Mission week 39
Well, transfers came this weekend….and JE SUIS ENCEINTE (I am pregnant!!)  OKAY OKAY OKAY DON’T FREAK OUT!! I found this week that I will be training AGAIN!!!  So in the mission, when you train someone, you are their mother or father on the mission, so that is why I AM PREGNANT!!  Just until Friday, when she arrives, and I will start raising her 😉 !!!
OH, AND I AM STAYING IN PAITA!!! Which means, MOST LIKELY, I will be staying in Paita for the next two transfers to train the new sister, so I will be here until the end of October, which means I will be in Paita for 7 months!  WOOHOOO!!! Exciting things!! Good thing I love this ward, and I love this sector, and I love these people!!! Excited to see the miracles and progression that will come!!
As always, it is super sad to leave a companion, since we literally spend every second of every day together, but Soeur Tatahio has been awesome!  My french has certainly improved!  I might actually be bilingual now?!  AHH!!! That is actually super cool  🙂  AND GRACE TO MY HEAVENLY FATHER WHO ALWAYS QUALIFIES THOSE WHOM HE CALLS!  But I have learned a lot from Soeur Tatahio!  It wasn’t always easy together, but I have really come to love her.  I have learned a lot about parenting haha!  But seriously!  I have definitely become a bit more patient and humble and my relationship with my Heavenly Father has certainly been strengthened!  Grateful for that!  I will miss our laughs, but luckily Nouvelle Caledonie isn’t too big so we will still each other all the time!!
Anyways, my new sister’s name is Soeur Chard, she is American!! So that  means, we will really have to depend on my french skills, YAY!  I feel bad for her because people talk FAST here in Paita, and they talk A LOT!!!  So, she will definitely be forced to learn fast!  But I am so excited to meet her, and to do the work of the Lord together!  She comes Friday morning! 🙂
ANYWAYS, other than that excited news this week, we have had a pretty good week!  Lessons, lessons, lessons like usual! Still working with our inactives, still working with our amis, and WANTING to find new amis!  We really just haven’t had time, but I think I will be making that a priority with my new sister, contacting and find new amis!  I miss contacting!  And these people need the truth!!! 🙂
Still have our bapsitism for Maleko on August 25!! He is still working on quitting smoking, but he told us he is done buying cigarettes, he only smokes when people give him cigarettes!  So that is something!  For someone who has smoked for forty years, that is something!
AHH, something funny and crazy that happened!  Friday is one of our busiest days!  We have lessons all morning, just until about mid afternoon!  Well this past Friday morning, we went to pick up our member to go out and do our work and at about noon we stopped for lunch!  I asked my Soeur for the phone because we needed to confirm our soiree!  Well, we looked and looked and looked and couldn’t find the phone…we said a prayer, and literally two seconds later the wife of our DMP, Soeur LiKhau shows up at our house and says “Did you loose your phone?”  LIKE WHAT!  Well yes we did, so she said, she would go look for it while we continued with our lessons!  Well we finished our lessons and we driving and passed by our Zone Leaders!  That was a bit surprising, because they serve in an area about an hour and a half away!  So we stopped and said, “uhh, what are you all doing here!”  Well, turns out they had called our phone, and someone had found it but didn’t know who the missionaries were.  So for some reason, the elders thought we had disappeared and had called almost every missionary in our zone and all the members in our area to see if they had seen us!  Literally everyone was looking for us, and we didn’t even know it!   Well luckily, with the help of our elders and our DMP we did find our phone!  The family who found it was SUPER nice and we are going to try and visit them and try to start teaching them!  We never know, the Lord works in mysterious ways 🙂
ALSO FRIDAY NIGHT I ATE FAFARU!! Fafaru is tahitian and is raw fish that has been soaking in fermented seawater…YUM!! No it was disgusting….it smells like someone is dying, and tastes like that too!  BUT I TRIED IT!!! All for the work of the Lord! 🙂
Saturday night we had a fun activity with the whole stake!  All the Relief Societies from each ward performed a dance representing a different country!  It was so fun, and at the end they everyone danced to “Dancing Queen!”  Which of course, made me so so happy!!! It was so fun to be with the members and have a little party!  AND WE HAD SOME INACTIVES AND AMIS THERE!!!! So that was awesome!! Everyone had a good time!!! 🙂
Yesterday night we had a lesson with one of our less actives, Caroline!  I love this woman!  She was raised in the church and at one time in her life, wanted to go on a mission, but then she met the father of her children (whom she is now separated with). She lost five children while she was pregnant with them, two of them being twins!  Finally she was able to have two, and she cherishes them with all of her heart! But she has been inactive for about ten years now (she is now 31), but still holds the gospel close to her life.  She has worked hard being a single mother and she has had a lot of pain.  Last night, we were there for about two hours while she recounted her life and all the pain she has in her heart.  Even though we didn’t get to talk much (she talks A LOT), it was still a wonderful experience because we were able to listen.  And I realized just how much we really do represent Jesus Christ.  How many times in our lives do we just call upon the Lord in prayer to tell Him how much we are hurting or beg for forgiveness?  Sometimes, we just need to talk, and look for that listening ear!  Who better to talk to then our loving Heavenly Father, who gives us our trials so that we can grow, come unto to Him, humbly, and feel of His love for us, and His trust in us!! Anyways, the spirit was still there last night as we lent the listening ear to our wonderful sister, whom we love.  Before we left, we did only what we knew to do, bear our testimonies of our loving Heavenly Father, who gave His son so that we can have help during our trials.  I don’t know what will come of it, but the spirit was there.  We left with a prayer, and left a scripture behind.  Hoping she will see that Heavenly Father is always there, and never abandons us, even when we feel like He has.  Most of the time, we are just not opening our eyes enough to see His hand in our life.
God is a God of miracles, but His miracles aren’t always raising someone from the dead or changing water in wine.  Like Peter walking on water, the miracles we experience depend on our faith.  Most of the time, the Lord provides the miracle of changing the hearts of His children to be converted unto Christ and unto His gospel.  I can testify, that this is the greatest miracle of all.  Being converted unto Christ, feeling of His goodness, and seeing and living in the happiness that His gospel brings is the greatest miracles that I could have ever experienced in my life.  I love this gospel so much.  I am who I am because of this gospel.  I am here to share this happiness with others, so that they too can find the sweet peace the gospel brings!
I know that this gospel is true!  I know that God lives and that He loves us!  I know that our Savior, Jesus Christ, lives and that HE can HEAL US when we have pain, trials, and sorrow.  Although we may not fully understand HOW, the atonement of Christ helps us CHANGE, BECOME who we WANT TO BECOME, and leave the past behind, to become like Christ.  And like the scripture in Moroni 10:32 says, when we experience this change, we can in nowise deny the power of God.
I love my mission, and am so so so so grateful to be here serving the Lord.
I love you all so much!  Keep being awesome!!!!  Keep serving the Lord!  Keep serving others!  And keep smiling! 🙂
Soeur Vogel 🙂
PICS: Our wonderful cultural celebration Saturday night!! So much fun!! 🙂
week 39.1
week 39.2
week 39.3
week 39.4
week 39.5
PICTURES: We taught Young Women’s on Sunday!! I actually love these girls!! SO FUN!!
McDos, like usual, with our Mami Pene, she loves America 🙂
Our Mami Pene, and our Mami Josephine!!! 🙂
week 39.6
week 39.7
week 39.8
week 39.9

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