LOVE FROM OVERSEAS-Transfer 1 Week 2

(Mission Week 23)


I don’t have too much time today so sorry if this email is short and sweet!  BUT WHAT A GREAT WEEK IT HAS BEEN!  I mean every week is a good week, so hopefully you won’t get tired of me saying that!  BUT HEY, when you are in the service of the Lord, every week is great 🙂

SO HMMM, I am seriously LOVING Paita!  The people here are so great, and so prepared!  We are pretty busy, ecspecially now that we have a car and can see so many more people who have been neglected for the past few months.  We work with the members A LOT here, and eat with them a lot too!  I know I said it in my last email, but I probably will be getting fat in the next few months here, so DON’T JUDGE ME!  The members here are so great, and I love spending time with them!  They all pretty much already knew who I was, so that’s fun, but I love getting to know them as well!  I am really starting to love the people here!

So now that I am five months out, the newbie energy is starting to decrease a little…but I am just so amazed at how the Lord answers prayers!  I was praying one night asking for a renewed sense of energy and he delivers with an awesome training in our district meeting last week!  It was all about serving a mission but never actually becoming a missionary….well I certaintly don’t want that!  I want to be converted, I want to be changed!  I want to be more humble, more Christlike, and more virtuous!  And I know that my mission will do that for me if I trust in the Lord and move forward with all the energy I have!


This past week we had a lesson with our new investigator, MOANA!  He is so cute!  He is the son of an inactive in our ward.  He is 11 years old!  Soeur Reorau and I both thought that he had already met with missionaries when we met with him, so we taught him about the gospel of Jesus Christ and invited him to be baptized!  AND HE SAID YES!  Then we found out this was his first time meeting with missionaries, and we were like what?!  Well let me tell you, he may be only 11 but his faith is SO STRONG!  He loves the gospel and has been reading the Book of Mormon stories. He says he wants an eternal family one day, and so now his mom is working on getting herself to the temple!  IT IS SO GREAT!  SO WE HAVE A BAPTISM THIS SATURDAY!  We are meeting with him everyday this week to get him prepared and ready, apparently he has been waiting since he was 8 to be baptized, so we just simply got lucky! I LOVE THIS KID!

We also received  A LOT of referalls last week from members that we went and visited with.  So this week we are meeting with those referalls and hoping for new investigators and new people to teach to bring closer to  Christ!  AHH!  It is so great seeing people’s lives change, it really, REALLY is!

Okay so this past weekend we got to see General Conference!  Which was so much fun because everyone comes to the Stake Center and watches it together all Saturday and Sunday!  And they had a room where they were showing it in English!  So it was pretty much all the American missionaries in there watching conference and getting spiritually boosted!  I LOVED Elder Uchdorf’s talk, and after that I have a renewed sense of obedience and desire to do good!  Also, I LOVE ELDER HOLLAND!  When they anounced that he would be the last speaker, all the missionaries cheered which was so fun 🙂 Oh he just gives me the energy and confidence I need to keep going!  I love conference so much and am so grateful I had the opportunity and blessing to watch it and understand it this weekend!

My dearest family and friends, I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!  I LOVE SERVING MY FATHER IN HEAVEN!  I KNOW that this gospel is true, and that God lives!  I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer!  I know that Joesph Smith was a prophet of God, and I KNOW that President Monson is the PROHPHET of God today!  I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that it has the power to CHANGE OUR LIVES!  I know that following the gospel path may not always be easy, but it is always, always, worth it.

God lives, He loves you, and I LOVE YOU TOO!

Thank you so much to all of you for loving and supporting me! Thank you for the emails!  They mean so much to me even if I can’t respond!

I love you all, have a wonderful, wonderful week!
Soeur Vogel 🙂
PICS: Some of my most favorite missionaries at General Conference this weekend!  More pics to come!
PICS: Our Wonderful President Guidi-The Stake President here in New Cal!
Love these girls!  They are in my ward now!
All the English peeps watching conference!
A wonderful family, and my BEAUTIFUL companion in my new ward (Tontuta Ward) 🙂
Our house, in case you were wondering 😉
And some additional pictures of conference weekend from President Guidi:

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