LA VIE EST BELLE Transfer 4 Week 2

(Mission week 29)


I hope you all are doing well and that this email finds you happy healthy and yah!!

This week has been a good one here in New Cal!!! Soeur Tatahio and I were able to accomplish a lot this past week, have fun, and have a wonderful visit from one of the leaders of the church this week!  WOOHOO!!! Okay so where do I begin….

Last PDAY was fun!! After emailing you wonderful people Soeur Tatahio and I met up with some of her family here who are members here in the Southern part of the island!  It was funny because I never met them but they knew who I was…. They said, oh you are the sister that never stops smiling and talking…well they are right lol!!! But it was fun to be with them, and they took us to McDonald’s so that was nice 🙂  Then that night we had a lesson with Manutea and Moana, our recent converts and then a soiree (when we eat with members) with our DMP (ward mission leader) and his family like usual, every Wednesday!

Thursday we had another zone meeting at the beautiful beautiful Bourrail to help prepare us the for soixante-dix (member of the seventy, a leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) that would be coming to talk with us missionaries and the saints here in New Cal that weekend!  It was so nice to be by the beautiful beach again and feel of the spirit with the rest of the awesome missionaries here in New Cal!! We had fun 🙂

Friday was busy busy busy!  In the morning Soeur Tatahio and I went and visited some inactive members with Soeur LiKhau (the wife of our DMP) which was great because I still don’t really know where everyone lives here!  But I am figuring it out 🙂  We were also able to find some new investigators which was awesome! So we were happy about that!

Saturday we visited with our Mami Josephine in the morning, and then went down into the “city” for the rest of the weekend for our conferences with the seventy, Lynn G Robbins, and Elder Halick (I believe he is the area seventy for the pacific?!)  Anyways, our conference was so so great!  We talked about finding people, and not being afraid to open our mouths to this marvelous gospel that we have!  We also talked about truly serving those around us, and that if we want to truly be missionaries like our Savior Jesus Christ, we need to serve those around us, and people will naturally be attracted to our message like they were to Christ!  So that was cool!  That night, there was a cultural party to welcome Elder Robbins to New Cal where they had cultural dances and songs!! IT WAS AWESOME!! I was crying with happiness, and I just wanted to get up and dance and sing with the people!  I am so grateful for my mission here, for the people I have gotten to meet and love, and truly come to adore here in New Cal!

Sunday was SO GREAT!  The whole stake, so all the saints here in New Cal gathered together for a conference with Elder Robbins!  It was so nice because we got to all be together, and I got to see all of my old investigators and members that I have been not been able to see since being here in Paita!  But the best part was the message given by Elder Robbins!  He talked about obedience, which is probably one of the hardest but most important principles we can learn in this life!  And the mission is a constant test of my obedience to the Lord, and my trust in Him!  But Elder Robbins talked about sacrifice, and how our obedience is tested through our sacrifices.  He gave the example of when Abraham was commanded to sacrifice Isaac, and how much of a sacrifice that was for him, but that the Lord needed to make sure he was truly obedient so that the Lord could bestow marvelous blessings to him and to his posterity!  Well darn!  I need to sacrifice more! I want to show the Lord that I am truly His, that I am his obedient child, and that I want all the blessings I can get!  And so if I have to sacrifice my own personal desires to serve Him, then so be it!  I love the Lord, and His ways and plans for us are ALWAYS better than our own!

 Sunday night we had a fireside question and answer with the seventy which was great!  He talked about finding your future spouse which was of course interesting..but that can wait for another year 😉

Monday!!  Okay Monday Soeur Tatahio and I were kind of feeling bummed after having an awesome weekend being all together and feeling of the spirit but we got our butts out the door and worked!  We tried to visit a few people on our own, but none of them were home!  Finally we pulled over to the side of the road and just said a simple prayer, “Heavenly Father, guide us to who needs us today.”  After I looked at my list of people to visit, and my eyes immediately went to a couple that I had been putting aside because I had never met them!  But we went and visited, and they were there, and we had an awesome lesson with them!  And after that, we visited another inactive family, and had an awesome lesson with them!  And with both lessons, we were invited back immediately!  SO IT WAS GREAT!  The Lord truly directed our paths that day!

Tuesday was the same, we went and visited some inactives with our wonderful Soeur Toyan, our mission mom here in Paita!  And then yesterday, PDAY, we hiked Chapeau Gendarme with our district, the HARDEST hike in New Cal, but it was totally worth it!  But that took the whole day, so that is why I am emailing today!

SO YAH!!! That was my week!  It was awesome and spirit filled, and it just keeps going!  Oh I love the Lord so much my family and friends!  He lives!  He is there for us always!  And I KNOW that when we pray and put our trust in Him, he directs our lives, and helps us accomplish all that we need to accomplish, what He wants for us to accomplish, and what He wants for us to become!  I love this gospel, it is the truth! I know that with all my heart!  And so, life is beautiful!  We have reason to smile and be happy, we have a loving Heavenly Father, we have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and we have peace!

I love you all so so much my wonderful family and friends!  I know I say it a lot but just thank you so so much for your examples in my life!  I am who I am today because of each of you!  I love you all dearly and am grateful to have you all there, supporting me, and giving me the strength and encouragement to keep on going!


Soeur Vogel 🙂

PS I can’t send pictures today, but I’ll forward the few I have that other people sent me, but next week I will have tons to send so woohoo!

ps: The Church is true! 🙂
Okay the one picture I can send this week!  All the missionaries here in New Cal with Elder Robbins and Elder Halick!  It was a wonderful weekend with them!  WOOHOO!  Okay next week, I will send the rest!  Love you all!  Have a great week!
Elder Robbins and the Halecks

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