Mission Week 35

I hope this email finds you all WELL WELL WELL and that you all have a little smile when you read it! 🙂  SMILE! 🙂
So this week, oh what a week!!! Let me tell you all something… SATAN IS AWAKE!!! So our wonderul Vanuatu Port Vila Mission is really REALLY trying to become a mission of miracles! Which means, finding people like crazy, teaching people like crazy, and baptizing people like crazy!!!  WELL GREAT!! WE CERTAINLY WANT TO DO THAT!!! BUT SATAN HE IS AWAKE!  Last week pretty much, EVERY PERSON canceled on us!! Or we would go to someone’s house, and they would be there, but wouldn’t come to the door!  Like what!!! DON’T YOU PEOPLE KNOW THIS IS THE TRUTH?!!! 🙂  Anyways, we talked to A LOT of dogs last week so that was fun! But I am grateful to so many wonderful members here that keep us going!!! That have wonderful testimonies and love the missionaries and the work of the Lord!! So with that in mind, we keep going!  We know this is the work of the Lord, and we know that Heavenly Father LOVES His children, and so we will do our part to find those that are ready, searching, and needing the truth in their lives!
Well, Sunday we had THREE AMIS at church!!! That was an awesome miracle!!! We had our Mami Josephine of course, and our Maleko!  We also had the son of our inactive Soeur Izumi!  He is 17 and wants to go on a mission, but he smokes and thinks it is too late for him!  Saturday night we had a soiree with the Izumi family and we talked with him about the atonement of Christ, and how it is never ever too late to change.  If we have the desire, that is all we need!  We then turn to the Lord and make as much as an effort as we can ourselves, and he will do the rest!  🙂  Anyways, Alexandre (this wonderful 17 year old) came to church the next day!! He only stayed for the first hour, but hey better than nothing!  We were pretty darn happy!!!
Then our ami Maleko who we have been teaching for about a month now came to church and says he wants to be baptized!! But he doesn’t feel ready at this moment, which is always frustrating…but patience is a virtue!!  And so we keep moving on!! This week, we challenged him to stop smoking, with the help of the Lord of course.  He said he is going to try!! We set a goal for him to stop smoking by the 16th of July!  But he has been smoking since he was 10 years old! WHAT!! But that doesn’t matter!!! The Lord will help no matter how lost we think we are!  THE LORD NEVER ABANDONS US!!!
Other than that, Mami Josephine also is beginning to stop drinking coffee!! She still has the desire to be baptized, but wants to take things SUPER slowly!  Which we understand, she is old, and is slow to understand things!  But she has that desire!  And she comes to church every Sunday!! She loves the Lord and wants to change!!! We really really really love this Mami!! Soeur Tatahio and I are always laughing when we are with her! 🙂
Other than that, we continue to visit our inactive families who we love so very much!  We are trying to serve them more, and help them see that they are LOVED!!! And sometimes that service is cleaning all the cockroaches out of their cabinets…LET ME TELL YOU the Lord provides, that is something I would NEVER DO before the mission, but now, it is just normal!  My how I have changed…. 😉
BUT TO BECOME A MISSION OF MIRACLES AND TO FIND THOSE THAT ARE READY FOR THE GOSPEL Soeur Tatahio and I are turning our efforts to finding!!!  TALKING TO EVERYONE ON THE STREETS, finding old investigators, asking members for referrals, and going door to door!  Sometimes, that can be frustrating, but I KNOW that the Lord will provide!!! Monday we had about an hour between lessons in the afternoon so I told my Soeur LET’S GO DO SOME CONTACTING!!! So we went to the downtown part of Paita and talked with two wonderful women! And they both accepted for the missionaries to stop by their house!  One didn’t live in our area so we gave her information to the other sisters, and the other had met with missionaries a while ago but had lost contact with them!  BUT SHE SAID THAT SHE LOVED IT AND MISSED IT AND WANTED TO MEET WITH US AGAIN!  LIKE WHAT?!! She was just a random woman sitting on a bench and we picked her out of the crowd!  Well I shouldn’t say we, it was the Lord who guided us!!! Sometimes, we don’t even realize it!!! Anyways, this wonderful woman’s name was Nelly but she is a little hard to see because she lives in a tribe and we can’t just go to her house!  So we made plans to meet her in town again the next day, but we were late to the meeting and we think we missed her 😦  But she said she is always there about the same time because she picks up her son from school, so we will try again!  The Lord will provide!
Anyways my wonderful family and friends!  That is the missionary life!! Trying not to get discouraged and working to meet our goals!  I KNOW THAT THE LORD WILL PROVIDE WHEN WE DO OUR PART!!! We cannot ask for miracles if we don’t work for them!! We cannot expect change if we don’t take the first step with FAITH!!! The LORD is ALWAYS there!! HE is WAITING with patience and love, ready to pour out blessings and miracles!  It is just our job to lay aside our pride, be humble, come unto the Lord, work hard, and see the miracles and mighty change that will come into our lives and into the lives of others.
I know this gospel is true.  That I cannot deny!! I know that God and Jesus Christ LIVE!! They are perfect beings with the sole purpose of helping US become perfect!  “For behold, this is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” (Moses 1:39)  Our lives, our progression, our achievements are the Lord’s glory!  We rejoices with us when we triumph, and cries with us when we are at a standstill.  But always, always, always, He is there, pushing us along, helping us become the person that WE WANT and that HE WANTS us to become!
I know this to be true!  I love this gospel, it is the source to my joy, my happiness, and all that I am!  It is true!  Pray to your HEavenly Father, and you can know too!
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!  Thank you for your prayers, for your support, for your examples!!! I wouldn’t be here without you all!!! 🙂
Soeur Vogel 🙂
PS CULTURE UPDATE: Everyone here wakes up early! Like 6 in the morning everyone is up and starting their day!  But at noon until 2 ish in the afternoon is nap hour!  EVERYONE takes a nap!  ALL THE STORES ARE CLOSED and there is NO ONE in the streets!   So that is a bit of a struggle, but we love it!  All part of the awesome culture here 🙂
Our MAMI JOSEPHINE!! Oh how we love her 🙂

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