Hello….it’s me :)!
Okay ANYWAYS, BONJOUR from down under, can I still say that even though I am not actually in Australie?!
Focus Soeur focus!
So I don’t even know how to explain these past few weeks!  I can’t even remember when I last emailed, I think last Wednesday?!  Who knows?!  It feels like I have been on vacation the past few days because we had zone conference for half the week, and then Pday…but I will explain that later!
OKAY!  So it is Friday here, the 11 Mars 2016!  But you will be getting another email from me on Monday (Sunday in the US) because President wants us to try to email on Monday starting next week…So we are going to search this island and see where is open to email!  
So with that in mind, I will give you a short update of what happened LAST week, and then give you an update on Zone Conference and such on Monday!
SO LAST WEEK!  Hmm, still nothing too grand.  Our area is struggling, but we have a few wonderful people that we love to be with, and we teach every week! Let me tell you a little about them!
FRERE FITIALEATA:  Okay so I think I have talked about him before, but oh my, I love this man with all my heart!  He has six children, and his girlfriend is inactive in the church, he has been taking the missionary discussions for about three months now, and has such a strong desire to be baptized, but he has a lot of obstacles he needs to do before he can be baptized, like stop smoking… So it is coming, but we want to set a date with him this week so that he can work towards that goal!  We are also fasting with him this Sunday to help him stop smoking!  Everytime we meet with him, he asks “When am I getting baptized?” I love him so much!  We have a special bond 🙂
TESS:  Okay she is our newest investigator, and our most golden!  She is the niece of one of the members in our ward!  She is from Lifou-one of the other islands of New Cal, and she is staying with her family here until she goes to University in New Zealand in July!  But she is so humble and is interested in the church!  She says she wants to be baptized but doesn’t want to rush it!  But she is so ready!  I just love her so so so much!
So those are our two golden people!  But we also have others that we see occasionally when they don’t cancel on us!  UGH!   But there is the Ching family who are less active but still super spiritual!  There is the mother and three daughters and the dad…the dad is really the problem because he is the only one that drives in the family and he doesn’t want to drive them to church!  But we still visit with them as often as possible, and oh how I LOVE THE CHILDREN!  The oldest is 11, Hinali, and we are BFFs! 🙂
I JUST LOVE THE PEOPLE HERE SO MUCH!  I feel like Heavenly Father has been preparing me my whole life to be here right now, to teach these people!  We had a breakfast with some members and they were cracking up at me!  They said I will do a lot of good here, and that I will be able to get into doors that no one has been able to get into before!  Well WOW, that was a nice compliment!  And so nice to hear!
Being a missionary, how do I even describe it?!  It is so amazing, but definitely one of the hardest things ever when people don’t progress!  But then you have amazing spiritual moments with the members of the ward or those you are working with that makes it all better!  I love being here.  I LOVE THE PEOPLE!  And all I want to do is serve!
SO JUST A LITTLE MISSION UPDATE!  Usually mission life is split into transfers which are a period of six weeks.  So you serve with your companion for that amount of time in a certain area in the mission….WELL THIS TRANSFER is nine weeks, so I have been here in Dumbea Sur Mer since the last week of January and will be here until the last week of March!  So two months!  I will most likely stay here if there are enough missionaries to keep the area open, but if there are not, then I might be transferred to a new area…BUT I will definitely have a new companion, because my wonderful Soeur Westerlind is headed home in two weeks!!!  AHHHH!  I am so excited for her, but will miss her dearly dearly dearly!  
Missions are so crazy!
Okay everyone, that is all for my update for today!  You should be getting another on very very soon!  I love you all dearly, and am still happy as ever!  🙂  The french continues to improve, I can pretty much communicate with people, very simply!!!  
The church is true! God Lives Christ Lives, this Easter Season, Find them and find peace!  YAY!
Also here is a really awesome scripture that motivates me every day:
 “He that is ordained of God and sent forth, the same is appointed to be the greatest, notwithstanding he is the least and the servant of all.” Doctrine and Covenants 50:26
Serving others truly is the greatest gift of all.  I am so grateful I get to do it everyday!
Until Monday my lovely family and friends!  Je vous aime beaucoup!  L’Eglise est vrai!  Jesus est le Christ!  Venez a lui, et trouvez le bonheur realle!
Soeur Vogel 🙂
PICTURES: My district, I love these missionaries so so much!
Soeur Decady, my sassy girl from Canada, we are the bestest of friends 🙂
My beautiful New Cal….I am living in Paradise!
week 18.1
week 18.2
week 18.3

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