I know it is true, I will share it with all I know, including you! So if you don’t have a book of Mormon, request one NOW at and then read it, and pray to know!! All in your life can change, guilt can become peace, sadness can become happiness, families can become eternal, and you can have a knowledge of the truth!  It is up to YOU to make the decision! 🙂  It doesn’t hurt to try!!

My family and friends, in the words of Joseph Smith “SHALL WE NOT GO ON IN SO GREAT A CAUSE?” (DC 128:22) 🙂  The gospel is true!!! So let us share it with all who we know, and bring happiness to their lives as well!! It is my testimony that as we pray for the opportunities to share the gospel, and as we try with all our might to follow the spirit and to share the gospel with EVERYONE, the Lord will place in our paths His children that He loves and that He is waiting for, to guide them safely home 🙂

I love this gospel!!! It is my light and my joy and my salvation!!!  I love you all so so much!!! I hope you are all healthy and happy and loving life, and that this email makes you smile!!! Thanks for supporting me over the past year of my mission, it has definitely been one of the best years of my life!! 🙂

LOVE YOU ALL!!! Until next week!!!

Soeur Vogel 🙂

PS Chard family, seriously, Soeur Chard is the best missionary ever!! I love her!!

PPS Elder Thomsen’s mom, your son is awesome too! He is still doing awesome work, and being an awesome missionary and we are blessed to serve with him in the Tontouta ward!! Also all the members LOVE HIM, he has definitely left his mark in their hearts!! 🙂  Thanks for sending him to us!!


PPPPPPPSSS One day I will be able to send pictures again!! 🙂

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