AHH it was baptism week this week here in Paita!!!  We had our baptism for Moana, an 11 year old boy whose mother is inactive, who is now coming back to Church and working towards the temple!!!  The baptism was so great, filled with the spirit!! Moana was so prepared by the Lord to be baptized, he was so so happy!!!  But the best part about his baptism is the great example he is to his family!  After the baptism Saturday night, Sœur Reorau and I went to the family’s house to eat, and all of his family members were there and some of his friends who also attended the baptism 🙂  We shared a small spiritual thought with the family before leaving, and everyone there listened to us!  Now Moana’s brother wants to be baptized, so we are starting the lessons with him this week, and his friends have interest in the gospel as well, so we are trying to contact their families!  His father is now friendly with us, which is great because before he would barely talk to us!!  AHH OUR AREA IS EXPLODING WITH POTENTIAL and all in a matter of one week!  It is so so great 🙂
OKAY so that was definitely the most exciting part of our week, and what took up most of our week since we taught Moana everyday last week which was fun!!
However, we also started teaching another woman named Mami Josephine!!  She was a referral from a member in our ward!  She is a kind sweet old woman who is in need of service around her home, but she is also very open to the gospel!  We went over twice last week and did service for her and then taught her a lesson 🙂  She is very open and receptive to the gospel!! She wanted to come to Church, but had visiting nurses coming to visit her so next week she will try and come 🙂  But we are meeting with her again later this week and will challenge her to be baptized!! I think she will say yes 🙂
I think I mentioned this before, but there are so so so many inactives here in the Tontuta ward, so a lot of our work is with these inactives.  All of their testimonies are so strong, they just can’t seem to get themselves to Church!  So we meet with them and try and help bring the spirit into their home and help them get back to Church!  And two of our less actives are came to Church this week, so that was awesome! 🙂
Okay, so many of you have been asking about my ward here!  Well IT IS AWESOME!  The members here, like I have mentioned, feed us all the time and again, want me to get fat!  And they are always willing to work with us when they are available!  They understand the importance of missionary work.  The people here are just so humble, and they give so much to serve others!  They are so inspiring and  I want to be more like them!  Members of the Relief Society will go and visit less actives everyday, and share their love for them.  I just love these people so so much!
Also our ward mission leader, and his family are AWESOME!!  His name is Frere Likhau and his wife, Sœur Likhau, is in the stake Relief Society presidency.  They have four children: one married with the cutest little boy ever, one on a mission in Guam, one a senior in high school, and one a freshman in high school! We eat with them every Wednesday, so today!  But Frere Likhau always takes our ideas and makes sure they are carried out!  He is always willing to come to lessons with us, and helps us always to find new people to teach or inactives to visit!  He is just so so great, and he loves our investigators!  Which is just so important!  AHH there is just so so so much love here!
On Sunday, I taught Relief Society all by myself in full french, so that was pretty awesome 🙂  Of course it is broken still, but it is DEFINITELY improving with my Tahitan companion 🙂  I still have the french accent, even though my companion has the Tahitian one: they roll their “r’s” like in Spanish instead of sounding like you are coughing up something, but I have that beautiful accent so woohoo!
Monday, we had a whole mission meeting with President Granger and the Assistants from Vanuatu!  It was really great!  We have been feeling kind of distant from them so it was so wonderful to have an opportunity to feel of their spirit and look into the future of our mission 🙂  We are trying to be busier, and so the goal is to have 20 lessons each week!  I think we can do it 🙂  It is just hard because the people LOVE to talk here, so sometimes lessons can go on FOREVER!  But President Granger challenged us to keep it short and to the point in order to make our goal, and so that is what we are working towards 🙂
CULTURE UPDATE:  I am going to have horrible manners when I return home.  Tahitians LOVE when you burp out loud and STRONG so that is what I have been doing to show my appreciation for the food 🙂  ALSO no one ever uses knives here, even to cut meat.  Everything is with your hands so WOOO!
Well everyone, that was my week, and I don’t have too much time so I am trying to get all the good stuff out 🙂  BUT I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!  I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!  I love being a missionary!  There is nothing I would rather be doing!  The Church is TRUE!  GOD LIVES! CHRIST LIVES!  And he truly does direct our paths, just trust in Him, and follow His ways, no matter how hard it may seem 🙂
I LOVE YOU ALL!  And hope you have a great week!  Thank you for all that you do for me, for you emails and prayers, and just your awesome example!
One: Tender Mercy this week, this beautiful double rainbow 🙂
Two:  Moana and his beautiful family!  They will be sealed in the temple someday 🙂
Three: Moi and Sœur Reorau and Moana!  And his little brother Manna, who is the cutest ever!
PICTURES: My missionaries at our mission meeting this past monday! #candid
Me and my mission cars #money
Okay have a great week everyone!  Love you! 🙂

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