BONJOUR ALL!  Here is my email from last week!  Sorry it never sent!

Okay I don’t have a lot of time this week, so sorry if this email is less informative and a little scattered, but I will do my best!

This week, we had our couples’ marriage and baptism!  OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS SO GREAT!  They are so beautiful, and it was AMAZING to see these people enter into the waters of baptism and receive the holy ghost and really just change their lives!  And then, we got to stay for their meal/reception at the church and their love is so beautiful!  It was also so fun because a lot of the culture came out…we got to see some good Tahitian dancing! I have so many videos, but they are too long to send 😦  But, like I said, it was so great, and they are such a beautiful, lovely couple!  Their testimoneies are so strong, and I love being with them!

Also, Soeur Westerlind and I had a wonder lesson this past week!  It was a first lesson with a man, his wife, and their little four year old girl that we had just talked to on the street on our miracle morning!  AND OH MY!  They are wonderful!  We didn’t get to share the full message of the restoration with them, but we testified and told them that we know that our message would bless their lives and their family, and as we are testifying, the wife starts crying, and says she feels this warmth, and she feels it everytime she is praying, and whenever she is talking with God.  We talked about how that is the spirit, and gave her a LDM (Book of Mormon) To start reading!  It was literally SUCH a  good experience, and I loved it so so much! The spirit was so strong!
I cannot wait to meet with them again 🙂

Also, today (Tuesday) we had a meeting with all the missionaries on New Cal and the APs flew in from Vanuatu!  We talked about having Unity and limiting mission distractions so that we can reach our full potential!  It was so wonderful, and the spirit was so strong!  Also the APs (Assistants to the mission president) Told us that between all the missionaries in New Cal there is about one baptism per week!  LIKE SO CRAZY!  I am so pumped to do more missionary work!

Other than that, we have just been doing our thing!  I love all the missionaries here, there are about thirty of us total, so everyone is tight!  ALSO I LOVE THE CHILDREN HERE!  Even though I can hardly understand what they are saying!  BUT THEY ARE SO AMAZING!  And they also point out any sunburn that I have 🙂

My language continues to improve!  I am understanding better, and I am going to start trying to talk on the phone more!  Which is scary because the phone is so hard to understand, but with the Lord anything is possible 🙂  AND I AM FEARLESS!

I am happy as ever, and love being here, even though it has been super rainy this week 😦 There are cyclones passing over the Pacific BUT DON”T WORRY all is well here! Just rain, and we don’t have a cyclone headed for us!

CULTURE UPDATE: Everyone here calls me Soeur Vogel like Soeur (Sir) Vojel, because Vogel with a g sound is a REALLY mean way to say shut up to someone in french!  Although all the missionaries like to joke that that name is fitting for me since I like to talk so much 🙂  I would have to agree! 😉

ANYWAYS!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH!  This week will be a week of normal missionary work and then next week the North Zone (my zone) has zone conference for a few days with President Granger!  So that will be exciting!

BUT!  Church is still true!  JOSEPH SMITH WAS A PROPHET OF GOD!  This is the work of the Lord!  He loves us so so so much! I know this with all my heart!

I love you all, and wish you all the best of weeks!  The church is true, in case you were wondering!
Love love LOVEEE,
Soeur Vogel 🙂
As always pics to follow!
Bonjour Tout le Monde!  Here are my pictures from this awesome


week! Love you all! 🙂

 PICTURES: JC and Hinanui at their bapteme and wedding!
Some of my favorite children 🙂
They like to make fun of my sunburn- they have never seen red skin before! They also like to play with my hair, so I’ll take that 🙂
Last Ones!  Love you all! 🙂
Some of my favorite missionaries at our missionary meeting this past week!

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