IL EST BON OU QUOI Transfer 5 Week 1

Mission week 34
SUCH A GREAT WEEK HERE IN PAITA!!!! I am seriously really starting to LOVE LOVE LOVE Paita!!! I know I say that all the time, but seriously  this is the promised land, kind of… we are working on it!!!
So despite the challenges of not having a car and what not Soeur Tatahio and I were still able to accomplish our goals last week and teach 23 lessons!!!! WOOHOO!!! 🙂  Luckily, we have AWESOME members in our sector who were willing to drive us around and do great work with us!  🙂  LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!  So the blessings of this week?!  Soeur Tatahio and I are now VERY united and are getting along great, we now have a pretty awesome relationship with the ward members, and we got some good exercise, which we need with the amount of food we eat here in Paita!!!  So, grateful for challenges even when they seem unfair, and grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves us and provides for us always!!  🙂
So what to say about Paita!! Most of our lessons are with inactives which is good and bad…great because we have lots of people to visit but bad because they are inactive!!! But there is a lot of hard feelings here in the Tontouta ward, people getting offended by other people and what not…CAN’T PEOPLE JUST ACCEPT THAT WE ARE NOT ALL PERFECT?!!  🙂  But anyways, that is our struggle! We continue to visit these wonderful people and give them the love and attention they need to feel of the Savior’s love for them, and pray and pray and pray that Heavenly Father will soften their hearts and help them see all the wonderful blessings that come from keeping the commandments of God!  We have had some wonderful miracles, one of our inactives came back to church after years and years of being inactive!! She has been loving it and just knows that she is ready to be back!! So yay for that!!!  And now, her children are starting to see her example and want that for themselves as well, so hopefully we will be able to start teaching them, when they are ready of course!!!
Our investigators are doing pretty awesome!! Right now we are working with a man named Maleko who talks A LOT!!! But he is great!!  This week he said that he knows he needs to be baptized but he wants to take things slowly..SO YAY hopefully a baptism in the near future!!! 🙂
We are continuing to work Mami Josephine, but we have to take things SUPER slowly since she is old and doesn’t understand much!  But she has been coming to church and has been loving her life so I am hoping she will feel ready enough to be baptized soon!  She just needs to stop drinking coffee!  😉
We are also working with another investigator who has been meeting with the missionaries for a long long time, his name is Orlando, and he is GREAT!!! He has a problem with prophets, but everything else he believes is exactly the same!  We challenged him to pray about it, if he truly trusts in God and wants to follow God’s way, then all he needs to do is ASK him!  So we are putting our faith in Heavenly Father that Orlando will do that!!! I see a lot of potential in him!! Maybe even a future bishop! 🙂
Other than that, we are loving life here in Paita!!  I really want to find more people to teach, so Soeur Tatahio and I are searching for cool finding ideas so that our mission can reach our goal of 1000 baptisms in 2016!!  I know that we can do it, we just have to open our mouth and TEACH!
One cool experience this week!  Monday night we went to go visit an inactive family who have been inactive forever!  But they have been sealed as an eternal family in the temple and still love the Lord, so we continue to visit them in hopes to bring them back to church!!  Well we haven’t been able to see them in a few weeks, but this week we swung by their house and they were there!  We shared a message with them about how much God loves them and cares for them.  After we were done and getting ready to go, the mother told us that she and her husband we just talking about how they needed God in their lives again and then we stopped by!  They took it as a sign!  WOW!  I had no idea the spirit was directing us like that!  So cool!
ALSO Saturday night we went to see our investigator who was singing in the music festival here in Paita!  So that was fun!! 🙂  We had a wonderful evening with some great members!  🙂
ALSO!  Our chapel in Tontouta is done with construction which means we can finally have our meetings in a chapel!  🙂  But we will be having a big dedication ceremony which will be fun and all the inactive families want to come, so that will be great!  🙂  We just need to clear out all the tools and construction things and then we will be good to go!  WOOHOO! 🙂
Hmm, I had a really tender experience this week!  One night I was laying in bed at night and all of a sudden I got this overwhelming sense of love for the people here in Paita, and in New Cal in general!  I wanted just then and there to go and teach them and see the miracles!! But of course, it was 10 at night and I couldn’t go!  But oh how grateful I am for this glorious gift that the Lord has given me.  I am so grateful to serve here, to be with the people, to love these people, and to learn from them each and everyday.  I am grateful for the talents and gifts the Lord has given me to help me in this work.  And I am grateful for the people He has prepared for me here to teach!  I know that this is the Lord’s work!  I know that each one of us are His children and that He loves us so very much!  That is why we have His gospel, His commandments, everything!  He loves us!  All we have to do is open our hearts to Him and be willing, have the desire to come unto Him, and be changed.
I love this gospel.  I love this work!  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!
Oh my wonderful family and friends, how glorious this is!
I love you all so much!  Thank you for your examples, for your love, for your support, for everything!  I love hearing about your lives, and learning from each of you!  You are all always in my prayers, and in my heart!  I LOVE YOU ALL!
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!  STAY HAPPY! SMILE!!!!
Life is beautiful! 🙂
Soeur Vogel 🙂
NOT TOO MANY PICTURES THIS WEEK!  Just our beautiful New Cal, ma Soeur and I walking around doing the good work, and

seeing our investigator this weekend, so fun! 🙂  WOOHOO!!
week 34.1
week 34.2

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