BLESSINGS Transfer 7 weeks 3 & 4

Mission Week 49


BONJOUR TOUT LE MONDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this email finds you well and that you will smile BIG when you see it!!! 🙂

Sorry I didn’t email last week!! We went on an awesome hike with our district and it took the whole day!!! 🙂  It was super awesome, and if I could send pictures, I would lol!!!


Well it is October, which is our month of miracles for our mission!!! Here in New Caledonia, we are hoping to have 25 baptisms!!! WE HAVE THE FAITH!!! And we are working on it!!! UNFORTUNATELY, we have had pretty much everything BUT miracles since the beginning of October!  All of our REALLY AWESOME AMIS dropped us, including Lucinda and her family 😦  We are pretty sad about that, but she stopped answering our messages and calls a few weeks ago, so we are going to give them some space, and hope and pray that in a few weeks we can try again!  Not sure what happened…they were progressing so greatly!!! But that is okay, we are keeping a positive attitude and are trusting that when the Lord closes one door, He opens another one!

BUT ON A POSITIVE NOTE…WE HAVE A BAPTISM ON SATURDAY!!!! We are super excited!!! It is for Nelly, our wonderful wonderful wonderful ami from Vanuatu!! LET ME TELL YOU, the people from Vanuatu are GOLDEN!!! She is so excited for her baptism!!! This past weekend, she had a death in her family, her step son committed suicide, so NOT a small thing!  Therefore, she missed church on Sunday!  Yesterday we passed by the see her to see if she wanted to push her baptismal date due to the tragedy and she SAID NO WAY!!! She thought maybe we would have to because she missed church and we said NO WAY NELLY, that is a valid excuse for missing church!!! So, wow, just so inspired by her strength and her faith and Soeur Chard and I are just so blessed to be teaching her and to take this journey with her 🙂  It will be super super awesome, this will be my first baptism of someone I just found on the street!  SO COOL!!! We are so blessed 🙂

Other than that, nothing too too great!  We are just REALLY REALLY trying to find the people the Lord has prepared for us!! We have so many wonderful amis and inactive families to visit, but they progress SUPER slowly, and sometimes we can only see them once a month, so we are SEARCHING for those who recognize the importance of our message, and are willing to make it a priority in their lives!!! 🙂  Haven’t found anyone to report on yet, but we have a few potentials that we are hoping will spark!  We have confidence in the Lord that He will lead us to His children who have need of the gospel 🙂

WE ARE TRYING TO GET CREATIVE!!!!!  Monday we played ukulele in the center of town and sang some hymns!!! No one jumped up and said TEACH ME, but we definitely had those that were listening, so we gave them our number and said if they ever needed anything more in their life, to give us a call!  WE never know, we never know!!! BUT IT WAS SUPER FUN to sing together in town and we are planning on doing it again!! YAY!!!! 🙂  If you all have any other creative ideas to find people, just let me know!!! 🙂
Wish there was more to report on!!!  OH!!! But we did have an awesome GENERAL CONFERENCE WEEKEND!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! Soeur Chard and I were just so blessed and felt the spirit so strongly throughout the whole conference!!! Of course I loved the talks on member missionary work!!! But mostly I loved all the focus on the atonement of Jesus Christ!  The atonement of Christ helps us feel comfort when we are burdened by grief, change our natures, become who we want to become!  It is grace a the atonement that I am who I am today!  How grateful I am to my loving Heavenly Father who never EVER EVER gave up on me, who saw me and continues to see me as who I can become, and helped me and continues to help to be fit for His kingdom above!

I KNOW THIS CHURCH IS TRUE WITH ALL MY HEART!  Another awesome thing from conference was President Monson’s talk, talking if we still marvel at the truthfulness of the gospel!  What other church teaches the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, teaches and testifies of a living prophet, has another book of scripture that testifies of Christ and God’s plan for us, has the truthfulness in the plan of happiness that includes where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going.. what other church tells us how we can literally bind our families together for eternity, so that even with death, we can live confidently that we will see are families again one day?!  How blessed I am to be a part of this marvelous gospel, to have a testimony that it is true!!! I KNOW IT IS TRUE!!! It bring me joy, it brings me warmth, and peace, and confidence!!! And how blessed I am to have this opportunity to share these wonderful things with those around me here in New Caledonia, and with all of you back home!!!!

I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!! I TESTIFY THAT IT IS TRUE!!! And you can know too 🙂  Kneel down, ask God from your heart, and FEEL Him respond to you, I know He will 🙂

I LOVE YOU ALL, and thank you so so so so much for all you do!! I am grateful for your support on this past YEAR (ALMOST AHHH) on my mission!!! I am so blessed 🙂

ALSO AHHH!!! Shout out to Soeur Chard’s family!!! I LOVE HER!!! We have become BFFs!! So grateful for her support and friendship, for her testimony, and for her willingness to serve the Lord with all her heart, might, mind and strength, and grateful to my Heavenly Father for sending her to me!!!

ALSO WE GET TRANSFER NEWS THIS WEEKEND!! Soeur Chard and I are hoping and praying that we will stay together here in Paita!  We love it here 🙂 We shall seeee…… 🙂


Until next week, GROSS BISOUX!!!!!
Soeur Vogel 🙂

ps still no pics but I got a lot of good ones to send so one day 🙂
pps the church is true
ppps i love you all
pppppps je parle francais
pppppppppps I am in a silly mood 🙂

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