ETERNAL FAMILIES Transfer 6 Week 4

Mission Week 43
Okay this week might have been one of the best weeks of my mission!!! Sœur Chard and I have been seeing awesome things and just so many wonderful things have happened!!  Starting with last Thursday!!!
Last Thursday, we got stalked by our Gendarmerie friends!!! Okay, that sounds scarier than it is!  The Gendarmerie is the police remember, but we just kept running into them throughout our day!  And since we are bffs with them now, it was fun!  I think the Lord is trying to tell us to share the gospel with them, so next, we are whipping out the Book of Mormon on them 🙂
 THURSDAY NIGHT we had our first meeting with our new family!!! Remember Lucinda that I mentioned last week, her husband is paralyzed in the hospital and we went to meet her so the elders could give her husband a blessing?!  Well we met with them Thursday night, and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!! Okay, we haven’t really been able to start teaching them the lessons yet, but they are so great, and they are just such an awesome family!  And they got us 7 new investigators!!!! We have passed a few short messages with them about dealing with trials and such since they just have so much going on in their life right now, and the spirit has been so strong!  They are literally an answer to our prayers, and I am just so grateful!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! We have seen them twice already and are seeing them again tomorrow!!!!! WOOHOOO!!! And the best part is, Lucinda told us her family hasn’t been all together since her husband was put in the hospital, so we are literally bringing her family together again!! And she said she could feel the joy when we are at her house, like girl that is the spirit!! We are just so excited and we feel so much love for them, and life is just awesome!!! 🙂
ALSO WE HAD OUR BAPTISM FOR MALEKO!!! SATURDAY!!!! SO wonderful!!! UGH the spirit is just SO STRONG at BAPTISMS and seeing someone you love so much get dressed in white and begin their journey to eternal life is just so so so amazing and wonderful!!!!!  Maleko had the chance to bear his testimony after he got baptized and he was just crying with joy!  He said his life hasn’t been easy, there has been a lot of pain and sorrow and sacrifice and sin, but today he was made clean!  He was starting again!  He said that missionaries of all different religions have been visiting his house for twenty years, but it was thanks to us that he is here, because we brought him the truth!  WOWWWWW!!!!!!!!! Oh it was so wonderful, and I am just so so so so so so so so so so GRATEFUL to my Heavenly Father for giving me these tender expériences!
Sunday was a little dull because it was downpouring rain and no one wants to come to Church that meets in a tent when it is downpouring!  But the faithful members were there, and the spirit was even stronger because of the sacrifice they made!! So great, love this ward, love my mission!!!
Monday we had the coolest adventure ever!!!! WE went with our investigator to one of the tribes!!!!! DO NOT WORRY IT WAS PERFECTLY SAFE!!! The tribes aren’t too different, just like little communities but purely the natives of Nouvelle Caledonie! And there are totem poles and huts and things and it was just so great!!! AND THIS INVESTIGATOR IS AWESOME!!!!! She has read pretty much the whole BOOK OF MORMON!! WE just met her in the Streets one day while doing some contacting!!! SHE IS SO PREPARED it is just hard to see her because she lives in the tribes and she doesn’t have a phone so we kind of just see her randomly when she is in the village, but now we know where she lives!  Just don’t think we can go into the tribe uninvited so we can’t just pass by her house…. or her hut….#islandmissionprobs anyways!  We are trying to get her to Church this Sunday so we will see!!!! We might invite her to be baptized soon!!!! 🙂  Her name is Nelly 🙂
THEN last night!!!! OHHHHH it was so wonderful!!! So we had a soiree with our inactive family TAUARAU!!!!! But they are actually the greatest ever, so humble so loving, just for some reason don’t get themselves to Church!!! But we have shared some really awesome spiritual expériences with them!!! Last night, we talked about the spirit and how if we want to feel the spirit in their lives, we have to go to Church!!! They shared their spiritual expériences that they have had, like when they were at the temple, and the spirit was so strong!!!!! At the end we sang “Je sais qu’il vit mon redempteur” (I Know that my Redeemer Lives) and Sœur Tauarau started crying, like CRYING CRYING!!! It was such a wonderful experience, and I am just so grateful!  They said they will come to Church on Sunday!!!! YAY!
So yes, this week I am on cloud nine! Just feeling so much the love of our Heavenly Father for me and for His children!!!! I am so grateful for His hand in my life!!! I KNOW THAT HE LIVES AND THAT HE IS THERE AND THAT HE LOVES US! I know that He has a plan for each and every one of us, and that if we trust in Him and turn to Him, we will know of that plan as well!  His plan blesses families the most, by helping them be eternal!  I KNOW that through the ordinances of the temple, families can be together forever!  It is not just a hope or a belief, but a surety that with the holy priesthood of God, families will literally be bound for time and all eternity in the temple of God. So that even after death, we will be with them, eternally!  That is the wonderful message we bring to families who may be going through trials or hardships, and even to families that are filled with love already, they can have that wonderful love for ETERNITY!  Life doesn’t end after death, but death is merely the Gateway to a new life, where we will live with our families and friends for eternity!!!!!!!! I KNOW THAT THAT IS TRUE!!!! If you read this and think, no that is impossible, how can Sœur Vogel think that?!  PRAY TO KNOW!!! YOU CAN HAVE THIS KNOWLEDGE TOO! Get down on your knees, TONIGHT and plead with your Heavenly Father to know if YOUR family can be together forever, if you will see your loved ones again after you die!  When you pray with an open heart and a true sincere desire to know, willing to act on the response that you receive, I KNOW that the LORD WILL ANSWER YOU, through HIS Holy Spirit, that speaks to your heart through the feelings of peace, love, calmness, and a warmth that fills your soul!  I KNOW THIS THINGS ARE TRUE! FAMILIES ARE ETERNAL!  Pray to know, and then act on your response!  MEET WITH THE MISSIONARIES and find out more, how your family can be eternal as well 🙂
My family and friends, I love this gospel!  I KNOW that is TRUE!!!!!  I love you all, and am so happy I get to share my expériences with you!!! GOD LIVES! THIS IS HIS GOSPEL AND HIS TRUE CHURCH!!!!!!
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!! AND REMEMBER, when life gets dark and dreary, don’t forget to pray!!!! 🙂
Sœur Vogel 🙂
PICS: Our favorite little girl, CELESTE!!!!
The baptism!!! Maleko, my college et moi, and our wonderful missionaries with our fav dude, our DMP!!! More pics to follow 🙂
week 43.1
week 43.2
week 43.3
week 43.4
week 43.5
Some of our favorite kids at Church, and our tribe adventure!!!!!
week 43.7
week 43.8
week 43.9
week 43.10
Also DMP selfie ft Bishop
week 43.6

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