It is your sister missionary from New Caledonia, reporting in!
Okay, so so so so sorry that my email never sent last week!  I sent it again, so hopefully you all got it!  If not, you can always check my blog
OKAY!  So as always, I don’t have too much time, so this email might be short and sweet!
So many of our appointments cancelled, it was HOT, and Soeur Westerlind and I were getting discouraged!  WE WANTED PEOPLE TO TEACH!  We have been still trying to contact all those in our area book, but we are pretty much getting ignored.  But the HARDEST thing, is when someone who has so much potential, who has felt the spirit, and knows how much joy the gospel can bring to their lives, rejects you!  LIKE WHY!  Well, that pretty much sums up our week!  UGH DISCOURAGING!
Well, I have learned some VALUABLE THINGS!  I CANNOT DO THIS WORK ALONE!  I need my Heavenly Father more than ever, and I need the help of the spirit!  And so, I will take this trial, and move forward.  I have said some pretty sincere prayers this week!  And this week ahead of us is already starting to look forward!  We have had what we think is a beginning of a miracle with one of our amis (investigators) that I love SO MUCH!  He wants to get baptized so badly, but he has to get married to his girlfriend who he is living with!  Well, he didn’t really think she was the one so to say, and he informed us on Sunday that she is moving out….which isn’t the best case scenario but hey!  HE CAN FINALLY GET BAPTIZED!  We are setting a date with himtomorrow night! 🙂
Also we have one new investigator who has A LOT of potential!  So we are exciting to start teaching her!
Other than that, that pretty much sums up our week!  We have had lots of bonding time, Soeur Westerlind and I!  It will be so sad for her to leave at the  end of the month, but she has such a wonderful life ahead of her!
As for me, I have been here almost four months (well on a mission at least, here for like one LOL)!!!!  But what a wonderful four months is has been!  I am still here and as happy as ever!  And loving life!  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!  Even when we have weeks like this!  We can still find joy even in the hardest of times!
Anyways, I have lots of pictures to send this week, so I will let that sum it up!  I ahve been enjoying the sun and the BEACH!  And just being around spiritual goodness ALL THE TIME!
The church is true my wonderful family and friends!  I love you dearly, and will hopefully have more to report next week!  THE CHURCH IS TRUE!
Soeur Vogel 🙂
PICS: Ma collegue after I cornrowed her hair!  And our beautiful area walking and chilling in the hot sun, finding those people to teach :)!
PICS: The American missionaries take over at McDo!  And NEw Cal Money in case you were wondering 🙂
Photoshoot at the beach with the beautiful water 🙂
Me and my Collgue (my mission mommy)  And Seour Todd and Decady!  The crew!
Okay that is all my lovely family and friends!  Sending you lots of sunshine and joy!  Love you dearly!  THE CHURCH IS TRUE!

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