Mission week 38

As always, I hope this email finds you well and that it  makes you SMILE!!!!! 🙂
This week was pretty great, like usual!!!! We have been seeing the awesome start of MIRACLES here in Paita and in New Caledonia in general!!! WHICH HAS BEEN GREAT!!!
So for the last few weeks Sœur Tatahio and I have been doing something called “The Promise of 21 Days.”  Basically it is a promise from the prophet that if you follow it, the people that you are working with will progress!!! Progression is one of our main problems here in Paita!  We have SO MANY people to work with, but they progress VERY SLOWLY!!  But with this promise, we have started to see some miracles!!  Oh-and the promise is you fast the first day together to know who to put on the list, then you read a scripture everyday for 21 days that relates to the work that you are doing (the scriptures are already pregiven) then you fast once a week for the progression of these people, and you pray for them every morning and every night!  And the promise is that if you do this, in 21 days, they will progress!!! Also, this promise was made for members, so YOU ALL CAN DO IT TOO!!! It is amazing to see how the Lord answers and keeps His part in the promises of this work 🙂
SO!  This week we had we have been seeing the results of this promise!! There is a wonderful woman, Mami Eugenie, who has been an investigator for about two years now!  She knows all is true, and wants to be baptized “one day,” which is always a frustrating response for a missionary!  Well, we felt inspired to put her name on our list for the 21 days and WOILA!!! This week, when we visited with her, she told us “This morning, the spirit told me I need to be baptized.  It didn’t come from my head, but from my heart.”  SO!  We invited her to pray aboutAugust 13 as her baptismal date!!! YAY!!!  I am hoping all goes well!  The ONLY problem is that she cannot come to Church because she has a son who is handicapped and literally cannot leave the house and she is the only one who can stay with him…so I am not too sure what to do in that situation, I will talk with our leaders 🙂
OKAY ANOTHER MIRACLE!!! So Maleko is our ami who is a referall from an inactive member!  We have been teaching him for about two months now, and has already told us he has a desire to be baptized!  But he has been smoking for about forty years, so he needs to stop that before he is baptized!  BUT slowly and surely, he has been stopping and this week we set his baptismal date for his birthday: the 25 of august!  WOOHOO! We know with the help of the Lord, he will be ready!! 🙂
THIRD MIRACLE: Remember my wonderful family Toi?!  The two boys who got baptized back in April and May?!  WELL we have been doing to recent convert lessons with them, but they are coming to and end!  We put their family name on our list of 21 days also because WE LOVE THEM and we want the older sister and the dad to get baptized!!! Well, this week I said to Sœur Tatahio “Oh no ma Sœur, we are almost done with the lessons for the Toi’s!  We have to start teaching the sister, or we will be out of that family!”  WELL, the Lord works in mysterious ways, and always answers our prayers! This weekend we had Stake Conference, and Mareave (the older sister) came to it!  Afterwards, we were talking with the family and she said that she was ready to be baptized! YAYAYASYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAYY!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! So we will be starting the lessons with her! 🙂  Only thing is that she is waiting for her cousin to get back from his mission to baptize her, he gets back in October…UGH but important thing is she wants to be baptized!  So, we are SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT!  After that, it will just be the PAPA and then they can go to the temple and be SEALED FOR TIME AND ALL ETERNITY!!! 🙂  Oh I cannot wait for that day! 🙂
SO yah, the promise of 21 days WORKS!!  We have possibly three baptisms in the near future! 🙂 I am so excited to see what other miracles will come, and grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who hears and answers our prayers!
I seriously LOVE PAITA so so much!  It is home for me now!  BUT transfers are next week and I am getting super nervous for whatever is coming!  AHH!  I have only been here 4 months, so I am hoping I stay again!  Sœur Tatahio feels like she is leaving, she is done with her training now, so it could be that!  We will see!  It is all in the Lord’s will 🙂
This past weekend, like I said, we had STAKE CONFERENCE!  Which was so great, because here we only have the one stake so ALL THE MEMBERS and MISSIONARIES are there!  I just love it when everyone is together like that 🙂  SO AWESOME! AND we had three investigators there, which was great!  Maleko, Mami Josephine, and Maraeva!  We had the temple president of New Zealand there, and Elder Haleck again, the seventy who is responsible of all of the Pacific!  It was a great conference because it was all focused on…MISSIONARY WORK! Elder Haleck talked about how if we want another stake her in New Cal and eventually a temple, EVERY MEMBER needs to be a missionary!! The spirit was so strong, and I think the members are pumped even more to do missionary work!  Which was great!
At night Elder Haleck gave a fireside (just another meeting lol), and talked about the Lord qualifying the people He calls.  He was talking to the members specifically, but I felt like it was exactly what all the missionaries needed to hear too!  Sometimes here in New Caledonia we get discouraged because the work is HARD and the people are not as open to the gospel like on other islands in the Pacific! But the Lord has called us here for a reason, and He will help us accomplish our task!  I remember in the MTC someone asked all the missionaries to stand up if they had been told that their mission was a low-baptizing area.  After all the missionaries who thought that had stood up, the person giving the devotional (can’t remember who) told them that that was a lie, that no mission is hard if you TRULY trust in the Lord! Anyways, it was a super awesome weekend filled with awesome motivation and now we are just so ready to go and do the work!
I have been studying Ammon and the son’s of Mosiah’s mission in the Book of Mormon in Alma 17-26 🙂  I LOVE THIS STORY and have probably read it about twenty times on my mission!  But each time I find something else that helps me, based on the trial that I am having at that time!  Like I said, recently I have been doubting a bit if the people we teach will progress, or if there are people here who are REALLY prepared for the gospel, if their hearts are just too hard.  BUT AMMON  and his bretheren went to teach to the Lamanites, who literally HATED God!  An what happened? They converted thousands to the knowledge of the truth.  I know that the Lord will do the same thing here!  I know I just need to keep the faith and keep moving forward!  Look at the miracles He is already doing?!  Possibly three baptisms woohoo!  And more to come 🙂  I KNOW that when we do what the Lord asks of us, He will take care of the rest.  I KNOW that wonderful blessings await the people here in New Cal, and await me as well, as I put my trust in the Lord and work with all of my heart here in my wonderful little land!  I love this gospel, I know that it is true!!! YOU CAN KNOW TOO! Ask the missionaries 🙂  They are really SUPER nice!  😉
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!  Thank you for your prayers and for your love!  YOU ARE THE BEST!  THIS GOSPEL IS A GOSPEL OF JOY, and I LOVE IT!  It is the truth, it is peace, it is happiness! 🙂
I hope you all have a great week, and that you see the wonderful hand of the Lord in your lives 🙂  It is there always, I promise that! 🙂
Remember to serve someone this week! 🙂  AND SMILE, and be happpyyy 🙂
Sœur Vogel 🙂
PICS:  Our Toi Boys!! We talked to them about missionary work this week!  They can’t wait to be missionaries!
Also, Stake Conference this weekend!  Sœur Decady and I with our favorite dude, Frere Bluker!  And all the missionaries with our wonderful Senior Couple who just finished their mission!  They are so great!!
 week 38.1
week 38.2week 38.3
week 38.4

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