*****SALUT! I am SO SO sorry! My email last week said that it had sent but I guess no one received it!! So here it is! I will be sending out the one for this week later today! With some exciting news! Love you all!!!!!! Enjoy more fourth week 😉
BONJOUR!!! It is me again, reporting from Mesa!
Okay so week four is completed here in good ole Mesa, and let me tell you, busiest but best week ever!  Pretty much, Sister Merrell was sick the ENTIRE week, so I took over the area.  Do not worry, I still had to have a companion with me at all times, so FEMALE ward members came out with me, but I did all the teaching, all the proselyting, and found five new investigators!  The Lord was definitely directing me this week, and I could feel the spirit so strongly!  AHH!  being a missionary is seriously awesome!
So before I jump into my week I just wanted to clear up some questions that I have gotten the past few weeks:  So I wrote a few weeks ago about teaching a man names James who we found while walking his dog.  DO NOT FEAR!  The rules that apply to elders ALSO apply to sisters.  That means that as sisters, we cannot meet with anyone of the opposite sex unless there is another member of our own sex present as well!  SO DO NOT FEAR!  I am not meeting with strange men…..Also, we usually meet at the church to do lessons, so it is in a public place with LOTS of other people around..The Lord protects his missionaries! 🙂 Also reminder, I AM ALWAYS I MEAN ALWAYS with my companion.  We do not separate…ever………
ANYWAYS, now that we have that out of the way…INTO THE WEEK!!
So yes, Sister Merrell was sick the entire week, so tonight is our first night going out together since last Saturday!  But we had a lot of lessons this week, and I taught them all!  It has been so much fun, and my confidence in the Lord has grown so much.  I could not have done this week without His guidance, and without placing wonderful people in my path!  I seem to have managed to avoid the sickness, so that is so so great!  We have taught some wonderful people.  And I have found that I am really starting to feel Christ-like love towards others.  I seriously, LOVE PEOPLE!  And I realized, I am going to miss those that I am teaching after I head to New Caledonia.  I want to see their lives change and progress, so it may be a sad goodbye after all!
Speaking of which, still no word on our Visas, so I am living like we are not leaving because our President will probably not tell us until like two days before we are going to leave…he doesn’t want us to get distracted…he just doesn’t realize how well I work 😉
Nonetheless, I am continuing to work on my french and trying to accomplish all that I can while here in Mesa.  I do not want to let any opportunities pass by, I want to please the Lord.  I want to find my purpose, and I want to serve His children.
SO ANYWAYS!  This week we got to go to the temple, so that was nice!  The Mesa temple is so so beautiful, and it was so nice to be there again!  The missionaries get to go once a transfer here, so this could have been my last time for the next sixteen months, unless I end up staying another transfer, who knows!
So yes, this week has been super busy.  A lot of teaching lessons, and a lot weeding through our area book because we have so many people who have met with missionaries once, and then never have talked with them again.  So we are going around visiting them and seeing who is prepared and ready to make the gospel a priority in their life so we can teach those who are “ready to harvest.”  So yah, lots of work, but not too much progressing, but missionary work nonetheless.  Not progressing basically means people don’t keep commitments so like reading the Book of Mormon or attending church.  We have not had any of our investigators attend church since I have been here, so that stinks!  But we are also working a lot with less active families and they have been attending, so that is great!  All part of the work!
Because I was going out with members all week, I really got to know a lot of unique people in our wards.  It has been so fun to hear these people’s stories, and listen to their testimonies.  Many have gone through horrible trials, few even loosing children to cancer, and spouses as well.  But their testimonies in Christ are so steadfast.  I want to be like them!
Speaking of which, I know there have been some tragedies at home this past week.  I cannot express my sorrow enough.  My heart was there this week as I thought of all of those who are burdened by sadness.  Please know that I love you, but more importantly, that Heavenly Father knows and loves you, and is aware of the situation at hand.  God is our LOVING Heavenly Father, He rejoices with us when we rejoice, and sorrows with us when we cry.  Turn to Him, and I promise He will CARRY you through your sorrows.
I know that this gospel is true!  Je sais que l’evangile est vrai avec tout mon coeur!  J’aime cet evangile.  I love this gospel.  I love being a missionary.  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!
Well, this week we have zone conference which should be fun, and then the week after is the last week of the transfer…WHAT?!!  And on the 23rd of January we are having a mission conference with a member of the presidency of the seventy and a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, WHICH SO SO GREAT!  We will find out who it is this week at Zone Conference!
Anyways my friends and family, it is definitely a pleasure serving here in Mesa.  I would say it’s easy.  But the mission is to help you stretch.  And so New Cal, I am still waiting for you!  But for now, Mesa, I will do all I can!
I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!  Have I said that already!
Keep the faith my wonderful people!  I love you so!
Until next week, I LOVE YOU SO!
Love, Soeur Vogel
PS the gospel is true 
PPS It is still cold here
ONE: The Temple, early Wednesday Morning!
TWO: Pday today, mini golf with some amis aka other missionaries because they are our
FOUR: My “cool aunt..” Sister Redford, who is just so amazing and I do love her so!  She brings all the fun! 
week 9
week 9 b
week 9 c

One thought on “MY EMAIL FROM LAST WEEK-Mesa Week Four

  1. Heather Mellon

    I remember my first true heartfelt prayer 24 hours after my mother’s passing on my knees in front of my couch I prayed to the Lord with all my heart to please help me that I knew I couldn’t get through it without Him…when I finished my prayer, I physically felt the presence of Angel’s lifting me up onto my feet and that warm peace flooded through me and I knew then the Lord knew me personally and loved me and was there for me. Talk about a personal experience with the Lord, very powerful! I knew the Church was true.


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