***Parce que, le francais=because french, this has been our district’s excuse as we can’t understand anything in french now that we are getting into more complicated tenses….DARN YOU SUBJUNCTIVE!
Happy Week 4, only one more P-day here at the MTC!  WHAT?!!!!!  So crazy!  We are all getting super antsy to head out to New Cal, we should get our flights plan THIS FRIDAY!  CANNOT WAIT!!!!
It is just getting colder and colder here in good, ole Utah!  Us islanders are dying!  NOT FUN!  But hey that’s okay parce que, IT IS CHRISTMASTIME!  Most of you know, Christmastime is one of my most favorite times of the entire year, I LOVE IT!  Thanksgiving Eve, they ignited the MTC with Christmas lights that are on every night (I will send pics)!  They are so beautiful and literally brighten our nights ;)!
Okay so let me get into my week!
So Tuesday Night after our devotional we had our first practice for the Christmas Dinner this Friday!  It was awesome!  So I don’t have a specific part, but I will be singing in the choir of only forty missionaries out of the 1,000 here so THAT’S COOL!  I am so excited!  We have rehearsal all tonight, tomorrow morning, Thursday morning, andFriday afternoon is dress rehearsal for the event that night!  Basically we are just telling the Christmas story, but we get to do it through music which is totally awesome!  I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  I LOVE MY SAVIOR!  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!
Wednesday Soeur Casuga ended up getting sick in the morning. 😦  Unfortuneately, Soeur Flake and her had training all morning for the service project on Thursday.  So my wonderful collegue, Soeur Mat, went with Soeur Flake to the training, and I stayed back with Soeur Casuga.  Never a dull moment around here!  However, the Elders in our district also gave Soeur Casuga a wonderful sick blessing, and I fasted that she may feel comforted and better during this stressful time, and GUESS WHAT!  By that afternoon, she was healed!  Completely anew!  God watches over His missionaries!
THURSDAY WAS SO AWESOME!  The morning started out as any other, just chillaxing together in the classroom, but at 9:00 o’clock we had a special guest come…. Dallin H Oaks (a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, the leaders of our church)!  His whole family was there and brought us messages of wonderful Thanksgiving praises!  It was so great!  Then we had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal followed by an introduction devotional into our service project!  The organization that we worked with is called Feed the Children, and the head guy is NOT a member of the church!  But he still gave us an uplifting spiritual message and thanked us dearly for our wonderful service.  We ended up packaging 357,946 meals to send out to the needy!  IT WAS AWESOME!  We also watched “17 Miracles” that day…HOLY COW!  That was INTENSE!  EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH THIS MOVIE, I am 99% sure it’s on Netflix….  Soeur Casuga and I were dying over the love story…. and loved when it talked about President Faust sealing them in the temple, UGH the CHURCH IS TRUE!  Mainly, watching this amazing movie about the early saints reminded me of what this work is all about, it is the Lord’s work, and we are on His errand.  I also thought maybe I should stop complaining about the cold…..I definitely would not have survived the trail…
That night we had a talent show of Thanksgiving, and there were some pretty awesome acts!  One girl yodeled, another two elders improved a jazz jam on the piano (I sound like a Grandma!)  but anyways, it was a great day, and although it was definitely different from any Thanksgiving I have ever had before, it was so great!
Friday was business as usual, nothing too special, and Saturday was business too!  Just learning more french and trying to become better missionaries!
Speaking of french….. IT IS REALLY COMING!  Soeur Mat and I have had some awesome lessons where everything has flowed perfectly… I mean the french is NOT perfect by far, but I am feeling confident in entering the world of only french speakers!  Also, our teachers said that we are pretty far ahead so they are confident in us as well!
Monday was same old same old, although it was Frere Keenan’s first day back after his wedding on Friday!  We decorated the room, and of course made him tell us all about it!  He shared that getting married in the temple, making an eternal covenant with God AND with another person was the BEST experience of his life, like before mission, before birth, getting married in the temple was it, the BEST!  And he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  AHH! I can’t wait (okay I will wait the next 17 months) 😉 !!!
Anyways my wonderful family and friends, only one more week of MTC e-mails, and then we will be out to New Cal!  This week on Wednesday we have people coming to our mission!  Vanuatu Port Vila, but they will be going to Vanuatu english speaking, so we are not sure how much we will get to talk to them, but we will most likely be flying out with them, so hopefully we get to bond with them!  Also this Sunday we could possibly have a general authority (member of the seventy) and the MTC presidency coming to our Sunday meetings, including relief society, and my Branch President has asked that I teach it!  He said he needed someone good, thanks for your trust President!  AH!  Don’t worry the lesson is in English!  It’s on enduring to the end!  Well that is one of my favorite topics in the world, so I am pretty excited but still, PRAY FOR ME!  HEHE!
My district is still super close and still super awesome!  And all of us Soeurs are literally like sisters.  I love them so much!  I cannot imagine not being with them everyday, but who knows what may happen down the road, we may be companions again!  I love Soeur Matheson so very much.  She is everything I am not, and she picks up where I lack the most.  We have become quite a team.  She handles my craziness, and I handle her amazingness lol!  She is also SO SO smart, and her french est PARFAIT!  She is going to change so many lives!
Soeur Flake is just as wonderful!  She cares so much about the people and wants so badly for them to know the truthfulness of the gospel.  Sometimes I feel like she is my mother, in a comforting way!  She wakes us up, and encourages us to always do our best!  I LOVE HER!
And oh my, my wonderful Soeur Casuga.  We have become the bestest of friends.  I love her more than words can say!  We are very similar in many ways!  She makes me laugh, she always brings the spirit, and she loves so deeply!  She is so selfless, and I love her!  Anyways, she will always be in my conversations, and in many of my pictures.  We have truly become best friends, and I cannot wait to see all the lives she will change in New Cal!
All three of these Soeurs and the wonderful Elders will be such amazing missionaries.  They make me want to be my best, they make me happy, they lift my spirits, and they want to SAVE SOULS!
As always, I love being a missionary, and I KNOW that this church is true.  I love you all so very much.  God lives.  He loves you.  Christ loves you. This Christmas season, find Him.  Discover who Christ is to you.  Reach out to Him, and He will guide you home.
Love always,
Soeur Vogel
PIC ONE: Thanksgiving Morning, with our pumpkin bread!  Thank you Casuga family!
PIC TWO: My wonderful, amazing Soeur Casuga!
PIC ONE: New Cal flag OOOHHHHH (Yes we had a photo shoot)
PIC TWO: Our door for our wonderful Frere Keenan!

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