Okay so before I tell you about this week, let me tell you about this coming week! So we found out we got our visas yesterday morning before church! We leave on Saturday right after we have a mission conference with ELDER ANDERSON! Ahh!!! So yes we have an apostle in the morning and then we leave for the airport at 3 in the afternoon! Here’s our flight plans:
We leave from the Phoenix Airport at 5:18 pm on Saturday afternoon January 23
We arrive at the airport in San Francisco at 6:25 pm
We leave for SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA at 10:35 pm January 23 and arrive at 8:35 am on MONDAY January 25 (SO WEIRD)
We leave Sydney at 11:45 am that day and arrive in Vanuatu at 3:10 that afternoon!
And then we will stay in Vanuatu at the mission home most likely until that Friday where we will fly to New Caledonia!
Quite the journey, but I am excited!!!! I love airplanes! AHH 🙂
So it looks like we arrive in Vanuatu on Monday and then will fly to New Caledonia on Friday! So woohoo!!!! SUNSHINE AND WARMTH HERE I COME! 
So this week will be a normal week until then! I am going to work as hard as I can while I can still speak English and still understand what other people are saying to me!! Lol! But it will be great! I feel okay about French, at least the same as when I left the MTC! So adventures to come!! I am not sure when my next P-DAY will be so you might not hear from me for a few weeks, but I am sure my mother will keep everyone updated on my travel information! 
OKAY, so how am I feeling? I don’t know! It was a shock when we first found out we were coming to Mesa but it has been a wonderful experience. I am so excited to get to New Cal, but Mesa has treated me well! It has been comfortable here. I love the people we have been teaching and I am going to miss them greatly. But I want to leave Mesa with the confirmation from my Heavenly Father that I have done all that I could to serve in this part of His vineyard for the short time I was here. 
This week we have a world-wide mission conference on Wednesday and like I said AND APOSTLE OF THE LORD, ELDER ANDERSON, coming on Saturday before we leave!! So THAT IS COOL!
OKAY SO FINALLY, this past week!! 
It has been a lot of teaching and preaching and finding! We are so close with two of our investigators on baptism and we are hoping we can get them on date this week!! Other than that I have just really seen how the gospel can bless the lives of those around us. We have talked with so many people who have struggled with the mistakes they had made in their lives and things that had happened in their lives and we have testified so strongly that the atonement is real!!!! It has been so great!! This one man Larry is really struggling with turning his life around. He was visiting one of our normal investigators and I felt prompted that we should stop by and see her. Well she wasn’t there and he was. We ended up talking with him for an hour about how the atonement can help him get rid of that guilt and pain that he has from his past mistakes. I then literally felt the spirit speak through me as I said that we were sent to him tonight because we were going to help him change his life. He was so grateful to us and we are meeting with him this week. Such a cool experience, and maybe why I was here in Mesa?!!!
Anyways, I just want this week to be full of miracles so I am going to give my all and have faith that God will do the rest!! 
I really am going to miss the people here. They are so humble and are striving to come closer to Christ. I cannot wait to see where their stories lead and where their life can take them. 
Sister MERRELL and I have bonded over these past five weeks together, but it is okay to leave. She knows that I am excited and that this is where I belong. She will forever be my “mom” though
 and we have some great memories to carry with me to New Cal! 
I am excited to see my MTC peeps though! We are going to be reunited soon! 
Also, this transfer went by super fast! 
And so the last week in Mesa begins and the first week in New Cal is beginning soon! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! I cannot wait to see what God has in store in New Caledonia!
I say BRING IT ON!! 
I love you my wonderful family and friends! 
Next email will be from across the seas! 
PS the church is true!!
Love, Soeur/SISTA VOGEL 🙂
ONE: The beautiful sunrise this morning!
TWO: The beautiful sisters that I love so very much and will miss dearly! The one holding the sign was striving to get 18 new investigators on her 18 month mark.  When we took the picture she had found 10/18 and she ended up getting 18/18 by the end of the night! 🙂
THREE: Zone Conference
week 11.1
week 11.2
week 11.3

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