Okay, don’t get me wrong, the MTC is awesome, but now that the flight plans are here and the fact that it will be summer in five days again is AMAZING!  Seriously, I am so pumped!  NEW CAL I AM COMING FOR YOU!
Okay yes, so let’s start with the most exciting news, our flight plans!
So Thursday night our Branch President informed us that our flight plans would be arriving the next evening.  So Friday night, our whole district gathered outside the mail room and then looked at our flight plans all together.  It felt like we were getting our mission call all over again!  It was so awesome!  SO…We report to the travel office at 1:00 on Sunday, and our flight leaves from Salt Lake at 5:20pm that night!  We fly to San Fran, then to New Zealand, then to Fiji, then to Vanuatu where we will stay for a few days, and then finally fly out to New Caledonia!  Right now it has us scheduled to arrive in Vanuatu on the 15, and New Cal on the 18, but not sure if the time difference is being taken into effect yet….we will see!!! Nonetheless, there will be a few days of traveling, so good thing I LOVE PLANES!  YAY! (Can you tell I’m excited?!!)  All eight of us will be flying together, and plus this week eight more missionaries came in that are going to just Vanuatu English/Bislama speaking who will be flying out with us as well, so there will be 16 missionaries on these flights… NEEDLESS TO SAY it will be a protected and spiritual flight!!!
Okay so let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let me tell you about this awesome last week!  So we had our Christmas Pageant on Friday so last week Soeur Casuga, Elder Miner, and I had rehearsal everyday!  So last week was definitely not a normal week!  The days went by fast and they were so great! Soeur Casuga ended up landing Mary in the pageant last minute so I was practicing with her (she had a solo)!  She sang is so beautifully!  I was in the chorus and we sang five hymns all about Christ’s birth, all while telling the story of Christ’s birth.  The spirit was so strong!  I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  I LOVE OUR SAVIOR!  The Pageant was put on for all the Branch presidencies here, our branch president and his wife were in the front and center, so they snagged a few pictures and videos for us!  It was so awesome to be able to be a part of a show again, especially about the birth of Christ!  I am so grateful that I got the chance to be a part of it, truly a tender mercy from the Lord!
Soeur Mat’s and I’s lessons have been going so well!!!!  My french is really improving to the point where I might even tell someone that I can speak it LOL!  I’m feeling good about going to teach lessons and having to communicate with others on the street, although I am sure once I get there I’ll have no idea what anyone is saying!  But HEY!  The gift of tongues is real!  I am so blessed!
Saturday we practiced street contacting with each other which was super fun!  Not as difficult as we thought so that was cool!
Sunday was our last Sunday here, and it was fast and testimony.  We had fast and testimony meeting in French, and I was the first one up to share my testimony (yes in French!)!!! Would you expect anything less??? It was so great and the spirit was so strong!  That night we had a departure devotional which the MTC Presidency talked about opening your mouth.  I feel like I don’t have too much of a problem doing that……sometimes I might even have to learn to arreter (stop)….lol!
It is so amazing how God works through His missionaries.  I can literally feel the love of God and of Christ for all His people, but especially for the people of Vanuatu and New Caledonia.  I cannot wait to serve them and to be with them and to be one of them!
Yesterday, the Congos left for, well….AFRICA!  They should be getting there sometime tonight! It was a sad goodbye, they are such awesome missionaries, but I have confidence that they will change lives in Africa!  Love those two!
Anyways, this morning we went to the temple for the last time in 18 months-2 years!  It was so great, but I will miss that spiritual boost every week!  Grateful that I had the opportunity to spend so much time there as it was!
Tomorrow night we are being example missionaries for all the new missionaries coming in!  SO that will be fun!  And then Thursday we have in-field orientation all day, and then Friday and Saturday will be packing, packing, packing!!!!  AHH!
OH! And yes, I did see Sister Vasquez a few times this week!  She is so awesome!  It was so nice to see someone from home!  She will change so many lives!
So I will be able to send a quick email out Saturday night before I leave, and I won’t be emailing next week, so look out for that!
Until then my wonderful family and friends, thank you as always for all of your support, prayers, and love!  I can truly feel them!  As always, I love being a missionary, I love this church and this gospel!  My testimony has grown so much since being here at the MTC (and I thought it was pretty solid beforehand!)  I love my Savior, I know He lives!
I love you all so dearly!  Thank you for all the wonderful examples you are!  Until next time!  Au Revior!
Love always,
Soeur Vogel 😊
PIC ONE: Soeur Mat and I with the Congos before they headed off!  Elder Freshour is making sure there is room for the spirit! 😉
PIC THREE: Hold up hold up, we them Soeurs ✌
PIC ONE: New Cal district with some of the Elders who came in this week going to Vanuatu!  They will be flying out with us on Sunday! Mission President..look out!
PIC TWO: The squadddddddddddd
PIC THREE: The beautiful Soeur Johnson! and Elder Rhodes….
And a couple more that were sent home:

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