IAORANA Transfer 4 Week 6

BONJOUR TOUT LE MONDE!!!! Okay what to even write for this week!!!!  Craziness, craziness, craziness!!!!
Well what to say!! Seems like lots of awesome things are happening at home with the start of summer and all!!! So happy to hear from you all, and see your awesome lives and just yah!!!! 🙂
Here in New Cal, the work continues as always!!!!
So this week!!! Finally the real last week of the transfer!!! So yah!!!
Last Thursday was awesome!! We had an exchange with our Sister Training Leaders, and I got to be with Soeur MAtheson, MY GIRL!!! So that was fun!!! 🙂  We were able to visit with some inactive members, our ami Mami Josephine, and our new investigator Orlando!!!  The lessons were good, and the spirit was there, so that is what really matters!!! Thursday night, I witnessed a miracle!!! 🙂
During on of our lessons, I heard our phone ringing A LOT!!! But of course, I didn’t want to answer it because we were in an awesome lesson!!!  Afterwards, I checked the phone and it was one of our amis, Arisitide!!  Now Aristide, he is certainly interesting!!!  Soeur REorau and I met with him ONE TIME, and thought that he was golden golden golden!  But afterwards, he stopped answering our calls and didn’t fic another lesson with us, so we moved on and starting teaching those that are ready!  Well Thursday night I called him back and asked what was wrong, and he said “Oh I was just wondering if I could come to church on Sunday!”  I was so shocked and SO HAPPY!!! It was a MIRACLE!!! 🙂  And Sunday he came to church with a heart open to learn, and we are teaching him again on Thursday, YAY!!!
Thursday night we had a soiree (when we eat dinner with members)  with our papa here in Paita, SOANE!!! We laughed and ate and it was a good time! 🙂 But it was also so cold!!! And we always eat outside since he is a single man, but WOILA!! We are surviving the cold, slowly but surely 🙂  I will say that we can see our breathe sometimes at night, so I am not exageratting when I say it is chilly! 
FRIDAY we finished our exchange and Soeur Tathio and I were back together!!! We did a quick send off to our wonderful Soeur Reorau and Soeur Temanaha-Moo at McDonald’s with a few members here in PAITA as they were headed back to Tahiti!!! It was a little sad to say goodbye, but life goes on and the work continues!! 
We also had a lesson with Moana and Manutea since they are recent converts to the church!  Afterwards, we were talking with their mother, a recently returning member to the church!! We are working on getting her husband to meet with us.  She said that he knows the church is true, he just isn’t ready to make the commitment!  THE CLASSIC MEN RESPONSE!!! COME ON PEOPLE DON’T YOU KNOW THIS IS THE TRUTH?!!! 🙂  BUTTTT Alice said that she had the prompting to start preparing herself to go to the temple, and that when she does that, her husband will come! So that is the goal for her right now!!! AHH!! She wants to eventually be sealed as a family in Salt Lake!! I said she better wait until I get home!!! Oh how I love this family!!! 🙂
Saturday we had a ward activity for Father’s Day, so naturally the sister missionaries were invited lol!!! It was at the beach and all the men went out on a boat and went fishing and afterwards we cooked all the fish and ate it!! It was SO GOOD!!!!! 🙂  And so much fun!! I love the Tontouta ward, it is full of characters!!! Just like home 🙂  Afterwards we had some lessons with some inactives which went VERY well!!!! BECAUSE THE NEXT DAY SUNDAY….
We had TWO investigators at church!!!!! 🙂  Mami Josephine and Arisitide!! Which is awesome!!! AND one inactive family who is VERY VERY inactive that we met with Saturday night came as well!!!!! 🙂  YAY FOR MIRACLES!!!! We just have to be patient 🙂
Also when we showed up to church I was told I was giving a talk…so I prepared that in two minutes and WOILA!!! I ended up talking about the Prodigal’s son, and how our Father in Heaven is always ALWAYS there for us, no matter what we have done in the past!  He looks to us as who we can BECOME not on who we were! But I was pretty proud that I could muster up french to talk like that 🙂  Definitely wasn’t perfect, but the Lord provides 🙂
Well after that awesome church sunday we got a call sunday night to tell us that we were not going to have our car anymore…no explanation just that.  So THAT was a bummer!! It isn’t permanent, but we don’t know for how long we won’t have our car so yah…it just makes our work A LOT harder, but STILL POSSIBLE!!! 🙂  We are keeping our attitudes up and we are continuing to move forward!!!
SO WITH THAT NEWS Monday morning we went and visited all the people that live far away from us with our wonderful mission mama Soeur Toyan!  We were able to see an inactive family that we haven’t seen in months, so that that was a blessing!!! And afterwards, Soeur Toyan bought us lunch, so that was a tender mercy 🙂  Afterwards, our zone leaders came and took our keys, so that is that!  But we had lessons scheduled, so we walked the forty minutes to our inactives’ house and did some service for her:  CLEANING OUT HER PANTRY AND VACUUMING UP ALL THE CAFARDS (cockroaches)!! LET ME TELL YOU THESE BUGS WERE HUGE  LIKE THE SIZE OF MY FINGERS!!! But what can I say, the Lord provides a way and we did it anyway, with a song in our heart!!! It was great, because this wonderful inactive definitely has more respect and trust in us now, but it was simply because we love her and love the Lord 🙂  I love serving even when it comes to doing gross things like that!!!
Yesterday (Tuesday) we walked two hours to our lesson!! Luckily we scheduled all of our people who live in the same apartment complex at the same time, so we walked there and stayed there for the remainder of the day!! Then we had a soiree and our member brought us home, the wonderful Soeur Voisin!!! 🙂  But yah, that is our life right now!!!
On the plus side, Soeur Tatahio and I are bonding like crazy! Walking around playing games and doing to Lord’s work!! That is the life right now!! 🙂
So I am pretty sore but am grateful for my health that allows me to do this!! And Lord definitely provides for His missionaries!!!! And it has been great to be able to talk with everyone along the way!! 🙂
But HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK!!! I was able to have a really tender experience this week! Friday night we had a soiree with our wondeorful Toyan family!  We were talking with them about the blessings of doing missionary work and the changes we have seen our lives thanks to our missions!  I started bearing my testimony on charity on the love I have been blessed with for the people around me and for the deep desire I have been blessed with to serve them.  I felt the spirit so strongly that I started crying…which NEVER HAPPENS!!!  But all of us were crying by the end of our testimonies!  I shared with the family that I know that God doesn’t just grant the gift of charity to His missionaries, but TO ALL who have a desire to serve those around them.  Which I don’t even know where that came from, guess it was the spirit!!!
But my wonderful family and friends, I know I have talked so much about charity in my emails, I know I have said that I love these people before, but let my just testify to you again, that the gift of charity is real.  Feeling Christ like love is nothing I have ever felt before!  I feel such a deep devotion to these people!!  That is what motivates me everyday, despite all the obstacles against us!  So what if we don’t have a car?!  These people need us all the same, and so we will go and teach, even if it takes three hours to walk there!!!  🙂 🙂 
Oh my family and friends, I love you all so much!!!  I know that God lives and that He LOVES US! I know His arm is always outstretched towards us, and that His blessings are always available to us when we just COME UNTO HIM!  The Lord is merciful, He is understanding, and He is forgiving.  He will carry us through our lives, He will help us be strong, and He will never leave us alone!  🙂 

 “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I ammeek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” -Matthew 11:28-30 🙂

Okay my wonderful family and friends that is is all for this week!! I love you all and hope that this email makes you SMILE!!! And that this week is full of happiness and joy and good times!! This gospel is true!!!!!!! I know it with all of my heart!!! 🙂

I love you all!!! Until next week!!!!


Soeur Vogel 🙂

PICS: Bye Soeur REorau and Temanaha-Moo!  This is the only pic I have, can’t trust elders for anything!!!! 😉


Our activity Saturday! At the beach, what I ate, and we found a starfish! 🙂




Just mission life!!! Okay love you all, have a great week! 🙂



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