CRAZINESS Transfer 4 Week 5

Mission Week 32

I have been loving and praying for you all so much this week!! I love you all!!! Did you know that?!  I love you 🙂
I hope the summer weather is going well because it is getting chilly here in New Cal as the winter season begins!!! Like NO!! Stop!!  Okay I guess I shouldn’t be complaining, but there was one night that we could see our breath, so yah!!! And we still have two months to go in winter!!!
ANYWAYS!!! The weather is still beautiful, and the work here is fantastic!! I am starting to really REALLY REALLLLYYYY love my area of Paita! I mean, I know I always said I loved it, but seriously, I love this place!!! The people here are beautiful and wonderful, we have a lot of work to do, and I just love working with everyone here!  I feel like it is my home and that I will never get transfered, so we will see 🙂  HAHA!!
WELL CRAZINESS HAPPENED THIS WEEK!!!  So three of the fice (five?) missionaries that were leaving this transfer left, and two other missionaries who were not supposed to leave ended up leaving too…not sure on the story there but it is not important!! But that was unexpected craziness!  So we had our transfers early, and ME AND MA SOEUR ARE STAYING TOGETHER ANOTHER TRANSFER IN PAITA!!! Which we knew would happen since I am training her, but now it is definite! But our district changed, now it is only us sisters in Paita and the elders of Tontouta, which is nice because we are all in the same ward so we can focus our attention on serving the ward, but it stinks because we had to say goodbye to our wonderful district leader Elder Graham!! But that is okay, he is in the best sector now, so yay for him!  BUT we are down missionaries!! Soeur Reorau and another sister leave this Friday 😦  But the new missionaries (we are getting four) do not come until the end of the month!  So we have about five areas closed right now…AHHH!!! BUT THE WORK CONTINUES!! It has just been a little crazy with all of these unexpected changes!!!
So yah, not really sure if is the next transfer or not, but hey that is cool!
ANYWAYS!  SO this week!
Last Wednesday after emails we had a mass district activity where we went to McDos (like usual, have I told you Mcdonalds is like royalty here, like people go here when they graduate med school, it is so weird!!) and then we went to laser tag and we went bowling which was so fun!!
Thursday Soeur Tatahio and I were busy busy BUSY!!!  We contacted a lot of the people that we met with on Monday when we did the “Tour of Paita” and it was GREAT!!!  We have two new investigators now, well really they are just really old investigators that are retaking the lessons, but still, it is awesome!  Their names are Orlando and Stephanie, but I can’t say too much yet because like I said, they are very new!!! 🙂 Then we met with our other investigator Maleko!! He is great but he talks A LOT!!! We are always there for like two hours!!  But we starting to talk about faith and repentance!!  We are trying to get him to church, and we want to invite him to be baptized!  He is a bit strange, he keeps saying that he knows it is true, but I am not sure if he has really felt the spirit yet….we will see!!
FRIDAY WAS AN AWESOME DAY!!! We met with a wonderful inactive who loves the gospel but got offended by the people of the ward and will NOT come back to church!  BUT I LOVE HER!! She talks fast holy cow, but I could understand her, so that was cool!  Her name is Soeur Joannes, and she is just so great!! She ended up feeding us lunch and invited us over the next day to make American cookies with her!  Also she told us that she doesn’t usually invite people from the church in, including the missionaries, so I don’t know why it changed this time, but grateful for mini miracles that the Lord affords us each and every day!!
 ALSO FRIDAY NIGHT, we had dinner with a member and an inactive with his girlfriend who is now our new investigator!  She has been so prepared by her boyfriend and has already read a lot of the Book of Mormon, so that is great!  The only problem is that her parents don’t want her to take the lessons, but she is 23 and moving out of her house soon, so I think we will be teaching her then!! But until then, we will continue to have dinner with them every week!! OH I LOVE HER!!! Her  name is Sandra and her boyfriend’s name is Tomasi!! SERIOUSLY I LOVE THEM!!! And so excited for their future 🙂
Saturday we had service again, and then made cookies with Soeur Joannes, and then visited with a wonderful inactive member family who are coming back to church, and finished off the day with a wonderful meal with our mission mama, Soeur Toyan 🙂
Sunday was church like usual and we had one inactive member family there!! Then we had a lesson with an inactive member who is coming back to church which was great the spirit is always so strong there!!! 🙂
I love zone conference!!! President was here with his wife and we had an awesome spirit filled two days!! Monday morning we had a training from President just about mission stuff-how the mission works etc etc…then we had an activity WHICH WAS SO FUN!! We ended up having a huge waterfight and it was awesome!! Wish I had pictures!  Then we had interviews with President which I felt great about!!  The next day, Tuesday, we had a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL spirit filled meeting about loving our Savior Jesus Christ and making our mission a mission of miracles!! I AM SO PUMPED!! MIRACLES ARE IN OUR FUTURE!!  But seriously, the spirit was so strong last night!!! I am just so grateful 🙂
SO YAH, it was a pretty great week!
But this week I have deepened my love even further for the Savior Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ is our older brother!  The one that always looks out for us and loves us dearly!  He was perfect, and lived a life that we all need to leave!  Yet he was rejected, and spit upon, and hated against!  But He never gave up, he just kept going!  He suffered for each of us, indvidually so that He can know how to succor us during our times of trial and discomfort.  He loves us.  He cares for us, and He is there to help US reach our full potential.  I love my Savior.  He is the source of my strength, he is the source of my happiness, He is way I am here.  I love His gospel, and I know that is the truth!  I know that He lives, through the power of the Holy Ghost!  I KNOW THESE THINGS TO BE TRUE!!  Please, whenever YOU feel like giving up, or feel like you can’t go on, remember the Savior, He loves you.  Just reach up, take His hand, and He will carry you home!  I know these things to be true.
My wonderful family and friends, I love you so much.  Thank you for all that you do each and everyday and for your love.  And to those who are graduating this week, I LOVE YOU!!!
Okay, well that is about it!!!  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!!
Have a great week 🙂
Soeur Vogel 🙂
PICS: MISSIONARY FUN!! Bowling, and chilling and having a great time!
OUR BEAUTIFUL AREA OF PAITA!! The little houses, and just the beautiful weather and YAY!
Yay for service in our beautiful area, and ZONE CONFERENCE FUN!
OKAY LAST ONES!! ZONE CONFERENCE! Okay Have a great week! 🙂

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