BONJOUR FROM PAITA-Transfer 3 Week 1

(Mission week 22)

Here I am, in my new secot (area) PAITA!  Spreading the love!!!
Okay so let me just say, PAITA IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am loving it here!!!  But being transfered is definately hard, my heart has been torn the last few days, but I know that I will soon be able to love the people of Paita just as much as my former investigators!
Hmmm, basically transfers happened!  So here I am, a little further north in the island with my new Tahitian companion, speaking all french, and driving the car!  WOOHHOO!!  It has been fun!! Soeur Reorau and I have been getting along GREAT!  She is an amazing missionary, and she doesn’t hate Americans….she just wants people to think that…but she actually is amazing and we have been having so much fun together!  She speaks slow for me so I can understand what she is saying, and we have been able to talk back and forth like normal!  She also wants to learn english, so I will be helping her with that 🙂  This is her second to last transfer, so I might be with her until the end, but she has been in Paita now for about five months, six by the end of this transfer, so who knows what will happen in the future!  Until then, we want to work hard this transfer to make Paita a missionary paradise!
Soeur Reorau and I are now the furtherest North that Sisters can serve!  WOOHOO ROUGHING IT!  not really though…don’t worry it is totally safe in Paita!  It is very much like the countryside with cute little cottages and lots of green pastures and fields!  We live in a cute little house which is so nice, but no air conditioning, but I don’t mind 🙂 We are part of the Tontuta ward which was apparently the second ward to be formed on this island!  But it is pretty small in comparison to my last ward (about the same as home for me lol!)  There are A LOT of inactives in this ward, and we have pretty much only spent time with inactives since I have been here!  They all love the missionaries, but they just won’t get themselves to church!  So we have some work to do!
Also, our church building is under construction so we meet outside in the parking lot, so that was HOT, but still awesome and spiritual… 🙂
One thing about serving on an island…EVERYONE knows you, like seriously!  I came into the ward and was introducing myself and all the members said they already knew who I was “The happy smiley one, with a lot of energy..”  Sometimes they think it’s good, sometimes they just crack up laughing, but hey!  I am famous here 🙂  Guess I don’t have to introduce myself anymore!
Anyways…. A lot of the people here are REALLY happy that we have a car!  The sector is HUGE so a car was definitely needed!  Driving has been fine, the roads are pretty much the same here, except they don’t have stoplights, just round-a-bouts all the time 🙂  Also the mission cars are all automatic, so no Father, I am not stalling all the cars because I can’t drive stick!!!
We got to do some service on Saturday which was so nice, because I haven’t done too much since being here in New Cal!!! We just did some yard work for a member, which I was very grateful that my father taught me how to do, so thanks Dad 🙂
ALSO, we eat SO MUCH with members here, which is nice 🙂  BUT THEY WANT TO MAKE ME FAT!  I don’t want to be fat!  BUT I HAVE TO EAT EVERYTHING THEY GIVE ME, so if I look fat in photos, don’t judge me 🙂  Especially now that we won’t be walking everywhere!  Plus we rarely eat vegetables, it is always rice and some kind of meat-chicken or beef and a baguette!  So yah….I might be fattening up this transfer 🙂
ANYWAYS  That is about all that I can report on this week!!  This week will be the first real week in Paita, so hopefully I can meet all the amis and people that we are working with and love them more!  AHHH!
I hit five months on my mission this week, thirteen more to go!  AHHH IT IS SCARY!  It has been five months, and I still can’t speak french!  But the Lord provides!
I want to be doing more!  I really really REALLY want to make a difference in this place, and really do all that I can to help these people realize how much God loves them!  I want to be more diligent, I want to be more Christlike!  I know that it is always possible with the atonement, and so that is my goal this transfer and always, everyday remember that I am a representative of Jesus Christ, and serve like Him!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!
So that is about it!  OH!  I get to watch general conference THIS WEEKEND in ENGLISH!  I am really excited about that, I could use the spiritual booster!  Toujours! (Always 🙂
I love you all my wonderful family and friends!  Thank you for always being there, for being wonderful examples, and supporting me always!  I love you dearly dearly dearly and pray that this email finds you well!
Until next week, and as always, pictures to follow 🙂
Soeur Vogel 🙂
ONE-Saying Goodbye to my BEST FRIEND Hinalei in Dumbea Sur Mer! She is such a great example to me!!
TWO-Moi and Soeur Decady on our last day together with our favorite member Frere Bluker-the three musketeers 😉
THREE-My new district!  Elder Johnson (American), Elder Watkins (My Homie), Elder Thompsen (A Newbie from Canada), Soeur Reorau (My companion!!!! From Tahiti), Elder Graham (Our District Leader, My homie), Soeur VOGEL (The craziest missionary ever 😉

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