Did my title scare you?!!!!  HEHEHE!  I AM in love, with being a missionary!  And with the people of New Cal, and just life in general right now!  C’est bon 🙂
Okay that’s all!
Lol, just kidding, I am here still!
So yah, it is Wednesday!  SORRY!  We email at a school based thing here and so now that school is back in session (they were on summer break), we don’t really know what day of the week we will be emailing because we don’t know when it will be available for us to use, but I promise I will always email every week, I just don’t know what day it will be on!​
OKAY GREAT!  So where do I start!  I am in a silly mood right now, so this email might be crazy 🙂
Well last week was great!  Sœur Westerlind and I continue to go and try and contact all the people in our area book, and so we are just going and meeting with those who were once meeting with the missionaries and seeing the miracles along the way!  We met with this one family from our area book this past week!  The father is a less active member, and the wife is just super interested in the Church!  They have 8 kids!  You would think that they were mormon already!  We met with them twice last week and they fed us 🙂  They love God, and He is very important in their life!  So we are so excited to continue to work with them!!!  Also, the little boy bought me a chocolate bar at the store….it’s love!
Okay, seriously Heavenly Father never ceases to amaze me!  Last Tuesday night I was feeling a little down because I wanted to be busier!  I wanted our schedule to be filled with people to teach and I wanted to have the motivation and find the joy in doing so!  There was a lot of problems going on amongst the missionaries and I just felt distracted and BLAH! So I prayed REALLY HARD, like one of the most sincerest prayers I have ever had, and Sœur Westerlind and I fasted that night and into the next for all that was going on.  Well, as always, Heavenly Father answered my prayers.  When I finished my prayer, I felt peace, and I knew that I had turned my desires over to the Lord, and that they were in His hands now.  Wednesday night, the missionary drama was settled, and Sœur Westerlind and I had an amazing lesson with our ami (investigator to the Church) Frere Fitialeata! I LOVE HIM!  Heavenly Father blessed me so much!  We talked to Frere Fitialeata about the atonement, because he wants to be baptized so bad, but he needs to stop smoking and change some other things about his life first!  We talked to him about relying on the atonement to help him accomplish these goals.  I felt the spirit so so so strongly, and I felt so much JOY!  But the best part, is that for the first time in my life, I felt so much charity (the pure love of Christ) and love towards this man, our ami, Frere Fitialeata!  It was nothing like I had ever felt before, it was just pure, nonjudgemental love towards him.  I want to feel that way with all of my amis! 
That is why I say I am IN LOVE with being a missionary, because I am really really REALLY starting to LOVE like Christ does.  I am really starting to stop thinking about myself, and to starting to focus all my desires and wants to others!  But Heavenly Father always blesses you, and the feeling of charity towards another one of His children is definitely the greatest feeling of all!
Also, Thursday morning Sœur Westerlind went out and pretty much just talked with everyone we met on our way to our lesson with an ami on the other side of town. And well, we got ten potential amis out of it 🙂  This week will be so busy, Heavenly Father truly answers our prayers!
Let’s see, any other highlights from the last week and a half?  We had a ward acticvity on Saturday so that was fun!  We went to the ward chapel in a different town and it is right across from the beach, and it is just so beautiful! 
SUNDAY, there was a cyclone warning…DON’T WORRY NOTHING HAPPENED!  It has just been raining pretty hard on and off since then, so we have gotten to walk around in the rain, it has been so much fun!
MONDAY, we had pday as usual, we just didn’t email since the place wasn’t open!
TUESDAYTuesday was so fun!  In the morning I had to go do some papers so that I can legally stay in New Cal for the nect 18 months at the government office, so I got to see downtown, so that was cool!  Then we had a zone meeting with all the missionaries from the zone!  Which was so great because I got to meet all of them!  our zone is pretty much the whole island besides the city, so the missionaries are pretty spread out!  like four hours apart spread out!  So anyways, we had zone meeting and had lunch and spent the day at the Church since we had meetings there yesterday night, and yes!  Today, I am on exhanges with my Sister Training Leader!  We just challenged an ami in her area to baptism, and she said yes!  So excited for her!
OH AND BEST THING EVER!  WE HAVE TWO BAPTISMS THIS SATURDAY FOR A COUPLE SOEUR WESTERLIND AND I ARE TEACHING!   My first, semi-real baptism!  I an so excited for them!  They are the sweetest couple ever, and are so humble and so ready to be baptized!  I will send pictures next week!
Also few culture updates-If you say you like something of someone’s here, they will give it to you!  I got a seashell necklace this week because of it!! Like what, people are so wonderful!  Also, everyone here beezus, like does the kiss kiss on the cheek when they meet eachother, I feel very frenchy!  It is so fun to kiss everyone’s sweaty cheeks 🙂 
My comprehension and ability to speak is improving, still a long way to go though.  But Heavenly Father always delivers!  It is really cool to be able to speak another language and testify in it as well!  I have been trying to teach more of the lessons this week, even if it takes me like ten minutes to say one sentence!  Everyone knows I love to talk so yah….I got to get a word in!
It has certainly been a rollercoaster week, with ups and downs, and all overs, but my life continues to just be so great!  I am so amazed, literally amazed at how much Heavenly Father knows me and loves me and cares for me, even the little things in my life.  I feel like my service to Him can never be enough to repay Him for all that He does for me, but I can try my best 🙂  I love being a missionary.  I love serving here, and I love feeling like our Heavenly Father feels for all of us!  The Church is sooooo true my friends and family!  My soul is bursting with love for this gospel!
I love you all so much!  Thank you for all that you do 🙂  I know you are amazing examples to all those around you!
A la prochain ma famille and mes amis!
Love Sœur Vogel 🙂
PS I haven’t really gotten anymore sunburnt this week…..YAYY!
PICS: Walking in our area this past week 🙂
PICS: Friends hanging at our zone meeting! And FRERE BLUKER!  He is my doppleganger in male form!  I LOVE HIM! One of my favorite members!
PICS: Our Sunset view after the rainstorm 🙂 And Sœur Decady, my wonderful Québec Sista!
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