TRIALS Transfer 4 Week 1

(mission week 28)

Hope this email finds you well, and that life is going good!  This week has been interesting!  Awesome as always, but definitely a lot of the unexpected!
So last week finished off with Soeur Reorau packing up her stuff in Paita and transfers!  Friday morning, she left for her new area and I stayed with the Sisters of Dumbea Sur Mer all day because my sister didn’t arrive until like nine that night!  BUT SHE CAME!  SOEUR TATAHIO!  She is the coolest!  She is 23 and is from one of the islands of Tahiti, so not Tahiti Tahiti! She has only been out on her mission for like three weeks since she didn’t have to learn a language so she is pretty darn new! Also, she only only only speaks french, so my language skills will skyrocket this transfer!  We have been getting along!  She is pretty quiet, so it is usually me just talking and being crazy like usual, but it has been good so far!  We like to laugh together 🙂
I am actually AMAZED at my Heavenly Father for how much he qualifies those whom He calls!  I was a little nervous when I first found out I would be training, but then I remembered, what do I have to be nervous about, I have the Lord on my side!  And He has carried me so much already, it has been awesome!  My ability to understand the language has improved SO SO much just over the last few days, and all of a sudden I find myself actually able to speak french, like WOOHOO!
And even amongst the trials this past week, He was right there, guiding me and helping me like always!
So yah trials, Saturday, Soeur Tatahio’s FIRST DAY HERE, I got sick!  LIKE REALLY SICK!  I got the stomach bug for the first time since I was like 8 years old!  Like perfect timing! So, Saturday we just stayed in the house all day while I vomited!  I was so miserable I couldn’t even talk! WELCOME TO THE MISSION MY SOEUR!
Anyways, that was my trial this week!  I was miserable miserable miserable and all I wanted to do was give my sister a good first day in the mission!  But the Lord always knows best!  He ALWAYS has a plan for us, and usually it is not the plan that we have for ourselves!  GOD LOVES US!  He is mindful of us! While I was sick, I pleaded for comfort, and as always, the Lord was there, right beside me, carrying me all along the way!
ANYWAYS, SUNDAY, MONDAY, and TUESDAY were awesome days!  We visited Mami Josephine a lot because she didn’t come to church on Sunday, grrr!  And her baptism is next weekend!  But I think we are going to have to push it again, which is frustrating, but it is more important that she is ready!  She is having trials right now with her family not liking the church, so that doesn’t help anything, but she has such a strong faith in Christ, which is carrying HER through her trials!
Anyways, it has been a good good week, even with the unexpected craziness of sickness!  Right now, I am just getting a handle on where everyone lives in our sector, so we have been going out with members a lot and WILL be going out with members a lot to visit inactives and strengthen the people, woohoo!
This weekend is Stake Conference, and we have a member of the 70 coming, so that is exciting!  We have a meeting with him and all the missionaries this Saturday!  I am excited for that spiritual upboost, and it will be in english, woohoo!
My wonderful family and friends, I LOVE THIS GOSPEL AND I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!  I feel that urge so so much more to go out and find and just help others come unto Christ!  Being a missionary has blessed my life so much! Each day, I get to help other’s realize what life is about, see their lives change, and feel of our Saviors’ love for them!  I love this gospel, I love being a missionary!!!
I LOVE YOU ALL MY WONDERFUL FAMILY AND FRIENDS!  Thank you for all that you do, and the love that you send my way! THIS CHURCH IS TRUE!  I know THAT with all of my heart!
Have a wonderful week, and as always, pictures to follow!  🙂
Love you all!
Love, Soeur Vogel 🙂
PICS:  Last Pday, we found this cool old boat at the beach and went exploring!
Our awesome DMP and his family!  We eat with them each Wednesday and always have a blast!!! DMP is Ward mission leader!
DMP again with the new missionaries, and MY NEW SOEUR SOEUR TATAHIO!

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