SIX MONTHS DOWN! Transfer 3 Week 5

(Mission week 26)

BONJOUR!!! Tout le monde!!! AH it is my six months out today!  1/3 of the way done! I DON’T LIKE THAT!!! The time is flying by way too fast!  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY SO SO MUCH!!!  I am the happiest I have ever been, and I love love love serving other people!!!  LIFE IS GOOD!
OKAY!! So this week as been so awesome and super super busy!!!  So President Granger challenged the mission to have twenty lessons each week, and Soeur Reorau and I were able to have 18!!!  WOOHOOO! We had twenty one lessons scheduled, but of course, that darn free agency causes people to cancel!! Why can’t everyone just realize we have the best message in the world, and it is the truth?!!  That would make life so much easier!
NONETHELESS!  WE HAVE A BAPTISM THIS SATURDAY!  We had Mami Josephine scheduled for this Saturday, but we felt she wasn’t ready yet and we pushed her date back until the end of the month, so she is still getting baptized, just not this weekend!  BUT MANU, the brother of Moana the little boy who got baptized a few weeks ago, is getting baptized this Saturday!  LET ME TELL YOU, I LOVE THAT FAMILY!! THEY ARE SO PREPARED AND GOD IS BLESSING THEIR LIVES SO MUCH!!! When we first started working with them, just Moana was interested and the mom was just starting to come back to church. Now Moana is baptized, and now his brother is as well!  And the father barely talked to us LOVES US NOW!!!  He will listen in on some of our lessons and Alice (the mother) said that he has started asking to say nightly prayers with the family!!!  AHHH!!! And it is nothing that we have done!  It is fully just the spirit taking on a huge role in their lives!!! IT IS SO WONDERFUL TO BE A PART OF THAT!!!
Also, we taught a new investigator this week!! He is so prepared as well!! He was a referal from a member, and he asks all the right questions!! Like, I have always wondered where do I come from and why am I here, and where am I going (LOL Best Two Years), but seriously he asks that!!!  And we are like, we have those answers!  We will be teaching him again next week!  And hope to see him more often!! His name is Aristide, and he is so great!! Also, he lives on top of a mountain so we literally taught him a lessons sitting on the edge of the mountain overlooking the ocean while the sun set, it was so cool!!
ANYWAYS, those were the cool things from my week!! We still continue to work with A LOT of inactives!!  But we love them and they love us so we have fun together 🙂  I love the members here as well! They are such great examples!  They serve the Lord with all of their heart, might, mind and strength!  They are always willing to come out with us and serve the Lord, and they love the gospel!  I love Paita, and I love the Tontouta ward!!
Also, we had a missionary meeting with just the North Zone yesterday in Bourrail, which is a sector two hours up north, so I got to do a lot of driving!! But the meeting was great!! All 13 of us missionaries went out and did street contacting and got 9 potentials for the missionaries of Bourrail!  It was so cool! After that, we all ate lunch at the MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACH EVER!!! It was so much fun and our zone is so much closer!!! I want to serve up there!!! But right now, sisters aren’t allowed, mainly because they need priesthood holders!  But one day!  I hope!
Anyways, I have lots of pictures to send, so I will get on doing that!  I am so grateful to be here, on this beautiful beautiful island, seeing miracles, falling in love everyday with the people here, and seeing the changes that the atonement of Christ brings to my life and those that I teach!  It’s power is real!!  We can become someone we never thought we could by coming unto Christ, and letting HIM mold us into the person He wants us to be, the person we are MEANT to be!  This is my testimony!  I am who I am today, I am here serving my mission because of the atonement of Christ! I love this gospel!  IT BRINGS TRUE JOY AND HAPPINESS!  I LOVE YOU ALL!! Seriously! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for your examples, for your joy, and for all that you do!!  Thank you for your support through emails and prayers, they are felt and received with love!  You all are so wonderful!
I wish you the best of weeks and have lots of pictures to send!!  So forgive me for the massive amounts of email 🙂
Soeur Vogel
PS It is getting harder to talk in english so don’t judge my sentences 🙂
PICTURES: THE BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL hike our district had for our last P-DAY, seriously, this place is beautiful!
 OUR MISSION MEETING AT THE BEAUTIFUL BEACH IN BOURRAIL!!!! Seriously, it was like a movie, my other side of heaven 🙂IMG_1569

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