GUIDED BY THE SPIRIT Transfer 7 Week 2

Mission Week 47


I hope this email finds you well as always and that your life is going great and YAH!!!!!

THIS WEEK WAS SO AWESOME!!!!! OH MY GOODNESSS!!!!!!!!! Soeur Chard and I were just so guided by the spirit and just AHHH!!! It was so wonderful!!!!!!!

So last Thursday we had a wonderful lesson with our lovely Mami Josephine who is still getting ready for her baptism hopefully at the end of the month!!! We are just waiting to see if her infected foot is going to be able to get in the water…she has a doctor’s appointment next week so we shall see!!! PRAY THAT HER FOOT CAN BE HEALED HEHEH!!!

Then our next lesson cancelled which REALLY REALLY STUNK!!! So Soeur Chard and I were like oh man what should we do now?!!! So we figured we would just go into the tribe and see our ami Nelly, who we were supposed to have a lesson with earlier in the day in the village but she wasn’t there, so we decided to go chez elle!!! Well we get to her house, and no one is there…so we park the car and walk into her back garden and there she is!! She sees us, throws her hands into the air with joy and says that she was praying that we would come today!!! She said she knew Heavenly Father would send us her way!!! We were shocked, seriously, it is not like we had a huge spiritual impression to go and visit her, but the leaders of the church say, that if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, and if you trust in the Lord, then we don’t have to worry if we are following the spirit or not, we just will be!!!!  ANYWAYS!!! It was so cool!!!! AND THEN we set a baptismal date with her for the 15th of October!!! SO WOOHOOO!!!! We have a baptism the 15th of October for Nelly!!! Who is just so prepared by our Heavenly Father!! She reads her Book of Mormon every night!! She comes to church and prays to our Heavenly Father!! I am so grateful for her!!!! She is a light in our lives 🙂

Then later that night we had a lesson with our wonderful family Lucinda and children lol!!! AND IT WAS SO GREAT!! WE taught them about the plan of salvation and they loved it!!! They started talking to us of course about the huge trials in their lives and how they don’t understand why God is giving them this trial…understandable of course!!! We bore testimony of a loving Heavenly Father that loves us and cares for us!  We then asked them what they feel when we visit them, and they said, PEACE, JOY, COMFORT, AND A WARMTH!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!! We testified that that is the spirit confirming that what we are teaching is true!!! We invited them to church but they were camping that weekend 😦  But that is okay, next time!!! AND WE WENT BACK THIS PAST MONDAY AND THEY HAD STARTED READING THE BOOK OF MORMON!!! They will be baptized, we are confident of that!!!!!! We are just so grateful!!!

Last Friday was so fun!! We had nothing planned, so we just went into the village and walked around and saw about fourteen people we knew!  WE took our ukuleles into town and sang some hymns and everyone started listening and asking us more questions!! It was so great, and I cannot wait to  do it again!!!! 🙂

Okay sorry, I am running out of time!! BUT HUGE EXCITING NEWS!!! OUR CHAPEL IS FINISHED!!! IT IS DONE WITH CONSTRUCTION!!! Saturday we were at church setting up for Sunday and Sunday we were in our new chapel!! It was so beautiful and wonderful, and now I have to play the piano every Sunday!! AHHH!!! That is okay, the Lord provides, I am excited  🙂

SO YAH!!! Soeur Chard and I just feel so blessed to be having so many wonderful experiences and successes!  The Lord is definitely leading and guiding us and helping us receive the direction necessary to tend to this part of His vineyard!!!

I KNOW THIS CHURCH IS TRUE!!!! I know that God lives and that He loves us and guides us!!! I know that if we put our trust in Him, no matter how difficult our individual situations may seem, He will help us become what HE wants us to become, and help us reach our full potential!  I KNOW THE BOOK OF MORMON is the word of God!!! If you need ANYTHING ANYTHING ANYTHING in your life, read the Book of Mormon, and it will fill whatever is missing from your heart!

I know this is true!!!!!! I LOVE MY MISSION!!!!! Life is good 🙂


Also, my companion is awesome!! Chard family, you are great 🙂 WE are hoping we can stay together in Paita until Christmas, so we shall see!  Pray for that heheh 🙂


SORRY NO PICTURES THIS WEEK!!! But I sent a bunch home last week that my mom put on my blog

So if you want pics, go look there!!!

LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps the church is true
pps if you want to read the Book of Mormon and don’t have one go to and request a free Book of Mormon.  IT IS FREE and it will change your life.

ppps CONNECTICUT PEEPS go to the temple open house!

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