(Mission week 30)

Hope your weeks are going well, and that this email finds you with lots of joy and happiness and love!!!
Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Happy Summer, woohoo!
It is the beginning of winter here, and let me tell you, it is getting cold!! I know I shouldn’t be complaining, but at night I have my sweatpants and my sweatshirt on under blankets, and just cold!!!  But it is only for a few months, so I will survive!!!
Okay so this week!!! Well we were able to teach and teach and teach this week, which is always great!! They say missionary work doesn’t start until you find people to teach!! Luckily we have lots to teach! Like I have said, most of our lessons are with inactives, which is just as important!  We usually visit the inactives with members, because most of the time these inactives just need a friend at church, or someone to love them, and so, we are trying to help make those connections for them!  The members here are so so helpful and we usually go on visits with them three days out of our week, so that is nice! 🙂
We have seen one miracle with one of our inactives!  Her name is Caroline, and she grew up in the church, but had a bad marriage and abandoned her faith!  Now she is a single mother, and has a daycare at her house from 4 in the morning until 6 at night, so this girl knows how to work!  But she still has such a strong faith and strong testimony of the gospel!  When we first began meeting with her, she said she didn’t want to come to church  because she has a problem with smoking!  But she said she would like a priesthood blessing to help her stop, and so we got someone over there, and they gave her a blessing, and since then, she hasn’t smoked since and has no desire too!  That is the second experience I have had with someone receiving a priesthood blessing to help them stop smoking, and it working!  SO IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH SMOKING AND YOU WANT TO STOP, TURN TO THE LORD AND GET A BLESSING FROM A WONDERFUL PRIESTHOOD HOLDER!  It doesn’t matter if you are a member of the church or not, the Lord’s hand is outstretched to everyone! He is just waiting for you to COME UNTO HIM! If you have questions, ask my mother 🙂
Hmmm, so yah that was cool!  We have been able to receive a few cordonees (referrals?) from members here so that is great!  We are working to try and contact them, which is always a struggle because people work, and phones are kind of unreliable here!  But, we are doing it!
Our main problem right now is that we have so so so many people to teach, but not too many who are progressing!  Mami Josephine said she doesn’t want to fix a date to be baptized, which is a little discouraging, because she has such a strong faith, but I guess that is where patience and trust in the Lord comes in!  But we are trying to find those that are ready for the gospel, and help them come unto Christ!  So I am hoping we can do that as we move forward with the work here in Paita!
BUT, we have started teaching one man, Maleko, who is a friend of an inactive member here in Paita!  He seems really receptive so far, and I think we will challenge him to be baptized on our next visit, if the spirit is right!  He really likes what we have been teaching and says if feels like it is true! WELL DUH IT IS TRUE 🙂  He is great!!! He is from Vanuatu though, so his accent is a little hard to understand, but the Lord always provides!
Other than that, we had a relief society activity on Saturday for Mother’s Day here in New Cal!! So Happy Mother’s Day again to all you wonderful mothers!!!!  And for all my mamas, who have helped raise me and influence me for good, I love you all! 🙂
Also, the elders in our ward had a baptism this past week, and there was a baptism for children in the ward on Sunday so we had lots of occassions to attend baptisms this past week!! It is awesome because the spirit is always so strong there!  So far the Tontouta ward has had 5 children be baptized in the past month!  The children are really the examples here!! They are humble,  they love the Lord, and they know what they have to do to gain their salvation!  I love these awesome kids, their faith is so strong!
So yah, that is the life right now!!! Just teaching, and preaching the good word of God!  Staying happy, and striving to be better everday!  I love the Lord!  I love this gospel, I know that it is true!!! I know God lives!  He loves us, and cares for every one of us!  Our lives are in His hands, and when we trust Him, and have faith in Him, and do what He commands, and all things will work together for our good!
This is my testimony!  This is my joy 🙂  This is why I am here, sharing this beautiful message with others, and feeling the amazing blessings of my Heavenly Father each and every day, in my life and in the lives of others!   I love you all!  I pray for you always!
Have a wonderful week!  LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL!
Soeur Vogel
PS Don’t forget to smile! 🙂
Mission meetings, missions meetings, mission meetings!  It is always fun when everyone gets together 🙂
And more missionary pictures 🙂
Okay last ones!
New district

, myself being cold here in the 18 degeree weather (I think its like 60 degree F) and yah, pday hikes, and party at our DMP’s house! 🙂


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