Okay so this has been the craziest week yet!  Let me just jump right in fill you in!
So, biggest news is that my Visa is not here yet, so obviously I did not leave for New Caledonia yesterday as planned, hence why I am e-mailing you all today!  Let me tell you all the story…So Thursday we had in-field orientation ALL DAY! Well at about three in the afternoon we had a break and were told to go do a quiz on our missionary portal (basically just our website where all our mission information is) and when we logged on we saw that some of us had a new mission president!  We thought is was just a mistake because only four of us had it, but we went down to the travel office just in case, told them what we found, and they said “Miner, Rhodes, Watkins, and Vogel?  Wecome to Mesa!”  We thought they were joking, but they assured us they were not, and told us that our Visas were not here yet and that we are going to be serving temporarily in Mesa, Arizona until our Visas come….which we were told we didn’t need Visas anymore for our mission…I guess they are working permits or something like that.  Anyways, that night we got out new flight plans.  The four of us who do not yet have our Visas are heading out tomorrow morning at 3:30am to Mesa!  Our flight leaves at 8:30, so we will have some quality time at the airport tomorrow..YAY!
Anyways, I won’t lie, it was pretty upsetting when we first found out. If you look back at my e-mail last week, you can tell I was pretty ready to head on out to New Caledonia.    Mesa has grown on me though and I am excited to go!  It just stunk that the others were leaving yesterday and we had to stay behind! But God has a plan, and HE is mindful of us!
We were hoping our Visas would come before the rest of our district left for New Cal on Sunday, but sadly nothing yet.  So yesterday, we said a very sad goodbye to half of our district as they left to go to the airport.  So, I was the only sister left, but I had my elders with me so it was no biggy!  We had sacrament meeting and district meeting (like Sunday school) and then went on our temple walk, went and had dinner and then we just relaxing in our classroom, waiting to send off the next batch of missionaries to Barbados at 6:00pm.  Well, at about 5:30 I hear someone yell, CASUGA!  Of course, I run out into the hallway, and then there are my girls, running down the hallway screaming VOGEL VOGEL!!!!!  Turns out, there was bad weather in San Francisco so their flight was delayed, which would make them miss their connection to New Zealand, and then so on.  The airline tried to reschedule was trying to work things out, but nothing was working out, so they just sent them back to the MTC until they rescheduled a flight to Vanuatu!
Needless to say, I was so happy!  I got to spend one more night (and possibly two if they stay tonight!) with mes Soeurs!  I don’t know what this means for us four without our Visas, as of now, we are still heading out to Arizona in the morning, but what a tender mercy from the Lord.  We are still awaiting their new flight plans because it is snowing pretty hard here in Utah and nothing was going to get done until this morning anyway, but hey maybe we will all head to the airport tomorrow morning!
Anyways, I KNOW with all my heart and with ALL my mind that God loves me.  He is mindful of us.  He knows our pains, our worries, and our burdens.  As He promises us in Mosiah 24, if we are faithful, he will visit us in our afflictions, and strengthen us so that our burdens are made light.
The rest of last night was awesome as well!! BYU Men’s Choir came and sang to us for our devotional.  They sang Christmas songs and songs about the Savior, and shared some spiritual thoughts about  missionary work with us.  They testified that missions are inspired by God, and that no matter where you are headed, someone is waiting for YOU and needs YOU!  They also testified of Christ, of his ministry and his birth.  But most importantly, they testified of His atonement, and sang a BEAUTIFUL rendition of “Savior Redeemer of my Soul.”  It was AWESOME!
Also, last TUESDAY night we had our devotional with Bonnie Oscarson, Young Womens’ General President!  It was awesome!  She talked about lining up our will with our Father in Heaven’s.  She promised us that as we do so, we will come to see the plan He has for us, and our missions will be all that they can be.  How fitting our topic for the news we would be receiving later that week….!
Anyways, Saturday we said goodbye to our wonderful teachers who have helped us and encouraged us since day one! We have felt their love for us greatly, especially over this past week. WE WILL MISS THEM GREATLY!  But can’t wait to hang with them after the mish…. 🙂
Other than that, this week has just been preparation for the field!  Today we are just chilling, packing and hopefully getting to bed early since I will at least be up at 2:30tomorrow morning! So hopefully, this is ACTUALLY my last e-mail from the MTC!
I am so incredibly grateful for my time spent here.  The gift of tongues is REAL!  I hope it continues during my time in Arizona!  But I have a testimony that if I put in the work, God will provide.  I love the french language, and I love the people of New Caledonia.  Just a little longer.  I am grateful for the people of Mesa.  I hope to feel a great love for them like I do the people of New Cal.  I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for trusting me with this temporary assignment.  I have six weeks to find out why He wants me there, so I better get to work!
My time here at the MTC has been grand.  I have met people who will remain close to me the rest of my life.  I cannot express my gratitude enough to the Lord for this opportunity to serve Him, and to share this gospel.  I KNOW that it is true.  God lives, Christ lives.  We are his children.  He loves us.
I hope all of you are having a wonderful Christmas time.  Please share and watch “ASaviorisBorn!  It is a wonderful message!
Je vous aime beacoup!  Dieu vit!
Until next week….In MESA!
Soeur Vogel ❤❤
PIC ONE: Soeur Echols with her soeurs
PIC ONE: My Casugys…mission life is a struggle
PIC ONE: My missions LOL
PIC TWO: THIS ELDER IS COMING TO BOSTON…Haitain-Creole speaking though…….
PIC ONE: Soeur Johnson!!!!!
PIC TWO: 3 amigos heading to Arizona
PIC THREE: Reunited with my Soeurs for a few more hours together!  YAY!!!!

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