MIRACLES Transfer 4 Week 4

Mission Week 31

Ca va?!!! Ceb 🙂
So like always, what a crazy week here in Paita!  I really love this sector, and am so grateful for all the people we have the occasion to teach and meet and love! 🙂
So what has happened this week!  Well, last Wednesday we were able to meet with Manutea and Moana, our recent converts, and we taught them again about the Plan of Salvation!  At the end they asked how their family can be eternal, and we said that well, everyone has to be baptized and go to the temple!  They then proceeded to say that GREAT, we will work on our dad!  They also asked if we would see each other after this life, and if we would all live together with God in the Celestial Kingdom (meaning us the missionaries and these awesome kids) and I said of course!  The Lord promises us that the people we teach on our missions, we will rest with them in the kingdom of God after this life! (Doctrine and Covenants 18 😉 )  Then Moana and Manutea jumped for joy because they were so happy we would all be together!  I LOVE THOSE KIDS!  They then proceeded to say that they are going to start preparing for their missions…they are 11 and 12, why are kids just so darn great?! They are our examples 🙂
Thursday was a blah day, most of our lessons cancelled and so we spent most the day looking through our area book finding old investigators and people that we could contact!  But it was cool, before doing so, we prayed to the Lord to know who was READY for the gospel.  We haven’t had too much success contacting these people yet, but the spirit was definitely there as we were searching through these names of so many wonderful people!
Friday we always go and visit inactive members with our wonderful Soeur Likhau, the wife of our DMP!  We visited this one inactive member and stayed for three hours just talking about life, the gospel and all!  It was so great, and she said she thought she was ready to come to church!  Also, I was pretty impressed on how much I could just hold a normal conversation, yay for the gift of tongues!
Saturday we had a service project ALL DAY at our favorite member’s house, SOANE!  He is like a father to us, and we love him so much!  We helped him clean his house, ironed his clothes, and cleaned up his yard!  So that was great!  I love doing service!
SUNDAY!!!  So Sunday was a bit cyclone-ish here in New Cal!  It was downpourring ALL DAY and it was pretty cold which stunk!  And of course, because our chapel is under construction, we met outside for all of our mettings!  We were under a tarp, but there were still puddles of water everywhere and wind blowing water everywhere!  But I love our ward so much, we just all laughed together and sat there in the pourring rain feeling of the Lord’s love for us, and yelling HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!  The sad part is that when it rains, NO ONE leaves their house so that means no one was at church besides the steadfast members, so we didn’t have any inactives or investigators there 😦  BUT next week!!!  After church we taught a lesson, but we were sitting on this man’s front porch and the rain and the wind were so bad we couldn’t hear anything and so we had to cut it short!  BUT!!!  IT WAS SO COOL!!! I was soaking wet by the end of the day!  I wish I took more pictures!
MONDAY!!! Our miracle day!!! 🙂  WE WORKED ALL DAY!! From six in the morning until six at night!  We went out with the elders and two members from our ward and just had  a tour of Paita: where all the members live, where all the inactives live, and the best part, WHERE INVESTIGATORS LIVE!!! One of the members we went out with served his mission here ten years ago, so we visited people he taught ten years ago and these people said that we could come back and teach them!!!! 🙂  SO GREAT!!! Yay for new people to teach! 🙂
BUT THE BEST PART was the miracle we were able to see! No it wasn’t a miracle of the blind being able to see or someone walking on water, but it was a miracle of  a changing heart, which to me is the best miracle of all!!!  SO, like I said we went out with a member who had served his mission here!  We visited this one inactive woman who is VERY inactive and said she will NEVER come back to church!  BUT when this member had served here, she was a very active member and had missionaries over all the time!  So when we showed up to her house on Monday, she knew this man from when he was a missionary!  She was so happy and invited us in and we proceeded to talk for about an hour!  At the end, she asked if she could have a priesthood blessing because she had been struggling with a few things in her life.  So this wonderful member gave her a POWERFUL blessing and in the blessing he told this beautiful wonderful woman not to forget the testimony she has of this gospel.  Afterwards, we were all teary eyed and the woman looked up and said I think I need to go back to church!!! LIKE WHAT?!!! LET ME TELL YOU THIS WOMAN DID NOT EVEN WANT TO PRAY WITH US!!! LIKE MIRACLE!!!!
So yah, this week has been pretty awesome! 🙂  I am excited for the next week, we are busy busy busy, and we have zone conference, so that will be fun 🙂
So YAH!!! My family and friends, I hope you are doing well, loving life, and staying happy!
I can testify to you that this gospel is TRUE!  It is the source to all happiness, blessings, and peace that we want in our life!  It is a gospel of change, or miracles, of love!  All we have to do is come unto Christ, learn of Him, and see the miracles unfold in our lives 🙂
Soeur Vogel 🙂
PICS: Our service project saturday, with our wonderful SOANE!
Me telling the people of New Cal to REPENTEZ
Our water fountains here in New Cal 😉
LES SOEURS, love these sisters!

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