I don’t have a lot of time this week, but of course, I wanted to email and get tell you all about the craziness the last week has brought!

Well Sister Westerlind goes home in two days!  AHH!  So basically, we have been doing her farewell tour, meeting with members and investigators that she taught, and spending time with members, WHICH HAS BEEN SO GREAT!  But we have also seen some miracles!

FRERE F: STOPPED SMOKING!  He fasted for the first time last Sunday to help him stop smoking, and guess what?! HE HASN’T SMOKED SINCE!  Oh he is so humble and wonderful!  He then said ever since he stopped smoking he has felt a hole in his heart that only baptism can fill…like honestly what?!  So we are just working on getting him married, and into the font he goes!  Like actually, I LOVE THIS MAN!

T continues to progress as well!  She is scared to set a baptismal date, but she is so prepared.  She read about half of the Book of Mormon in two weeks, which is better than I have ever done!  She is so great 🙂

I SERIOUSLY LOVE THE PEOPLE HERE!  Oh I cannot explain how much I love them.  I am FINALLY feeling like I can communicate without the help of others.  Church I can pretty much understand but it gets hard because I have to concentrate really REALLY hard!  So sometimes I zone out and have no idea what is going on!  BUT I CAN TALK, like IN FRENCH!  I am thinking if I continue to work at it, and it is God’s will, I will be in good shape with french by the end of next transfer!  WOOOHOO!  Then I can be a real missionary!

It hasn’t really occurred to me that I am most likely taking over my area in two days, which means I have to manage everything!  I am pretty sure I will be staying in Dumbea Sur Mer, and that my new companion will come here with me!  But who knows, we will find out Saturday I believe!  It is all with the will of the Lord!

Anyways, I really don’t have much time, and I have a lot of pictures to send of the wonderful people here!  I should be emailing early next week, so you will hear from me soon!  I love you all dearly, and hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend.

I love my Savior, and I love the atonement.  That is why I am here, because I have truly felt the AMAZING GRACE of the Savior’s love.

I love you dearly, my family and friends, next week will be more updates 🙂  But for now, enjoy the pictures!  LOVE YOU ALL!  THE CHURCH IS TRUE!


PICTURE TWO: JC and Hininui, our recent converts!

PICTURE THREE and FOUR:  THE CHINGS, oh how I love this family!

week 20.2
week 20.3
week 20.4
​PICTURES: The cool missionaries the the YSA (Young Single Adults) members!  They gave us a pizza party!
The beautiful sunset!  Oh how I love it here!
Me and Soeur Todd!  I love this sisters so much!  She leaves on Friday as well!
week 20.5
week 20.6
week 20.7
week 20.8

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